Vol. 3, Chapter 13, part 1

“So, that’s what this wanted stuff was about… You are always caught up in something, aren’t you”

The next day after logging in I went to the Fenrir noble family residence. I went there to visit a bear fairy, “wild mane” Zetan, who helped me once in the Southern Fort town and is currently residing in the mansion. I expected to be turned down because of being on the wanted list but was let in without a hitch. Albeit, all weapons had to be left in Fenrir house’s butler’s care.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to visit your and Ms.Mirna’s wedding.”

Apparently, the marriage between Zetan and Ms.Mirna, the daughter of the Fenrir house, was already decided upon and is planned to be held 10 days from now by this world’s time.

“Nothing doing in this situation. Rather, I’m glad you came by like this.”

Saying that I promised, after all, I take a sip of tea that’s been brought to me…… Oh, this stuff’s good.

“Well, things happened, you flew off the handle, and as I see it, for the most part, it was unavoidable. I mean, having the head of the whole country whimsically playing around is no good.”

Saying that, Zetan takes a sip from his huge cup, seemingly made in a way that it would better fit even his bear paw.

“Thinking back on it, if I could be more rational…… I regret many of my actions. I just can’t imagine telling this to anyone but you, Zetan. Sorry for ruining our get-together with this talk……”

Zetan waves his head sideways.

“Don’t sweat it, everyone has times like these. Rather, if you chose me for this talk, it means you see me as a real buddy.”

So big outside, equally big inside, makes me reflect on my own pettiness. Just advancing in age means nothing by itself…… I’ve still got ways to go.

“It might have been fine if Queen was a usual fairy, or if I had a title of some kind but the head of the country and a wanderer got too close, it would spell trouble.”

Having said that, I let out an unconscious sigh.

“Well, I’ve got something to say about that. The women of the fairy folk are simple – if she’s decided, she’ll go after you despite all the social positions in the world, I realized it with Ms.Mirna.”

Just what happened between you since the last time we saw each other, Zetan.

“Oh, I see. I need to get myself sorted out before we get to shake hands again, to give her a proper handshake.”

“I think that’s fine. The thing is, the world never works according to plan, and that’s what makes it interesting, ain’t it?

With a bitter smile, I nod to the point of view Zetan expressed.

Many things actually work in my favor in “One more”, yet IRL everything always goes haywire. It was like that since college. I had to give up on my only dream because of an accident, and my romance failure rate is close to 100%. That’s why I really think of it as a stroke of good luck that my job now is going well.

“Yeah, right……”

Zetan started cheering me up after I muttered this in a pitiful voice.

“Hey, don’t grow old on me, pal. It’s hard to tell how old you are, but it doesn’t take long to age, right? You’ll end up seeing the world in sepia.”

The whole world like an aged photograph, huh……

“That would be no fun.”


After this exchange, we both have a sip of tea.

“Thank you, Zetan. I feel much better after getting it off my chest”

“Consider it a thanks for finding me a wife.”

Time for me to go…… but first.

“Here, let me give you a wedding present.”

Having said that, I put two scales on the table.

“What are these scales? They look pretty big.”

I answered Zetan’s puzzled face with a grin and laughed.

“These are green dragon scales. Not something you see every day, so I hope it’ll do as a wedding gift.”

The moment Zetan hears me say this, the tea he was drinking sprays out of his mouth.

“D-dragon!? These scales!?”

And on this bombshell, I’m taking my leave.

“Yup, the real deal. Just don’t tell anyone, where you’ve got them, okay?”

Saying this, I wave my hand and leave the room. Having retrieved my weapons from the butler on my way to the front door, I leave the Fenrir residence behind. And now nothing is holding me back here.

◆ ◆ ◆


The next day. The wanted order got cancelled, now I can go without leaving a bad impression. Things happened, things I got involved in, if you think about it, it’s not that often you get to experience that kind of playing and it’s not bad.

Then I try to check out the equipment I’d gotten……


[??? Bow]

Attr.: Atk +???, You have not been approved by the bow to equip it.

Sp.Attr.:”?????”, “?????”, “?????”


[Amulet of fairies]

An amulet imbued with the protection of fairies.

Attr.: “?????”, “?????”, “?????”, “Fairy blessing”


[Dragon scale light armor set]

Attr.: Head guard DEF +???, Armor DEF +??,

Arm DEF +??, Leg DEF +??, Shoes DEF +??







It’s not just some attributes or parts of description missing, everything is just covered with “?????”.

