Vol. 4, Chapter 4, part 2

“How come, have you already killed it!?”

Old man Hisame expressed his surprise upon hearing my report.

Honorable adventurer, I have been regretting that I’d forgotten to inform you that warthogs are quick to flee danger…… So I did not expect you to hunt it down……”

I put the meat of the warthog in front of him.

“It definitely is the meat of the warthog…… wonderful. I shall add 2000 glo to the promised 10000 as a payment for the trouble. My-my, now we’ve got ample time to prepare the warthog meat.”

Old man Hisame stands up, his face shining. I guess the reward is worth the trouble after all……?

“You know, I’ve done my share of hunting. Usually you need a team to hunt down a warthog, well done doing it by yourself.”

Says the landlady

“I wasn’t by myself, you know. I’ve got a trusty partner by my side.”

I say stroking chick-sized Pikasha.

“So you do. Well, it’s good to have this kind of relationship. People can not live by themselves, you know.”

The landlady returns to the counter while nodding. I should log out for today.

[Skill table]

<Wind quake hunting bow> Lv17 <Kicking> Lv48 <Far sight> Lv61 (← 1UP) <Craftsman’s fingers> Lv83

<Small shield> Lv14 <Concealment> Lv41 <Physical strengthening> Lv64 <Chivalrous thief> Lv40

<Advanced Whip> Lv5 <Fairy language> Lv99 (compulsory passive skill, ability can not be removed)

Passive skills

<Carpentry> Lv42 (← 3UP) <Advanced smithing> Lv36 <Apothecary> Lv43 <Advanced cooking> Lv36

ExP 21

Title: A person who charmed even the fairy queen, The one to subdue a strong man on his own, The one involved with dragons and the ryuu, The one who has been blessed by fairies, The one who cooked a dragon

Two nicknames from the players: Fairy King Candidate (Envious), Battlefield Chef

Companion: Blue Pikasha (Aqua) <Flying> <Riding> <Combat> <Magic possession>

<Potentially ???>




After logging in I exit my inn room and go to the dining hall, where I relax and drink something like green tea. So good.

“Or, Mr. Earth, you are up. Speaking of which, are you not going to Niigatake?”

The landlady who found me said.

“Niigatake…… Is there any way to find out if I am allowed to go there?”

And the proprietress answered like this.

“There are two. One is going directly to the checkpoint. If you are qualified, they will let you pass, if you are not, they won’t, so I wouldn’t recommend this way. The other one is to visit the magistrate’s office and ask for permission there, that is what most people do.”

So, there is even a magistrate’s office…… It really gives me those historical drama vibes.

“Speaking of which, what are the qualification criteria?”

I continue the questioning of the landlady.

“Well, I’m not in a position to tell you in detail, you see. Judging by the others who stayed at the inn, it seems your personal strength, request fulfillment, reputation among the townsfolk, and the details of your actions are taken into consideration.

My reputation……

“Then, making a fight inside the town walls isn’t doing me any good?…… The request you made of me.”

The landlady answered me.

“It is fine, I have not been mistaken after all! The past Gorou was too mischievous, but the current one is not good either. Even though at the bottom of his heart he wants to stand back up, he put on a mellowed-out mask to try and trick himself. I put out a request to rekindle his spirit, albeit by being a little violent and exchanging blows in a duel. We, the ryu people, don’t get the concept of trying again after having failed once, you see.”

So, the soba stall’s owner’s name is Gorou. The innkeeper is dealing with a lot of people, so you can trust her judgement. Although asking to duel someone was surprising.

“Then it should be fine……”

I make a wry smile and look at the landlady.

“I hear that Gorou’s began to change because of your duel. He started training for fighting while pulling the stall, it seems…… He is possibly planning to challenge the “RyuCeremony” once again. Just between us, you don’t usually pass the first time around. You won’t pass if you don’t have the willpower to stand up again after having been utterly beaten up the first time. But keep it a secret from Gorou and other young’uns. There is something of a mutual understanding that everyone cooperates to help the promising kids to grow, you see.”

I see, so there was such a side to it as well. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, as they say. But there is one thing I have to say.

“I’m also kind of aiming for the “Loong Ceremony”.”

When I sprang this up to her, she said looking up with her hand on her forehead.

“Oh my, what a blunder…… It is just the outsiders didn’t participate in the “Ryu Ceremony” for quite some time, I didn’t think…… Then I can only wish you to try your best. To take it, you will have to enter Rokugatake first. To be precise, you’ll have to get the highest-ranked, “Pine”, pass.”

The one I’ve got now is “Plum”…… the lowest one.

“So, all I’ve got to do is to hunt in the Ryu Country, while fulfilling the citizens’ requests, right?”

The landlady answers “Broadly speaking, something about that.”

“Ah, one more thing. As a matter of fact, there might be jobs that are connected to bad stuff, you see? If you get involved in any misdeeds your reputation will go down and you will stand out…… I think you understand, but still. Especially, do not do things like stealing the delivery, even more so if you want to live a proper life in the Ryu country. As they say “bad news travel fast”, the name of the evildoer will spread momentarily. And, as soon as magistrate’s offices spread the info on the culprit, you won’t be able to set your foot in a town.”

That means that the people who think that anything not prohibited by the system is allowed because it’s a game will have their much deserved hard time.

“Actually, concerning the deliveries, what kind of things you usually have delivered? I’d like it for reference.”

“Well…… Usually, it’s weapons, the most popular things to deliver are weapons with unique properties. Also medicine, delicacies, and things like that…… and that’s why stealing is said to be a deadly sin.”

So, the financial damage and the loss of reputation are huge. And still, there got to be a reason why the requests don’t run out.

“So, anyway, be careful. There are rumours going around that some inns actively partake in these misdeeds. Sadly, the villains do not seem to run out……”

The landlady sighs. It’s just the same IRL.

“Thank you for everything.”

“Don’t mention it, if you are aiming for the “Ryu Ceremony” as an outsider, you have to know those things”

The proprietress says that and laughs. She is like a well-spirited elder sister.

And so, the landlady sends me towards the magistrate’s office. I have to check my pass first.

“Hmm, so you are the one named Earth. Oh, you hunted down a warthog.”

The at something like a pass-checking station at the magistrate’s office is checking my pass. Or, rather, I’m surprised the pass had such a function to it.

“And defeated orcs and goblins using the local forest as a base of operations, splendid. You seem to be rather quick on your feet…… uhum, well, if you are this hardworking, I am granting you the passage to Niigatake.”

Apparently, I have met the requirements to enter Niigatake.

“Thank you, I am extremely grateful.”

While I’m bowing my head to him, the official asks me one more question.

“And what would be your goal?”

I answer him.

“I would like to participate in the “Ryu Ceremony”.”

I’m not in a hurry, so, I’m just making my final goal the “Ryu Ceremony” after multiple detours. I just feel that after inciting Gorou I can’t avoid doing it myself.

“Is so, then persevere. The way you are now…… no, I can not judge. You should go and gain more experience in Niigatake.”

I feel as if this dialogue had a hidden meaning…… anyway, I thank the official and leave the office. I’d like to Leave for Niigatake tomorrow, if possible.



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