Chapter 36

—IRL for as long as I can remember I had this one dream
The kind people usually starting to give up on as they’re growing up
But I always held on to it
When, after all the effort, I seemed to be that close to it, an accident took it away from me [T.N.: In the LN there’s a description – it was a hit-and-run, he ended up all broken, had to go through a surgery and a lengthly painful rehab]
And since then I became an empty husk of my former self……
Time to end this bout
Those thrusts are sharp, that’s the loong for you
No way I can guard from one of those
But the shopkeep hasn’t had a fight for quite some and gone a bit rusty
Also, till now I I’ve been dodging on purpose
{This gap is enough}
That’s it, I guess……
—It’s my loss
Who could’ve thought it would be that one-sided
So, did you see something, while we were exchanging blows?
I sure saw that I was blown away
And don’t see anything yet really
Still, this—
This feeling
I want to seriously consider if this excitement is real or not
With this, the request of inspiring this man is fulfilled
…the rest is up to him
I see, so, if you’ll excuse me
Let me beg you pardon for challenging you so suddenly
I also……
Had to be beaten into shape in my current job
I think, he will be just fine
Dear me
Did I, who once been called [Invincible Goro] become so blunt
To be so one-sidedly crushed by one of those humans, who’re thought to be the weakest of them all
But having a duel after such a long time, I feel as if it brought back something I’ve long since forgotten
—To contemplate on this something might prove worthwhile
As that human said
[regret not doing your best, when it is too late]
And to avoid such regrets—
After the bout I decided to stretch my legs in the play field of the Loong Kingdom
Cause I got my hands on some info about the monsters in the nearby forest
Except the goblins, the orcs are making their in-game debut here | Also, there seem to be chameleon lizards around
And as those chameleon lizards In line with their naming
Are able to hide themselves, I need to be on guard against those
There you are, reptile
Well, it couldn’t hide from my “Danger Sense” just now
Seems, that though the hiding skill is high, it holds back defense and vitality | So it went down unexpectedly easily
Or it might just be, that the “Dragon Bow” is too OP
{“Danger Sense”}
Uhum, no more surprizes here!
Okay, let’s go further in
Guess it’s a no-go…… | Lots of goblins and orcs cooped up up there
The orcs in this game sre not only sturdy | But are substantially equipped to boot
Furtermore, as they’re grouped in PTs, their battle potential is no less than that of the players
Considering the exp reward, fighting that lot | solo is just not worth the risk
…It might be the limit of how far I can get as a solo-player

Guess, it’s time to head back
Should I hop on?
Thanks in advance for carrying me to the town
Pikasha, there’re mosters ahead, be care…
Hey, what gives!?
We’re going straight for the goblin PT…
Pikasha, watch in front of you!!
Gya………!! Gya
Hey there!!
……well, it’s no going back now!
To annihilate the 8 goblin PT in a couple of seconds……
It’s more like driving over them
Did being stuck in a chick shape raise her stress levels?
And then with the loong girl……
Or am I reading too much into it?
Now let’s please get beck to Ichigatake
Oh, it’s “Danger Sense” again…
—One hour later
Pecking, trampling down, throwing and icing them with magic
Pikasha’s killing machine mode has finally calmed down
We’ve gotten over 100000 glo in drop money
I should remember not to make you angry…
That day the topic “Unique blue furball monster rummaging through the forest” was all the rage on the BB
I saw just a glimpse of it | What was that scary furball thing……
Let’s inform everybody at once…!!
And not that I’m going to explain it to anyone, so let the truth remain hidden…
The next day—
Soy sauce, miso, mirin, kelp… rice, and a bowl, should be all | With this, I’ll be able to cook a donburimono [T.N.: A bowl of rice with other ingredients on top]
Let’s treat ourselves to some good food today
In a far corner of ichigatake | I took the ingredients out from my item box and began working
So, now…
Todays ingredient would be dragon meat!!
First, as always, I’ll fry a couple of thin slices of it with a pinch of salt to get a feeling of its taste
I thought it would be chewy and bland, like crocodile meat
But it’s tasty and soft instead……
Then, let’s prepare some stock…
This meat demands for a gyudon
I can’t wait to taste this [Dragondon]!!
As the technology for making polished rice hasn’t yet been developed
So I need to wash the bran-coated rice properly
And when it’s polished I’ll put it in a round-bottomed kettle and pour water up to the top of the rice | this way, the water will evaporate and cook the rice in the most tasty way
I need the round-bottomed kettle so the rice would float on top | The trick to it is thanks to that, the convection would cook the rice nicely
While it’s absorbing the water, I’ll prepare the stock
I’ll use some soy sauce, mirin, a little sugar and wine
First and foremost is kombu
As the stock takes it’s taste, I’ll adjust it by adding the other ingredients
……there’s still time
The taste is prettyy nice!!
[[Dragon Steak]
A piece of transcendent brilliance made from dragon meat
with simple spices. To taste it you should be one of the chosen few…
pretty strong, rich, influential or a very lucky person.
Grade: 6]
I just planned to amuse myself and kill some time | but it turned out quite a success
While the rice is cooking, I’ll prepare the other ingredients
I’ll take meat and some onions
{“Speed Cooking”}
After slightly frying the meat
I take the kombu stock and add the other ingredients | then toss in the onions
And then boil
—And when the onion has changed its color and the meat is well-cooked, I take them off the heat
It’s about time
And rice
Is ready
I’ll put all, except the part I’m going to eat now, into my item box
So, I managed to make a dish, that raises 2 abilities
And the explanatory note says it’s plain, but it’s no time to ponder on that
A luxurious and at the same time plain dish, where
the precious dragon meat used for donburimono. A cunning dish,
hiding potentially overbearingly addictive flavor.
Now what will you think of it, when you have a bite…
Attributes: Offensive ability rise (greater), Defensive ability rise (med)
Grade: 8]
Let’s eat first, think after!!
But it’s not just the meat that’s so good!!
Meat and onions’ extracted taste, entwined in the stock
This soup, soaking into the rice
And meat is nicely suited with such a rice
Thanks for the meal
Right, donburimono is such a great thing……
That was a glimpse of heaven……
Donburimono has a misterious charm about it
Long live rice.

If you have found a spelling error or just a line you think could be phrased better, press Ctrl+Enter to send me your suggestion.

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