Chapter 37

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So, what am I going to do today……

Hey, Earth, are you free now~?

Zwei! | Yup, totally

Wanna go hunt some unique monsters, if you have some time to spare!?

Well it’s fine, but where are those monsters specifically?

You know there’s a forest in the proximity of Ichigatake? | There’s an intel, saying , that there’s a blue furball-ish unique monster


There’s no harm in trying, right? | Even if we don’t find it, there’re goblins and orcs to profit from


—Blue furball


Didn’t it have other special traits?

It completely mows down monsters

And there seems to be something green growing on it, that shoots arrows

—That’s totally me and Pikasha

Since it’s that strong, it should have some nice drop

Okay, I’ll come, tell me the gathering spot then


Okay, wait for us near the entrance to Ichigatake

I guess, I’ll hunt with them as an apology……

So, let’s head out, Pikasha



At the meeting place near the gate

Oh, Earth

I heard, that you were back

It’s not that I’ve ever left, just didn’t keep in contact

So that’s what it was | Glad to have you here today

So, you switched to the oodachi, Kazamine

Yes, it’s no wakizashi | but I want to use katana, after all [T.N.: wakizashi – katana-“dagger”, oodachi – extra-long katana]

So, let’s go, shan’t we

It seems that there’re PTs aiming for the monster except ours



I feel a stare……


What is that | blue chick-like thingy, sitting on you head?


I recall, you shouldn’t have any fairy contractors


This fairy is just accompanying me

As we have no contract, I can neither see its abilities, nor order it


Isn’t it asleep

It’s fine, she’ll do her part, when the time comes



It’s as if subordinates have spotted a big-shot inpecting the place

Millie, you don’t usually make such a grim face, something wrong?


Heh~? Whatever grim expression are you talking about~?


Did she see my armor?



That’s it! | Still, there’s no sign of it, someone’s hunted it down mayhap?


Well, it’s because you wouldn’t find it in the first place

The hunting grounds are quite abundant, so not being able to find it shouldn’t be a problem

Not only in experience and money | But dropped armor and weapons can be sold for quite a sum

……No, rather remolding them into ingots would be nicer


Money is of course an issue now, but that would be so much more interesting




Still, | What’s that bow you have?

Isn’t it a bit weird, almost insta-killing the local monsters


A reasonable doubt, if you think about it | I was surprised by it myself just a while ago

Your equipment has changed greatly during that little break in communications~ | The mantle included


…Didn’t I explain the matter of the mantle to you, Millie | I bought it in a shop in the Fairy Kingdom

And the bow… is a prototype, made from ingredients I chanced upon


I see, it’s your position of not standing out…… | That made you hide that from others……


This sword I got is also made from lots of different ingredients, though the way of making it is a secret | I’m sure you’ve got lots of trade secrets of your own, Earth

Nice follow up!!

By the way, I was taught one recipe recently……

…Let’s pause that talk for now

A squad of orcs is approaching!


I’ll reduce their numbers with arrows | Then it’s up to you, Reiji

Leave it to me!!

These moments of tension have become somehow enjoyable recently

Aim for the head

Wait for it



{“Hawk Shot”}




Bull’s eye, they’re coming!!






{“Arrow Twister”}



As always, unreasonable skills

My turn



Rather reliable!!





Hey, hey, here, you orcs!!





{Cho mp}

Well done!!


{Do ng}

Hey, Earth, you still don’t wanna join our guild?

I’d love to have an archer of your skill here

It’s not like he newly recruited guys don’t do their best

But we’ve been waiting for someone with such a skill with a bow, all in vain



I see… nothing doing then

Oh, it’s past 1 am already~


Let us return~

It’s almost time for me to log out too


Though it’s a pity that we couldn’t locate the one we wanted | Still did a good job today, guys!!

Let’s bail out!


Sorry, guys……


—The next day

[Logged in]


Gh… my body’s heavy

Is there some glith in my VR helmet?

[When you open your eyes, adventure begins]


Everything’s blue……

Seems like a true-to-life glitch……

Huh, Pikasha!?



She’s a little smaller than usual… about 2.5 meters?

Can you learn to change your size at will now?


