Chapter 35

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After an extra-long maintenance | Today the new grounds of the “Loong Kingdom” are out at last
And with that, all the players, who’ve been given a pass…
You’re in the way-!!!!
All the players went eastwards from the First, to the Loong Kingdom
do you see the checkpoint?
Hoh… The shape of the gate
I guess the Loong Kingdom is made after the Edo period Japan
Dear adventurers | The [Plum pass] is needed to enter this checkpoint [T.N.: Japanese 3-tier grading system, also can be translated as [plum pass][bamboo pass] and [pine tree pass] in the ascending order]
Further on, the adventurers with a [Bamboo pass] shall head to the city in the center of the castle | Tose with a [Pine pass] should pass a trial in the castle
Also | Today, as a special occasion, in the entrance city…
[Ichigatake] the king and the princess of the Loong Kingdom will be addressing a speech to you
So, please, proceed to the assembly square
—The assembly square of the Ichigatake
So many people, though there is still time till the beginning
Hi there-
Long time, it’s Rona
Long time, lil’ Rona, what is it about?
li lil’? Ehm
This lil’ part is really uncalled for!!
Sorry about that, so, is there something you want?
Well, there is something I wanted to ask you…
Do you think there’s any perspective for the “Kick”? | I wanted to know your opinion as an actual practitioner…
Of all the martial arts skill systems only the “Kick” hasn’t received any wiki updates till now | And it is certainly a cause for concern
Then, let’s form a PT later and I’ll show you a little bit of those kicks
Is it okay!? I’d love to!!
Then see you later
Okay!! I’ll look forward to it
Let’s try Wild Bear this time
Strong people, who have come a long way here, I welcome you to the Loong Kingdom!!
So it begins
I am the ruler of this country, Ryuke
And the one close to me is my daughter
Thank you for visiting our country!!
I am the princess of this state!!
By the laws of our country, I cannot be called by name by anyone but my parents until wedded | But, although we spent most of our time in the castle, we sometimes enter the city, not to remain secluded
In those cases, you’ll do well to call me Ryuki [T.N.:The name consists of the [loong] and the [princess] kanji, but the furigana reads “Ryuki”]
Loong girl, you’re doing great
Her lack of experience is compensated for by her enthusiasm~
If it isn’t Earth!!
Long time no see, Let’s talk later if you don’t min…
But I do!! Would you concentrate on the event, please!!
Fair point…
That will be all we have to say…!!
Huhuf such a cute panic
{Pe ck!!}
What’s with the bad mood?
I’ll be awaiting for the brave warriors, who have polished their skills, in the palace | I wish you all good luck
As those, who’ve passed the [Loong Ritual] will gain much more strength | I shall be waiting for you!!
And with those words, the adventure of the players in the Loong Kingdom has begun
And why are you here?
What’s with that cold way of speaking?
And as always you can’t keep up with the development, when you’re around Earth……
And not that I don’t have a reason | For starters, to pay you for the meals I’d gotten from you
60 Glo, well, fine
Then, please, at least don’t get in the way
Be at ease, just spectating from the sidelines | will be a change of pace enough for me
Here is fine, I s’ppose
Well, okay……
So, I’ll use my bow to lure the monster in, but use just kicks afterwards
{“Dragon Soul”}
{“Dragon Legion”}
Hey, what was that!?
What was thaaat!?
So, I guess I can’t hear about… the properties of this bow in detail, huh?
I’d be grateful if you didn’t ask
Then, leaving that bow aside, will you be using any “Kick” skills today?
Well, for starters, have a look at this
And now I’ll be fighting it, using just “Kick” skills
{sh k!!}
{boi ng}
It’s not a common knowledge, that “Kick” doesn’t have any arts, but “Kick Attack” does | There should be people, who know that, but the Wiki page hasn’t been updating at all
{“Triangular Shot”}
Eh… A “Kick” martial arts!?
I don’t know if it’s a corporate collusion of masters of sorts | But I don’t really mind it
{“High Power Full Shot”}
“Echo kick” is charging……
In other words, it is possible to amass the attack power and the number of strikes
Eat this!!
{“Echo kick”}
Something like that, I guess
Ho-hoh, nicely done
He-ey, Rona, are you the-re?
Uh…uhm, I’m here | …but why is such a useful fighting skill tree not spreading!?
