Vol. 4, Chapter 3, part 1

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(That one’s vanguard recruitment, this one’s healer recruitment, and that one is support recruitment…… )

I’m looking at the party recruitment window, and, for whatever reason, all the firepower vacancies seem to be filled, I don’t know if I can fit anywhere. I can play for only two hours on weekdays, so I don’t want to waste much time looking for a party…… it seems today is just not my day.

(Not good. In my experience, it’s usually no use when it goes like this)

I close the window and think through my options. I should probably reconsider my hunting schedule and try cooking or smithing, or, maybe, go hunting solo again.

(Let’s not go with cooking or smithing, I won’t get a successful result on such a day anyway)

I’m not a true believer in things like biorhythms, but in some mysterious way, I get on this wavelength sometimes. And when this happens, all I can do is go hunting.


While I’m standing there, having bent my neck in thought, Pikasha, who was sitting on my head, is spreading her wings, flies down before me, and slowly flies towards the town gate.

“What is it?”

Chick-sized Pikasha is floating outside the town. So, she can even fly in this form. Seeing that chick flapping its wings while flying is pretty surreal of a picture…… It feels cute, yet very strange.

It’s always better to deal with these things by thinking “this is fantasy”.

When Pikasha is out of the town, she dispels her chick form, growing back to her original size. Then bends down. This sign is meant to say “Get on”. After confirming I’m seated, she stands up snd starts walking toward the forest.

We arrived at the forest in no time but pikasha pushes on with me still on her back. I don’t get what she’s planning but I feel something good will happen if I just go with it. And I might want to look into the quality of the wood around here. It may be usable for carpentry.

……And there is a monster signal on “Danger Detection”. I have to stop Pikasha.

“Pikasha, there’s a monster ahead, so…”

I was going to ask her to let me down.


However, as soon as she hears me saying that, she emits what I think is a loud cry and immediately starts rushing forward

“H-hey, what’s gotten into you!?”

Pikasha keeps going while stomping the ground as if not hearing my words. There is a party of goblins before us.

“Pikasha, watch out!!”

Ignoring my warning, Pikasha plunges into the goblin squad. Imagine Pikasha as a bowling ball and goblins as pins. So, she ran into them with me still on top — and sent them flying. If it was bowling, the sound would’ve been pretty loud.


Not stopping at that, she grabs a lying goblin firmly with her foot and throws it at another goblin then starts going after the others. There’s no helping it, I leave the surrounding goblins to Pikasha and I’ll be shooting the ones that have been blown away too far. Pikasha steadies her back and now I can shoot while standing up.

We wiped out a party of 8 goblins in less than a minute. It would be more correct to call it driving over them rather than a battle. I knew Pikasha was strong…… she’s probably been accumulating stress while keeping to her chick shape, and it overflowed. I mean, for her to have this much of a rampage.

I sit down on her back again, and pikasha starts moving forward. Then, I find a monster with “Danger Detection” -> Rush there -> Strike -> Pursue and Shoot. Let alone goblins, even the orcs turned into punching bags, and in an hour’s time, there was no trace of monsters left in the area.

But there’s no stopping Pikasha. She rushes and tramples all the monsters she can find running around in the forest. Hitting, trampling, sending them flying, and piercing them with ice magic. Today Pikasha is an unstoppable killing machine. I can only think of two words – Search & Destroy.

When the time to log out was approaching and we came out of the forest, the accumulated drop exceeded 100000 glo. All I can let out is a dry laugh. And pikasha, looking satisfied, transforms back into a chick.

I swore to myself to never get on Pikasha’s bad side.

It’s beside the point, but a thread “A blue furball-shaped unique monster is running around in the forest” appeared on the BB and caused a huge ruckus……needless to say, the couldn’t be further from the truth….. a-ah.

The next day. I got a lot of money from “Killing Machine Pikasha Incident”, so I decided to take a break from hunting and devote the day to cooking.

The ingredient I’m using today is…… dragon meat! After all, I’ve got my hands on such an ingredient and the time is just right to try it out.

I went to the corner of Ichigatake, pulled out some dragon meat from my item box, and started working.

First, I’m cutting it into thin slices and taste-test with a rough seasoning of salt and pepper– I was worried about the taste but it’s actually not that bad, or rather soft and so delicious.

I’ve heard that when dragons fight with their life at stake, the winner would eat the loser. I guess if they are not of the same kind it’s not considered cannibalism.

I bought some rice, and gathered soy sauce, mirin, and sake for the seasoning. And I’ll be able to make dashi stock somehow. Looking at this meat, gyudon, or rather “dragondon” definitely comes to mind. It’s something that you won’t be able to get IRL no matter how you try, so there is merit to doing this. Although, from a third person’s perspective it might look like a waste of a valuable ingredient.

After polishing and rinsing the rice, I put it in a pan with a round bottom and add water. The rice won’t taste good if you don’t give it some time to sit and absorb the water. Careful preparations like that are what it takes to make a delicious meal. The reason I’m using a pot with a rounded bottom is to let the rice float. From my experience, if you use a pan with a flat bottom and let the rice float, there will be no proper convection when the temperature rises, and the rice will be no good.