I probably can’t examine these things because I’ve got no armor production skills.

I could ask an armor crafting player to appraise it, then the numbers would become visible. But I see how it escalates into an endless stream of questions about the origins of these if I show them…… I don’t need tat. And, similarly, I can’t decipher the amulet because I’ve got no accessory skills.

But then the bow is a mystery, I’ll leave it as-is for now and keep an eye on it as, I recall, the red dragon told me to. Something might change in it give time. Anyway, what I can say now is that it’s different from your normal equipment, having so many hidden attributes. Knowing at least this will do for now.

After giving my new equipment a look, I slowly head for the castle town gate. Not missing a chance to restock on seasonings, now I need to head towards the Fort town via the Northern inland town to Nexia, and then First. I don’t have to rush, compared to the time I was chased by Queen ad Emel, so I go my pace. And now, I leave all this behind.

I buy a bow with Atk +22 instead of the buddy I’ve lost along the way.

And, having arrived at the Northern gate of the Castle town, I turn around and give the fairy castle a last look. I won’t be entering there again…… a deeply emotional thought.

I show the guard at the gate the pass I received from Queen and go through. The town is lively today as if nothing had happened. Accordingly, I understand that the further I go from the gate, the quieter it gets. I guess, it’s natural to feel lonely when parting like that……

I go on, feeling as if woken up from a long dream or having watched a movie to the end. But my adventures don’t end here, I have to go forward to meet new things. There’s no time to feel down.

“So, you’re leaving”

Having walked for some time after leaving the castle town, I hear a male voice from behind. I turn my head and see a fiery-red-haired man standing there.

“To think there are those who always know their way around people and those who are clumsy to no end. Humans are amusing creatures.”

I don’t get what he’s driving at……?

“Do you have some business with me? I am in a bit of a hurry, you see.”

If I don’t keep the pace, I won’t reach the inland town till dark, so I am short for time.

“It’s something you’ve forgotten, take it”

And the man throws me an envelope. I fail to catch it, and, confused, pick it up from the ground.

“Give it a read, you’ve got time for that at least, don’t you?

With a question mark popping up in my mind, I open up the letter.

“There is a tribe, unique even among the fairies, bird-like fairies protected by the country, called pikashas. However, yesterday one of them, the blue one…… has abruptly left their homestead. The whereabouts of the fairy remain unclear.”

There is no sign, is it from Queen? She probably didn’t sign it because the addressee is a wanderer. Does this mean Pikasha ran away? Isn’t the situation bad then?

“Read it? Understand the contents?”

Asks the red-haired man. The best answer I can squeeze out is a nod. Words just don’t come out.

“What’s written there is what is distributed among the people. A facade.”

All I can do is reply with silence. I don’t know what’s happening with my face anymore. The letter in my hands emits crumpling sounds.

“What else? I’ve been asked to tell you that if you find that runaway pikasha, you are to keep her safe. I imagine, returning her would be nigh impossible.”

Having said that, the red-haired man leaves for the castle town. And I see him off with a dumbfounded expression.

……and then I notice something’s prickling my back.

“What’s that?”


Huh? This voice? But how?

“Pikasha!? It’s……you?”


And then I notice a letter slipping out of Pokasha’s feathers. And as I pick it up, I see the first sentence that reads “To Earth”……

“If you are reading this, it means she reached you safely. As I cannot carelessly leave the castle now, I send her to go with you. Therefore the official story is that Pikasha ran away and accompanying you being under your protection”

–Putting it that way gives it a mischievous vibe, I suppose?

“I see, let’s travel together for a while.”



[Skill table]

<Wind-blown dust hunting bow> Lv23 <Kicking> Lv22 <Far sight> Lv53 <Craftsman’s fingers> Lv58 <Small shield> Lv9

<Concealment> Lv41 <Physical strengthening> Lv41 <Chivalrous thief> Lv28 <Whip> Lv38

<Fairy language> Lv99 (compulsory passive skill, ability can not be removed)

Passive skills

<Carpentry> Lv39 <Smithing> Lv40 <Apothecary> Lv43 <Advanced cooking> Lv13


Title: A person who charmed even the fairy queen, The one to subdue a strong man on his own, The one involved with dragons and the ryuu, The one who has been blessed by fairies

Two nicknames from the players: Fairy King Candidate (Envious), Battlefield Chef

Condition abnormalities: [Weakness] [Movement speed reduction 60%] [Passive skills weakened]



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