Vol. 4, Chapter 3, part 2

I just logged in, opened a recruitment window and was just about to start searching for a party.

“Earth, can we speak~?”

I’m getting this whisper. The one on the other side seems to be Zwei.

“Yup, we sure can. Something on your mind?”

In response to this, Zwei continues.

“Let’s go hunt a unique monster if you’ve got time!”

Unique monsters. They are called differently from game to game, simply put, it’s a special kind of monster with a unique name. They may be area bosses or plain hard to find, and usually, they drop special items. These rarities sometimes spark competition among players.

“Well, why not, where is its habitat?”

I know unique monsters exist in this world, but I’m not too interested in them so I just didn’t bother to collect any intel.

“You know a forest near Ichigatake in the Ryu country? There’s info that a blu furball-shaped monster has been seen there, wanna look for it? Even if we don’t find it, the loot from orcs and goblins will be enough to compensate for the trouble.”

— Congrats, Pikasha……(not). No matter how you look at it, someone saw Pikasha blowing away those monsters……

“Incidentally, how does it look?”

I’m asking, cherishing the last hope that I’m wrong.

“Well, it seems to beat any monsters on sight, and has something green sprout that shoots opponents with arrows at long range.”

My headache is aching. Grammatically, it’s a huge mistake to say so, but if I were to put my feelings right now into words it would be “my headache aches” for sure.

It’s definitely about me and Pikasha the other day. They should’ve witnessed it from a distance, so it might’ve been vague in the first place before it was distorted by the “game of broken phone”.

“It’s that strong, so imagine the drop, coming?”

It’s useless…… you are talking to the reality behind that “unique monster”.

“OK, let’s go. Tell me the place.”

“Wait for us in front of the gates of Ichigatake.”

The whisper breaks. We won’t find that unique monster, you know.

“Well, whatever, let’s go, Pikasha.”


After a few minutes of waiting in front of the Ichigatake gate, I saw the members of the “Blue Collar” guild led by Zwei coming towards me. Today there were Zwei, Millie, Eliza, and Kazamine. [T.N. Sorry, used to call him Kazemine, messed up my hirgana and katakana a bit]

“Hey, Earth. Heard you retired though.”

Speaking of which, I haven’t seen Reiji in person for quite a while.

“No, I haven’t, though, I sure spent much time away from other players.”

There were circumstances involving Fairy Queen and the green dragon. The one that’s donburi now.

“So that’s what it was all about. Glad to be hunting with you today.”

That’s Kazamine greeting me.

“Same here. I see you’ve switched to oodachi.”(Japanese long sword, longer than a typical katana)

Kazamine used to fight with a bastard sword. I wonder if he switched because this sword had a name in Japanese.

“Yeah, It was not what I expected it to be, but I still wanted a katana.”

Well, glad that they implemented it.

“Then, let’s leave right away. Seems to me, our party is not the only one looking for the rumoured monster.”

Zwei took the lead, and after including me in the party, we went toward the forest. Along the way, Eliza, the blonde with her hair in long rolls, greets me.

“What would be the blue chick-like thing perched on your head?”

Reiji and Kazamine also looked up there “Speaking of which…”

“Oh, didn’t I tell you? It’s a fairy who’s accompanying me. Not a contract fairy though, so I can’t see her status or give her orders. Although, I can ask, of course.”

And with this answer, ye-ah…… all 3 of us look at Pikasha from their own point of view. Aforementioned Pikasha seems to be fast asleep.

“Isn’t she sleeping?”

Reiji whispered to me, I answered him “It’s all right, she delivers when push comes to shove”. Reiji’s companion, an earth element hedgehog, seems to be fidgety. No, it’s not only Reiji’s partner, but all the party members’ fairies look restless. I wonder if they feel the same as the general employee who notices a higher-up visiting their workplace in disguise.

“Millie, you’re making a worried face, is something the matter?”

Usually nonchalant Millie looks my way with a puzzled expression.

“Hm~? What worried face~?”

After that, her face returns to normal, but that makes me even more worried about that expression. Did she find some serious problem……? Or, perhaps, she saw my equipment?

Although being interested in that, I reached the destination while chitchatting with everyone. It’s been a while since we caught up with these clan members, it’s a chance for me to show them some things.

“Can’t find it…… Maybe it got hunted down already?”

Zwei mutters disappointedly after we’ve been walking around for a while. The true Identity of that monster is right here, you know? Just the size of its body has seriously changed……

By the way, concerning the hunt, we’ve crushed 3 goblin parties and 2 orc parties up to this point. Reiji draws their attention with provocation arts, Zwei defeats the monsters that are swarming in to Reiji, and Kazamine cuts them down. Millie concentrates on support, and Eliza is in charge of strong ranged magic attacks. My job is to remove the likes of enemy mages, preferably before they can start casting spells.

“Doesn’t matter much if we can’t find it though, the hunting ground is just delicious.”

Like kazamine says, even if we divide the dropped glo equally into 6 parts, each will get more than enough to show for it. Also, there’re weapons and armor looted from goblins, they could fetch some money too, if sold…… no, I could also make the metal parts into ingots. I’m short on metal these days, so it might come in handy. I could also get some interesting results.