While the rice is soaking, I make the dashi stock. I will be using soy sauce, mirin, a little bit of sugar, and wine. Another important thing is kombu (a special kind of kelp/seaweed). Nowadays there’re umami seasonings (calcium diglutamate – flavor enhancer), but those’re made of kombu. First I try the kombu water, then add the seasonings, put some on the back of my hand, taste it, and adjust the taste.

After the dashi is ready, there still some time to spare, so I try frying 3 simple dragon meat steaks. In a sense, it has some vibe of romance to it. Just a little salt and pepper would be enough so that they wouldn’t ruin the precious aroma of the meat. The tenderness and the quality of meat are on par with the highest-grade marbled beef.

I eat one steak, still hot, myself, and give two to Pikasha. I remember being very moved by the taste of just meat, which I don’t have often.


[Dragon steak]

A dream-like dish made by frying the meat of a dragon with minimal seasoning.

Very few people can have it…… one should be either very strong, or very rich, or in a position of power,

or just lucky.

Production quality: 6


After taking my time enjoying the “Dragon steak”, I finally put the pot with rice on fire. Ans, as IRL I always use a ricecooker, I lack experience of using fire, so I decided to refrain from using “Cooking Acceleration” to shorten the time.

As I’m planning to make a big amount of “Dragondon” and store it in my item box, I continue slicing the meat thinly until the rice is cooked.

I cut a bunch of onions. And no tears come out, that’s the high-end knife for you. The reason why people cry when they cut onions is their kitchen knives. Cheap knives force themselves through the onion, causing them to scatter the irritants, that get in your eyes and make you tear up, in the air. On the other hand, kitchen knives that are close in sharpness to a Japanese blade can literally “cut” it cleanly and it won’t cause tears to appear. Give it a try, if you get a chance.

I add the thin slices of dragon meat and put it on a slow heat, then add dashi, seasonings, and the onion. Then I let the onions and the meat to permeate with dashi and seasonings to remove excess water from them.

I take the frying pan with both hands and shake it actively continuously. I keep frying it for some time until the onion is golden-brown and the meat has been heated amply. And now it is time.

The rice should be done perfectly, so when I remove the lid, I’m greeted by a beautiful silver cloud rising from the pot. The characteristic delicious aroma of the rice is lightly drifting around. I’d like to get drunk on this aroma for a while, but that won’t do.

Before it cools down, I put the rice in bowls, one after another, and put a heap of dragon meat and onions on top of each of them. When the bowl is arranged, I quickly move it into the item box. After some time, I’m finished with the dons, except for the 2 I’ve left to eat. The item box displays “Dragondon X64”


Before it gets cold, hurry up and put the rice in the bowl, and put the dragon meat and onion on it. Quickly store items in the item box from the end of the presentation. After a while, I finally finished all the bowls, leaving the two that I had separated for eating. “Dragondon x 64” is displayed in the item box.



A donburi made with precious dragon meat, a dish can be viewed both as luxurious and ridiculous.

However, it is a guilty pleasure that hides the potential to become unfairly addictive.

Just what will you make of it after having a taste……

Attr.: Attack increase (large) Defence increase (med.)

Production quality: 8


Whoops, I’ve got a dish boosting two of my abilities. It’s even called ridiculous by the explanatory note, I need to stop thinking about it! The meat is still there, so I don’t care! Eat first, think later.

I put out one bowl in front of me and the other in front of Pikasha. I open my mouth indecently wide on purpose and in it goes— Aahh, there is heaven…… and it’s here…… for some reason I can’t stop the tears…… I feel I’m a little kid again…… all that nitpicking is unneeded, it’s absolutely delicious, just delicious…… I raise my eyes and see Pikasha also has an absent look on her face.

“Do you like it?”


After that, we stack the empty bowls in silence. The delicious part is not only the meat. The dashi permeating the meat and the onions has sipped into the rice. And eating meat with that rice in a bowl makes you think just how magnificent an existence donburi is…… We didn’t pay any attention to the surroundings till the meal was over. It was a truly satisfying day.

I think donburi has a mysterious charm to it. Long live Rice.


[Skill table]

<Wind quake hunting bow> Lv15 (← 4UP) <Kicking> Lv48 <Far sight> Lv60 (← 1UP) <Craftsman’s fingers> Lv83 (← 5UP)

<Small shield> Lv14 <Concealment> Lv41 <Physical strengthening> Lv63 (← 1UP) <Chivalrous thief> Lv37 (← 2UP)

<Advanced Whip> Lv5 <Fairy language> Lv99 (compulsory passive skill, ability can not be removed)

Passive skills

<Carpentry> Lv39 <Advanced smithing> Lv36 <Apothecary> Lv43 <Advanced cooking> Lv36 (← 21UP)

ExP 21

Title: A person who charmed even the fairy queen, The one to subdue a strong man on his own, The one involved with dragons and the ryuu, The one who has been blessed by fairies, The one who cooked a dragon

Two nicknames from the players: Fairy King Candidate (Envious), Battlefield Chef

Companion: Blue Pikasha (Aqua) <Flying> <Riding> <Combat> <Magic possession>

<Potentially ???>


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