Vol. 4, Chapter 1, part 1

Character roster

Ryu king – the king of the Ryu country where the ryu people live

Earth – the protagonist of the main story. Plays the game at his own pace, but has already become a celebrity. IRL a single 38 y.o. company employee, Tanaka Daiichi.

Pikasha – something like a mascot of the “Fairy Country”, took a liking to Earth, became his travel companion.

Zwei – the leader of the “Blue Collar” guild, a zweihander wielder.

Ryu girl – the princess of the Ryu country. Has an interest in Earth, trying to approach him in various ways.

Rona – a member of the “Blue Collar” guild, a big-breasted, boyish loli martial artist girl.

Elizabeth – a newcomer at the “Blue Collar” guild, a female magician with blonde screw-like hairdo.

Millie – a female magician of the “Blue Collar” guild, has a mild manner of expressing herself.

Kazemine – a male warrior who wants to be a samurai. The attacker at the “Blue Collar” guild

Reiji – a young man with a calm character, has a role of a tank.


Main story


The prolonged maintenance has finally finished, and since 8 pm today, the new area of the VRMMO “One More Free Life Online”, “Ryuu Country”, was finally implemented

It was 9 when I could log in as Earth.

Heading East from the beginner town, “First”, and pushing forward, overwhelming the murder type monsters with sheer numbers, we come to see the border checkpoint of the Ryu country

At this stage, I can more or less imagine how the Ryu country cities look. The building looks like things I’ve seen in historical dramas. I’m sure the general motif is the Edo period. So there might as well be magistrates with a flurry of cherry blossoms on their backs and elderly noblemen walking the streets in disguise, so I shouldn’t let my guard down.

The checking at the checkpoint wasn’t too thorough, so I passed through quickly. When you go through, you are granted a “Plum pass”. And as I was explained, a “Bamboo pass” will let you enter the central city where the castle is located, and to enter the castle and go through a trial you have to have a “Pine pass”.

Today, as a special occasion, the king of the country…… no, the king and the princess will be at the border town of Ichigatake to greet the arriving adventurers.

The assembly place in Ichigatake is packed to the brim with people…… and whole 20 minutes before the starting time at 10, too…… those who’s got the best spots, rushed here the very moment the Ryu country update got released.

And while I’m waiting, while putting up with all this, I receive a whisper message.

“Heyaa, long time no see, it’s Rona.”

“Ah, lil’ Rona. Long time, whaat s it?”

“Li-lil? E-ehm, you don’t have to add that ‘lil’ part.”

“My bad. So, what is it?”

I can hear her saying we-ell on the other end.

“Hmm, I wanted to ask you something”

“Yeah? What did you want to ask?”

“Do “Kicking” skills have any potential? As a martial artist, I wanted to ask an actual practitioner, which means you……”

Ah-…… a system of kick-based skills starting with “Kicking” is the least updated branch on the Wiki. A reason enough to be wavering.

“Then, why don’t we make a party and I show you a bit of fighting using the kick-system techniques when the king’s speech is over?”

“Is it alright? I really want to see!”

“Then, see you later”

“OK! Looking forward to it”

Well, it’s not bad once in a while. I make wild bears my practice target, but there are too many people there now.

And while thinking about it, I notice the clamour around me. The time has come. A man wearing a magnificent attire ascends the stage… and besides him stands a Ryu girl that I met a while back in First……

“Strong ones, who have gone a long way to be welcomed in the country of the ryu! We are the king of this country, named Ryuki. The one standing beside us is our daughter.”

“We congratulate you on your arrival! As our father, the king, introduced us, we are their daughter, the princess of this country. According to the law of the Ryu country, we cannot be called by our real name by anyone other than our parents till we wed. We beg for your understanding. We generally reside in the castle, yet, not to be cut off from the people, at times we venture out. In case you meet us outside, we would prefer you referred to us as Ryu-hime”

[T.N.: Ryu-hime is basically translated as ‘dragon princess’ – a character in the folklore of the Japan-China region]

Ryu girl seems to be doing her best. Being used to doing things that are new to me, I feel like saying it. And suddenly, I catch Ryu girl staring at me.

“We’ve got to talk later. You won’t refuse, will you?”

Don’t be distracted for a whisper, you’re in the middle of an event. And so……

“No, we won’t! Go on with the event!”

Ryu girl drops a disapproving glare at me, then looks away. Ryu king clears his throat with “guhum”, and Ryu girl, flustered, is turning to look forward. So cute.


Oh, the blue bird-looking fairy on my head, Pikasha, got agitated? Did she overhear my whisper with Ryu girl?

While I’m calming Pikasha down, the ryu king continues his speech.

“We shall be waiting for the valiant ones that shall hone their strength in our lands to come to the castle and face the challenge. Those who pass the “Ryu Trial” shall be granted even more power, so be sure to partake in it. We shall be waiting for you!”

These words started off players’ adventures in the Ryu country.

After the speech was over, I made preparations and went back to First, and now am in the Wild Bear habitat. Once a strong enemy, now is going to be reduced to a sandbag, it doesn’t feel right…… that’s how I feel right now.

“So, Rona is here because of our arrangement…… and why are you?”

“Can you not tell such cold things?”

“Earth is as unpredictable as always……”

For some reason, ryu girl is also here. Should I call her by the all-important name of Ryuhime? Also, she is wearing a cloak to hide her appearance, like me…… the pattern is quite a flashy one, though.

“Well, it’s not without a reason…… First, let me pay for the food I’ve eaten up to this point.”

