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The next morning I logged in, left the keys to my room at the reception desk, and left the inn.

I’m headed to the Fenrir family mansion

However, the usual liveliness of the castle town is nowhere to be seen

I guess it will remain like this for some time…

Stop right there!

This is a Fenrir family residence

If you’ve got not here on business, go back!!


They seem to be on edge… No wonder, lady Mirna and Zetan got seriously injured

Excuse me, my name is Earth, a good acquaintance of Mr.Zetan

I just wanted to pay Mr.Zetan a visit and see how his wounds are healing

What a coincidence | There was a man who wanted to see lord Zetan here earlier


The man was an impostor flaunting the name of Earth, beloved by Her Majesty

And here you are, calling yourself by the name of honorable Earth…

Have you got anything to prove your credentials?

[A-ranked passage permit to the Fairy Country]


A-rank permit!!

—Please, forgive our rudeness

No-no, it’s natural to be on guard after something like that

{Ha ha ha}

Please, wait a moment, we shall call the butler!! | Hey!!

I’ve been waiting with a tense guard for several minutes



Oh, master Earth, welcome


Hello, I have come to visit Zetan…

I see, I see, thank you kindly | A voice of a friend is the best cure

Let me guide you inside


It is I, there is a guest waiting for you, lord Zetan


Zetan, it’s me, Earth, came here to see you, may I come in?

I’m coming, Earth!!

{Stand back from the door}


You don’t have to come yourself, you’re wounded…!?


Thanks for visiting, Earth!





Sorry for looking like this

Thanks to this thing here I can move without a problem

Zetan, the eyepatch……

Oh, this? It’s from that fight

I couldn’t fully evade the pike aiming at my eyebrow

So, that’s how it happened…

The doctors made such a fuss about it | They would be too busy with my eye, they wouldn’t have time to save lives

So I just asked them to remove it and stitch it up



Don’t put up a gloomy face, Earth! | I’ve got a message from our surviving comrades

[If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be here today, and wouldn’t be able to do anything]

[Thank you]

I see, I’m glad

I came here to visit a sick person, and ended up being cheered up myself… we switched roles, didn’t we

Also, Her Majesty paid us a visit to say that she’s giving us personal protection

—Your work, isn’t it?

No… Your military achievements are huge, right? I heard from the doctors that you’ve defeated more than 1000 enemies by yourself

…I see, then let’s leave it at that

By the way, what about lady Mirna…?

I am right here


Hello, lord Earth

You haven’t been here since the goblin case, if I recall… | You couldn’t come to our marriage either

Shall we have some tea before going on with the conversation?

—I was dispatched with the detached force to hit the enemy flanks | We were engaged in an assault plan together with beastpeople and all of the demons

And, despite the successful surprise attack… | we lowered our guard due to the success and got ambushed by the soldiers hidden under the corpses…


One of the pikes pierced my abdomen


I was experiencing severe pain but the battlefield is no place for whining | I crushed under my feet and torn with my teeth as many enemies as I could…



Unable to stop the bleeding from the wound, I felt my consciousness slip away

And, while barely conscious

Gritting my teeth, I carried several of our wounded back to the camp and fainted


If the bleeding didn’t stop… that pike might’ve been a similar weapon


Excuse me…


This is one of the arrows the Gehennacross people were using | Was the tip of the pike that wounded you, lady Mirna, the same as this arrowhead?

To incapacitate the stronger opponent with bloodloss

They probably used this kind of weapon

—I am so sorry

I was unconscious when they pulled out the pike

I thought if I saw the shape it might come back to me…

Let me answer you instead

I recall I saw a spearhead that had the same shape

The one that took my left eye included


Zetan, do you remember how many of the soldiers had these pikes?

Lemme think… it was around 40% of the pikemen, I suppose

It probably means that the ranking soldiers had those | Researching this advanced technology might have its merits


Still, after conversations like these, the whole severity of this war begins to sink in

Yeah, the probability of them amassing a new force to attack again ticks me off…


Sorry, I’ve gotten a letter



[You may rest at ease, the main base of Gehennacross and all its people have been annihilated]

[Red Dragon King]

So, the king’s done what he wanted…

…What’s with the frown?