I see, but still try not to stand out too much

Or it’s going to be the usual – they’ll surround you and try to pet and stroke you


Especially girls love cuddling her | I know there is even a shadow organization called “Pikasha lovers’ circle”

So, what’re we going to do today

I hunted yesterday to my heart’s content | And I want to take a little break from smithing and cooking

All that’s left is woodworking

Won’t you take me to the woods, Pikasha| I’d like to check the wood in the forest we’ve been to yesterday


U-hum, this one is also no good

And the one before is just out of question……

It’s pretty gruesome compared to the woods around Nexia | Throughout the world of One More the wood is being depleted, so it’s price is spiking

So, the wooden goods are always on the rise | And the prices at the NPC-run stores also rise to prevent reselling

And, as the prices for shields are rising, to lighten the shield, the back side is also mostly done from wood

I heard, some tanks were complaining about weight before [T.N.:In the manga there is “vanguard” here, but in the LN there is “tank”, which is more appropriate IMO]

Nope, no usable wood here

I tried to fell one and make arrows out of it to test it out

It’s just too hard to process

If they’re going to implement house-building | Wood from this area would be a no-go

…speaking of which, I wonder where the wood for city buildings comes from?

I’ll try asking around in Ichigatake



You’re the first adventurer to ever ask such a thing

I am extremely interested to know

It seems, the high quality lumber is brought from around Shichigatake [T.N.: Ichigatake is written with kanji 1 (ichi) as a part of it, and Shichigatake with 4(Shichi), the second part, “Take”, is “brave”, “military”. There is a mountain in Yamaguchi going by ichigatake(just the different kanji, meaning “Mt.1”), and also there seemed to be some kinda subdivision in feudal Edo I can’t seem to find anything about but for 1 mention]

All the first-grade wood for house-building in this country comes from woods around Shichigatake

Conversely, the trees around this city are the poorest quality ones

Oh yes, it is very precious, so let me tell you one thing

The woods around Shichigatake are under government protection | So lumbering there without a permit is a crime

It’s only natural, looking on the woods around Nexia

But thanks to it, acquiring a good quality wood is going to be a drag it seems……

Thank you very much | For informing me of that law

I have to only hope, that the admins elevate the regrowth rates for the woods around Nexia


…and | You seem to be an archer


Hisame, there’s a bow-using adventurer here | I’ll leave the rest of the talk to you

I am called Hisame

I want to ask something of the honorable adventurer | So I asked the landlady to rely you to me

You see, there is a kind of beast, [warthog]  | It looks like a wild boar with warts above its eyes

It’s meat has a great taste

But obtaining this meat is quite a tricky job | So I wish to ask of the honorable adventurer to get it

A new ingredient, count me in


It’s my grandson’s birthday in a few days, do I’d like to serve it on the occasion

Though the meat originally has a strong stench to it | But if you boil and skim it properly, it will acquire marvelous taste

Now I want to get it no matter what

By the way, why ask me do it?

Warthogs, you see, are highly resistant to swords and spears, bow is its only weak point | Yet, the bowyers are scarce among the loong, so I have been struggling to find one

Then Hisame told me about places, where the warthogs were usually seen, and I went there

In the aforementioned place grow their favourite vegetables, so the hogs come to feed

It’s in the plains south from the forests around ichigatake


{“Danger Sense”}


{Far Sight}

Nope, no warts

I was specifically told, that the wild boar meat isn’t needed

For now I’ve got no means to assure it, except for “Far Sight”

And 30 more minutes later

I see now…… Warthog is a rare monster

Monsters that you won’t usually meet are called rare | Worst case you won’t even see it once throughout the game

15 more minutes later……

This boar’s fur is different from the others’……

There are lots of boars before my eyes | but I’ve found the one at last……!!


I’m about to hunt it down, but there’re several things that bother me | First being I don’t know how it’s going to behave when hit

Will it run away at full speed, when attacked

Or get angry and strike back

And taking it a bit further

There is a problem if the surrounding wild boars will attack

Those ordinary boars may as well be its guard | And if all five of them attack, I won’t be able to aim properly

…then, a pincer attack

Pikasha, go to the other side of these boars | I want you to turn back to your normal size to cut off the boars when I attack

And that’s when I’ll hunt down the warthog




Around here, huh……





Pikasha, now!!






They’re still, so it’s high time!


{“Sonic Hound Arrow”}


[New martial arts I’ve learnt with

“Thunder wind hunting bow”.

Special air waves, surrounding the arrow,

become a ranged attack and

give additional damage!!]




And the finisher





Okay!! Pikasha, wrap it up with the rest!




Thank you, good work



Well, let’s go back



Oh, have you done it already!?

And there I was cursing myself | For having not relayed about its habit to flee, when attacked

But to be successfully back already…

Just splendid

It truly is the meat of a warthog | Brilliantly done

This is the promised 10000 glo | And please take 2000 more for extra trouble

Thanks to you I’ll be able to see my grandchild’s smile


Still, to make it back so fast

Warthog hunting is a team effort to begin with, but you wonderfully managed it all alone

…no, I wasn’t alone at all

I have a trusted partner

[The latest comic vol. 4 is planned to get to shops the last third of November!! Look forward to it!!]

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