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Chapter 58-60+Bonus+afterword

Yup, here. Nope, not dead(yet, mb eventually, in 20 or so years, but not yet). I got myself a full-time job, that I thought I could combine with my translations, but it seems I...


Chapter 57

00 Chapter 57 01 Well… so… I’m glad that we came this quickly… But I didn’t realize it would be this late… Are you, perchance, guests, planning to stay the night? I hear, it’s...


Chapter 56

01 A god that reigns over the totsugami world… | You mean that…? Mikaga… You shouldn’t pronounce its name aloud, did no one teach you that? | Nakiri Touma-kun {slide…} The entrance to the...


Chapter 55

Well, I just like the series and I’m sad it was dropped mere 6 chapters from the end, the language is easy enough, and it doesn’t seem to be licensed, so I kinda decided...