Speaking of that…… | Please, don’t spread the techniques you’ve just seen
Okay, right
{on fire}
I’m burning to give them a try…!!
And so, the amount of “Kick” users has increased by one
I’ll start polishing my “Kick” skills properly
The next day— I’ve accepted a request from the landlady of the inn I was staying at
And to fulfil this quest, I’m strolling through the downtown of the Ichigatake
Let’s browse a little, while we’re at it
Seems they have seasonings like soy sauce
Now, let’s get some supplies
If I’m not mistaken, this should be the place mentioned in the quest
The last of the street stalls
A bowl of buckwheat noodles, please
160 Glo, please
Your order
The soup has a nice aroma
Owner, may I ask you one thing?
What is it?
Do you know of a [Loong Ritual]?
A [Loong Ritual] is a fighting trial, that can be challenged | twice by us, the loong, and thrice by you, people from the outside world, in our lifetime
And where can one take this trial?
For the outsiders, a [Pine-grade] pass is needed to do that
Obviously, one should work thoroughly to prove one’s prowess to get it
And after obtaining the [Pine] rank and entering the Loong Palace, one would have to fight the Loong King
Also, for the [Loong Ritual] one’s party should be limited to just 6 people
And if one were to win and become acknowledged by the Loong King | It is said that a loong [would be granted a Full Loong Transformation Technique]
And an outsider [would be able to obtain power on par with the loong]
I see, the rules seem to be simple… | a rather straight-forward head-on competition
Yeah, Poison doesn’t work on the Loong King at all | So the only way to fight is a competition of strength
U-huum, so that is the ultimate aim for all the players in this country
So, shopkeep, did you try to pass it?
Mind if I take a little of your time | To tell you one old story?
At one place there was a man of the loong, and no one could match his strength
He was always rampant and partook in countless fights, known as duels
And another problematic thing about it was that he’d never lost a fight
Often, the loser would gather weapons and people to get back at him | But had the tables turned on him once again
And it’s not as if those squabbles were like kiddie pranks, so after several of those he got dragged off before the Magistrate | And, after receiving the punishment, kept himself in check
After spending some time in lockdown, he had an immature thought, that if he became a full loong, everyone would be laughable before him | That with that power, he’d topple any opponent easily
—or so he thought
And so he challenged the [Loong Ritual] alone… and suffered an utter defeat
Rather, it would be generous to even call it that
Plainly speaking, lost his conscience after a light flick of the Loong King’s tail
After some time he woke up, the Loong King slowly opened his mouth before him and spoke
Such a fool!!
A foolish child, who, not noticing, that everyone around is babysitting him, has blood rushing into his head
Get lost, there is no worth in killing you
As the Loong King finished speaking, the man was thrown out of the castle
……The time went on
His pride being stripped away | The man of the loong seemed to become a noodle cook portable stall
And that’s how one man of the loong’s story goes
Is it to your liking?
I see, this man of loong is probably the shopkeep in front of me
He was glad to escape the [Loong Ritual] with just his vanity stripped off him
After hearing this story, I’ve got just one question left, if I may?
Of course?
I suppose, that man of the loong never challenged the trial again?
—He probably didn’t even think of that
And not only the loong in question, but all the loongs challenge it only once
As I’ve heard the story, let me tell you something in return
There was a person, that took care of me long ago | “Before giving up on something, ask yourself seriously if it is fine to give up on it”[T.N.: actually it’s “sensei” written here instead of a person, which could mean “a teacher” and “a doctor”, and I think he means both, you’ll see why]
that’s what he used to say
You’re going to regret not trying your best, when it is too late…right
Excuse my rudeness but listen to me, please
Master, have you truly given up on the [Loong Ritual]?
Winning or losing aside | Won’t you try dueling me once?
If you try crossing fists with me instead of talking, maybe, you’ll have a new perspective
Wait a moment, excuse my asking, but aren’t you a human?
After fighting a loong you might not get by with mere wounds, you know!?
And you get no profit out of it, | why do you need to help me?
No, just as you are now, I once found myself unable to move | And got back on my feet thanks to others’ help
And so, the upcoming duel with this loong | determined my course of action in the Loong Kingdom……
After all, I couldn’t leave the man in the similar situation alone
It would be something unthinkable to the me of that time

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