Well, let me tell you my side of the story | The dragons actually took part in the war too


A small fraction of dragons that can turn to look human participated that way

And the message I’ve got is that those dragons proceeded to attack the main base of Gehennacross

Normally I wouldn’t believe it but considering the situation…


Yes, they say in this letter that the base was completely annihilated

So, actually, you won’t be fighting Gehennacross again


Is this true!?

The dragons had hatred and vengefulness towards the Gehenacross army for taking their young

So, if they’re saying annihilated, they mean it

I see


…Then having a little rest won’t hurt…

Yeah… I guess, this war is over for good then


Could you keep it a secret until Her Majesty declares the war over officially…

Then, as I was already there, I spent the night at the Fenrir family mansion


Lord Earth, have you awakened?


Oh… yes, I’m already up

Then, the family head asked you to accompany them in their room | as soon as you awaken

The head? Well, I’m not in a hurry, why not greet them…

Of course, I will be there in a moment


hadn’t had a direct conversation like this in a while

I believe, it was since Mirna’s kidnapping?

You helped us out back then | and here you are helping us yet again

What would you be referring to?

Fufu… The first would be saving my daughter’s husband during the war

Then, refusing your reward to ask Her Majesty personal protection for my daughter and lord Zetan

I am good at gathering intelligence, would you kindly stop pretending?

Does she own an intelligence service, or was it Queen herself…

I’m overthinking it


Well, I’ve been seen through | Please, keep it from Lady Mirna and Zetan

Not taking credit …You are that kind of person, I guess

A night on the finest bed and a delicious meal were enough for me

I think these values should be transcendent……


I am glad it is to your liking

You should, by all means, stay at our house when you are at the castle town | The gatekeepers know your face now too

Please, don’t reprimand the gatekeepers harshly, they were just doing their job

Of course

Bring the thing we prepared


First, let us empower your bow

An evolving bow is a very curious thing

Did Zetan tell her or the intelligence squad


…well, let’s not refuse the kind offer

This is the one


I see, this one is but a child



—For now, it can not accept | Any more

[[Twin Sapling Hunting Bow]->[Triplet Sapling Hunting Bow]]

Thank you, it seems to have evolved once more


Creek Clack

It seems that if you raise it carefully, this bow is going to become extraordinarily strong

Lady Karen, the requested item

You are right on time

Please, open it


…Ehm, excuse my rudeness

but what would this be?


It is a faceguard, face has a great number of weak spots, so you, being an adventurer, would use one

[[Fenrir face guard]

Attr: Def +5

Sp. Attr: [Cold Resistance(Weak)]

[Lowering the chance of a Crit on

the covered part of the face(Strong)]]

It is made with Mirna’s fur

L…lady Mirna’s fur?

It is a part of my daughter’s pelt that was handed to me after the operation

It was made out of Mirna’s excess pelt

Without further ado, please, try it on | My butler will assist you

Please, let me



Actually, I’m astonished by it | It doesn’t obstruct breathing or feel too tight like a usual mask

The fir was trimmed short, so stroking it feels nice

I’m beginning to like it

…or would I rather even test-build this | together with an arrowhead from before?

How is it?

It is… very nice

I seem to have overcome the ethical constraints and reluctance…

I think it will aid you to protect your face from any critical attacks

Please, accept it as a payment for your assistance

I feel that the item is an overkill for this much debt

Of course, I will gratefully accept it


That was the end of our conversation with lady Karen at breakfast

Let’s talk some more later

She said, smiling and making an oddly cute face, it was impressive

Ah… One more thing, would you happen to know where the pikashas are recuperating after the war

They are having a rest in the rooms, specially prepared in the castle

Would you, probably, like to arrange a short visit?

…by all means!

—And so, I decided to abuse the hospitality of the Fenrir house a little longer


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