Chapter 34

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Since then I’ve found out that Dragon materials don’t mingle with non-dragon ones
I tried to make some kind of alloy with other kinds | But iron was just squeezed out
I need a hint on how to use these materials……
Not necessarily something real, maybe from a novel or a game, to stimulate my imagination……
Is this…… a bow, composed of separately made parts
One of the better crystal ingots of the more forged ones
And for this, I’ll use a medium quality black ingot
Thus, the limbs and the center, though made from different substances, should mix just fine
So, I got to flattening the refined vividly transparent crystal at once
At the same time, making a staple-shaped round rod out of a barely-processed ingot
And then welding the flattened parts to its ends
A stunning black bow……
Looks like some chuuni or cursed gear… [T.N.: Chuunibyou – “8-graders’ disease” = a certain form of escapism, when kids cherish delusions of their grandeur]
…well, fine
And mount the green dragon scales on the front to hide the junction and for decoration
And also several scales to the ends as seers
…as it didn’t hold, I strung three intertwined strings at once
And with this it was complete
[[Dragon Bow]
Attributes: Att+67
Special Attributes: [Dragon Soul][Dragon Legion][Dragon Howling]
Grade: 5]
Even power-wise it’s 3 times stronger, than the one I use now
Such a sudden empowerment is really surprising…
There’re 3 peculiar special attributes to boot | [Dragon Soul] with a certain probability turns an arrow into a small dragon, that flies over to bite the enemy
The activation probability is around 20% I suppose
[Dragon Legion] is a power, linked to the [Soul], with a 40% probability it summons 3 more small dragons
In a lucky case of both activating at the same time, four small dragons rushing in to the enemy is a spectacular sight
The last one, the [Dragon Howling] is a manually activated ability, that allows one to shoot a shockwave instead of an arrow | It also affects the opponents, untouched by the arrow
Something like a downsized version of the Dragon Breath of the slain Green Dragon | Quite a perfect bow, I should say
And so, Pikasha, it’s bedtime already, if you please
Usually, I log out at the inn, but every rule has its exceptions
In those cases, though I have a sleeping bag, I found out, that I can do it wrapped in Pikasha’s feathers
I mean [My Pikasha sleeping bag]
And in such an exclusive bed | I logged myself out
The [Loong Kingdom] expansion was scheduled to arrive in two days
So, let’s go
My aim is to raise “Kick Attack” and “Whip Mastery” skills | I want to go solo, because using those in a PT may inconvenience other members
If the hunting grounds’re empty, I’ll even ask Pikasha to help
Oh, if it isn’t Earth?
It really is Eart, long time no see~
Long time indeed, by the way, I’ve forgotten to switch the silent mode off
Your whisper channel and mail were off all this time!!
I released the check! I already did!!
You know… There was a rumour, among the returnees, y’kno…?
Such a rumour sits quite nicely with me…
{No……I made them worry—…}
By the way~ since when do you have such a mantle~?
I bought this one back in the Fairy Kingdom
Guess, I’ll go buy myself one too
Hey-hey | Since we’ve met once in a while, why not going hunting?
Ri-ight, I’d like that a lot | But today I’m raising my Kick and Whip skills | Will it be fine, if I don’t use a bow?
You and your quirks……
Then we need two vanguard… and two rear guard people, let’s call someone and go
Just a sec
What is the blue chick, sitting on your head, Earth~?
That’s my fairy companion | Though I can’t order her, as we aren’t bound by a contract
So, such a thing is possible, huh~
OK | Nora and Eliza’re coming, we should be fine with the 5 of us
It’s just alright~
Education she went through thoroughly | And she is all-new Eliza now~
You were about to say “boot camp”, weren’t you…… [T.N.: It’s actually “animal training”, but the word “training” itself is too vague in english]
Earth, long time-!
I knew you were back
Ah, yeah
Ehm…I’m sorry for the previous time
Please, accept my apologies
Eh ehm, long time no see | Thank you for agreeing to help
Now, as we’re done with the greeting, let’s head to the hunting grounds
Her being so quiet is kinda creepy
—Eliza, do you mind the whisper? What did happen to you after that?
I beg of you not to pry…
I was broken in many ways
Broken in many ways!?
{Aah——I beg you to stop~~~}
{I cannot handle it anymore}
I I see, then I won’t dig any further | I’m so sorry
No… thank you very much…
But really, what……
…He hehe…
Having arrived at the hunting grounds, we got to business, and it went pretty smoothly
Though at first not having a tank was a point of concern
Zwei quickly dealt with that concern of mine
{la sh}
Right, let’s deal with it quickly!!