“Actually. Earth, just what is that bow? Doesn’t it deal with monsters around here with unusual ease? Orcs should be sturdy, even mages…..”

Reiji is tilting his head. No wonder, this “Dragon Bow” is made of dragon materials that haven’t been released yet and has a superior attack power. I’m going to work on it a little more in the future, so it’s possible it’ll grow even stronger

“Your equipment has changed since I saw you last~, including this green cloak~.”

Millie is also looking my way. Well, it did change a lot since we last met……

“What can I say…… this bow is a prototype, it utilizes a new material that came my way by accident. And I bought the cloak in the Fairy Country, I look like a ranger, don’t I.”

Let’s deal with the questions about my equipment. It might get out of hand if I don’t.

“So that’s why you didn’t show up in public……”

Kazamine seems to be convinced, to some extent.

“When I had this oodachi made, I had to collect a lot of materials, and the production method still remained a secret. I think, Earth, who is also crafting these, had it rough.”

In response to Kazamine’s explanation, Reiji seems to recall “By the way, I got this recipe just before……”.

“Stop the chitchat, a group of orcs ahead. 8 by the number.”

I spot monsters with my “Danger Detection” and call to everyone’s attention. As expected, the members of the “Blu Collar” switch to the battle position immediately.

“Same as before, I’ll shoot the enemy lightly, reducing their combat ability and luring them in. Then, it’s your turn, Reiji.”

Reiji nods. He’s very reliable with his ‘leave it to me’ attitude.

“Getting started, be ready.”

Telling that to the others, I’m getting my bow ready. First goes a surprise attack with “Hawk Shot”. The first target is my colleague, an orc archer. I aim and pull my bow, this moment of tension has become strangely satisfying these days. The target is the head…… the time…..now.

The arrow flew off very energetically and, also thanks to arts, easily flew across the long distance — and pierced the head of the orc archer precisely. The opponent collapses like a bag of dirt.

“Shot successful, they’re coming!”

I’d like to reduce their numbers a bit before they arrive. My next aim is the mage. Tanks like Reiji try to equip as much metal armor as they can, so taking a bolt of magic lightning would be dangerous.

I aim at the body of the running orc, rather than its swaying head, and shoot “Air Twister”. After all, any attack is useless if it doesn’t hit.

By the time the orcs reached Reiji and our vanguard, they were reduced from 8 to 6, equal to our party.

“Your bow skills are ridiculous, but reliable, as always!”

Eliza says as she’s casting magic icicles on the orcs. That’s gonna hurt. The icicles pierce orcs’ bodies without mercy. This attack power is where mages shine. Mages have low defense power, but the most DPS instead. Eliza’s fairy, a seahorse, also shoots a water jet stream like a water cutter.

Zwei and Kazamine killed the orcs that were held by Reiji and weakened by Eliza and her fairy without fail, and the battle was finished without a problem.

“Hey, so, Earth, why don’t you join our guild? Those shooting skills of yours will surely come in handy.”

Zwei is trying to persuade me again. It’s not as if I don’t get the feeling.

“The newbies are trying their best but we’ve got no one with bow skills yet…”

Eliza also apologized for her crisp behaviour

“Sorry, but no.”

I’ve got no choice but to say this. I’ve got some controversial stuff on me, so I still can’t enter, but for different reasons. If you use dragon materials, especially the hard transparent one, to make a sword, you will stand out to a ridiculous extent. Then again, I don’t know just how many special attributes a weapon like that will get.

“It’s been an hour and a half~. let’s go back~.”

Millie says that looking bummed out. I check the time, and it’s 1.5 hours for sure. I have to log out soon.

“It’s a pity that we couldn’t find the monster, but financially it was a big success. Let’s split.”

So, as Zwei, the party leader suggested, everyone went back to Ichigatake.

I want to apologize so much for knowing that it was a fool’s errand and keeping it to myself all along. It’s considered against the rules to change your body size, so let’s make sure no one finds out.


[Skill table]

<Wind quake hunting bow> Lv17 (← 2UP) <Kicking> Lv48 <Far sight> Lv63 (← 3UP) <Craftsman’s fingers> Lv83

<Small shield> Lv14 <Concealment> Lv41 <Physical strengthening> Lv64 (← 1UP) <Chivalrous thief> Lv40 (← 3UP)

<Advanced Whip> Lv5 <Fairy language> Lv99 (compulsory passive skill, ability can not be removed)

Passive skills

<Carpentry> Lv39 <Advanced smithing> Lv36 <Apothecary> Lv43 <Advanced cooking> Lv36

ExP 21

Title: A person who charmed even the fairy queen, The one to subdue a strong man on his own, The one involved with dragons and the ryuu, The one who has been blessed by fairies, The one who cooked a dragon

Two nicknames from the players: Fairy King Candidate (Envious), Battlefield Chef

Companion: Blue Pikasha (Aqua) <Flying> <Riding> <Combat> <Magic possession>

<Potentially ???>



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