With these words, ryu girl takes out the money. Hm, 6000 glo, that’s about right, considering the amount she’s eaten. I gratefully take those.

“The debt is received. So, could you possibly hurry back?”

With her social standing right now, she shouldn’t be loitering around…… I don’t want another fairy queen.

“I shall watch in silence, Some time away from the castle provides me with a needed change of pace.”

Ryu girl says, having climbed the tree and skilfully seated on a branch. Well, it should be fine……

“Well then, I’ll use my bow to lure the monster in, and dispose of it using just kicks.”

I confirm with Rona my initial plan of action.

And send an arrow flying, aimed at the wild bear lazying around in the area, but then……


Now of all times, the special effects of the equipped “Dragon Bow”, “Dragon Howl” and “Dragon Legion”, kick in. On top of being bitten by 4 tiny phantom dragons, one of them seems to have hit the weak pont, so poor wild bear is dead on the spot.



I and Rona stood there speechless, so the voice came from the ryu girl.

The quiet time didn’t last long. Chirp-chirp…… I hear the voice of a small bird. Pyu~…… says Pikasha, half-asleep.

“–What was this? Hey! What was it!?”

Rona, who’s come to her senses, grabs me by the collar and starts shaking me. Startles by all the rattle, Pikasha jumps down from my head.

“Wa…… wait……”

My head is moving front and back violently. IRL it would certainly lead to whiplash.

It took several minutes to calm Rona down.

“So, things like the effects of this bow…… you won’t tell me those in detail?”

It seems, Rona was very curious about the abilities of the bow but has given up.

“You should understand that I can’t reveal sensitive information to you just because we’re acquaintances. The same with “Kicking” – it’s probably just nobody wants to reveal useful techniques on Wiki.”

Information is very valuable. Knowledge is power. This applies to any and all situations.

“So, the bow stuff aside. Are the “Kicking” skills…… really that useful?”

I reply to Rona positively with a nod.

“Just watch the next fight, and you’ll see. Well, seeing is believing, after all.”

I concentrate and shoot. This time, the special attack doesn’t activate and the arrow hits the wild bear I’m aiming at.


After confirming that the wild bear is heading towards me, I put the bow on my back.

“From this moment on I’ll be using only “Kicking”.”

I relieve the tension from my body by relaxing it a little, judge the distance from the bear rushing at me.


I avoid the charge at the last moment, then give it a knee to its side as a greeting.


The wild bear couldn’t stop the momentum of its rush, so it slipped and hit the breaks. And I kick it on its wide-open hind. The kicked bear is enraged, it stands up and tries to swing at me with its tough-looking paw…… I activate my “Triangle Shot” and jump up into the air while leaving an illusion of me behind, and kick it in the left temple.

“Huh!? “Kicking” arts!?”

Rona is surprised. It isn’t widespread that “Kicking” has arts. Those who use it should naturally know, but no one is editing the Wiki page. I don’t know if it’s some kind of unspoken rule, but nobody seems to interfere with it.

The wild bear shakes its head 2-3 times and looks in the direction it was kicked from but I am already performing the “Powerful High Shot”.

The wild bear is kicked beautifully into the sky with all my strength. I want to perform an aerial combo now, but as I’d have to use “Big Jump” and “Fly”, which are not of the “Kicking” branch, I’ll refrain this time. I run towards the point I expect the bear to fall to and prepare to land an “Echo Kick”. The special trait of the “Echo Kick” is the more you charge it, concentrate your strength for it, the more its attack power and the number of consecutive hits is.

A moment later, I firmly have the poor falling wild bear in my crosshair……

“Here you gooo!”

I throw a fully-charged “Echo Kick” with all my strength. After the first successful kick rung “dodon!”, “dododododododododododon!” – resonates an echo of invisible hits. And then I diligently deliver the final blow by hitting its muzzle time and time again while it’s lying there helplessly. I guess this will do it.


“Oh-ho, not bad at all.”

Behind me, Rona stays speechless and Ryu girl is clapping.

“Helloo, Rona girl, you there?”

She approaches dumbfounded Rona and lightly pats her on the cheek.

“Eh, yeah, here…… Why aren’t skills that are so effective, not that widespread!?”

Rona seems to be back to her senses, excited as ever.

“Well, about that…… Rona, please, don’t spread it. There is something like a silence pact between the kick-users, you see.”

Even if it spreads in the future, I don’t want it to be widely known just yet, I wanted to say something like that.

“Yup. I’m all fired up…… I’ll do my best training “Kicking” skills.”

Ri-ight, I can see a flame in Rona’s eyes. And so, one more “Kicking” skill user appeared.


[Skill table]

<Wind quake hunting bow> Lv10 <Kicking> Lv48 (← 1UP) <Far sight> Lv56 <Craftsman’s fingers> Lv78

<Small shield> Lv14 (← 5UP) <Concealment> Lv41 <Physical strengthening> Lv61 (← 2UP) <Chivalrous thief> Lv33

<Advanced Whip> Lv5 (← 2UP) <Fairy language> Lv99 (compulsory passive skill, ability can not be removed)

Passive skills

<Carpentry> Lv39 <Advanced smithing> Lv36 <Apothecary> Lv43 <Advanced cooking> Lv15

ExP 19

Title: A person who charmed even the fairy queen, The one to subdue a strong man on his own, The one involved with dragons and the ryuu, The one who has been blessed by fairies

Two nicknames from the players: Fairy King Candidate (Envious), Battlefield Chef

Companion: Blue Pikasha (Aqua) <Flying> <Riding> <Combat> <Magic possession>




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