Though, the monster might look pitiable, fighting with all one’s got is a must for an adventurer!
—an hour later
Okay, let’s leave it at that for today
Well, Eart, see you around~
From this day on, please, keep in touch!
Yeah, see ya, guys
Thanks to everyone, I’ve got to raise my “Kick Attack” and “Whip Mastery” skills by quite a lot
The “Whip Mastery” has reached 50, so I’ll evolve into the “Advanced Whip Mastery” | If there is a chance to upgrade it to the “Whip Sword”, I’ll take that
Sadly, the “Kick Attack” didn’t reach 50 and I couldn’t reach its 3rd stage | Still, I acquired “Echo Rush” and “Powerful High Shot” arts
Using “Echo Rush”, as the kick connects, it produces several more hits | The same as a rending hit techniques in fighting games
The “Powerful High Shot” arts can send opponents flying, though some physical limitations apply
Something like an air combo starter move
These seem to provide interesting possibilities
I need to test them before I log out
First I lure it in
Lower its stamina, while it’s closing in by shooting it
[Wild Bear]
Use “Shield Bash” to avoid its first assault
{“Powerful High Shot”}
{“Great Jump”}
And now
{“Echo Rush”}
{Z hoo}
{“Arrow Twister”}
Yeah, the damage is just fine
Pretty useful in a close combat
Now all the preparations for the update are in order
The [Loong Kingdom] is coming tomorrow
—or so I thought
[Important notice to all players
Thank you for enjoying your time in “One More Free Life Online”.
With our apologies, we must inform all of our players of a
regrettable incident that has occurred.
We’re working hard to deliver the new update, the [Loong Kingdom]
and its new content.
However, sadly, a time-consuming maintenance has to be applied.
Specifically, the maintenance is going to take another 24 hours
in addition to the planned 18-hours update time.
To compensate for that, we’re adding 168 hours worth of playtime to our players’ accounts.
Our sincerest apologies for the inconveniences, caused by our ineptitude.
Administration of “One More Free Life Online”]
—Devs and AIs—
What are you displeased with?
I’m telling you, I want you to give me and elder sister more free time
Uhum, I would like to fulfill this no matter what
We’ll be wrapped in these cloaks… and hide our faces as much as possible…
And the elf forest along with the dark elf plains won’t be there soon?
Well, that’s true, but the beastfolk Alliance along with the Demon Lord’s castle are still further away, right?
I get it, that there’re still lots of’em there, but aren’t we really a minority?
Yup… elves are only four hundred, and dark elves are but six hundred…
I get what you’re driving at, but there’re eight more hundred dark elves
I hate the vane bastards
Yes…High Elves despise other races…don’t like them
I get it though, why it’s necessary…
Ah-, the high elves do have a chosen ones vibe around them
And I’m telling you once more, you’re your peoples’ leaders | So your reckless loitering is problematic
You remember the Fairy Queen incident?
Oh, THAT sister! She is clearly enjoying herself too much… how enviable
And now she’s zealously fulfilling her royal duties……
Anyway, please, be patient, it was a special case before!!
And don’t make a cute angry face | Because that player has a unique standpoint
They’re sure taking their time rolling out the update, I want to get back to work already
Is it strictly prohibited? Though I want to squeeze him towards my breast so much
We cannot allow such a sexually-driven behaviour
But seriously, he gets involved in all kinds of things | Both happy and troublesome
That’s not bad at all…
Uuugh— Try coming up with something one of these days—!?
We need to consider our boss too
Huh… I need to raise my stomach drugs dosage
What has raised your spirits so?
Ah, father
Tomorrow our kingdom will have communication with humans too
So, I’ll have to give my speech as a king tomorrow
You’ve got so many duties, father
{right, I should go}
Why’re you talking like it’s not your problem, shouldn’t you also attend as a princess?
Don’t “eh?” me
To set things in motion properly | Such a work is a necessity, hear me?
Is it not plenty…For you, father, to do it as a king?
Of course, I will do the most of it, but you have your own duties as a heir too
Th-that can’t be right?
What is the merit for me to lie about that | I know that you’ve got a person you like, but should you meet him immediately?
That is… Have mercy!! | Please, overlook it this time!!
That won’t do | We should prepare your dress for tomorrow, come

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