Chapter 38

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Aah, so good~
Oh, Mr.Earth, you’ve awoken
By the by, isn’t it high time you went to Niigatake?
Niigatake… | …I wonder if there’s a way to know for sure if you’re allowed to go there?
Actually, there are two
The first one is going to the actual checkpoint
The second is going to the magistrate office and checking it out there | The checkpoint is quite a distance from ichigatake, so people usually use the second way
Magistrate… It really is a spitting image of a histrical drama…
And what do you need to qualify?
Well, it’s not something I can tell you in detail……
But, judging by what I witnessed at this inn, | It’s personal strength, quest completion rate, reputation within the city | It seems, they draw conclusions based on those factors
Rep, huh……
So, staring the figh in the city, would be my handicap?
Oh… it is about my request, right?
Then it will be fine | Because everyone in this city know, that it was me, wanting to do something about Goro
So no one would think that it was just a fight, you see
I hope it really is like that
…For goodness’ sake | Although wishing to stand up again deep down in his heart, that Goro
He is trying to deceive himself by putting up a front of being settled down instead
I hear, that Goro’s changed a bit since the duel
Ah, so Goro is that noodle seller
It seems he’s taken up some battle training inbetween pulling his stall | We, the people of the loong kin, couldn’t manage that, so thank you
So, he has at last gathered up some spirit to challenge the “Loong Ritual”
Well, talking is good and all, but beating the “Loong Ritual” just like that is rather improbable for him | As he was wiped the floor with on his initial try, it is no use if he doesn’t man up this time
…Just a reminder, please don’t disclose this to either Goro or the young’uns, | It is common sense in this town, that everyone should look out for the prromissing children for their potential to bloom
I see……
But you know, I too aim for the “Loong Ritual” more or less
Oh, what a blunder on my part…
It’s just, none of the outsiders has taken the “Loong Ritual” in ages
Well then, I can only wish you to do your best
Still, to even enter the trial, you’d need to reach Rokugatake first | And you won’t be able to do that without the highest ranked [pine] pass
Then all I need is to keep on fighting and doing quests in the Loong Kingdom
Generally speaking, yes, something like that
By the way, did you know, there are jobs, that will require misdeeds from you? | And if you pile up misdeeds, your reputation will decline
You should especially avoid the ones about robbing the delivery service | Otherwise, you won’t be allowed into towns
Oh, it’s done to make the people, who think that anything goes as long as it’s within the system rules, | Behave properly
Incidentially, about the delivery…
Ahh, that… Those are mostly weapons
There are lots of requests for delivery of weapons with rare abilities
There’re also medicines and valuable foods… | And other things like that
Anyways, just be careful | There are rumours, that the evildoers have become especially active recently
Thank you for everything
Not at all, as an outsider, aiming for the [Loong Ritual], that’s the least you should know
Then, it’s time I went
It it so, then do your best
Oh, I’m just going to check my status with the magistrate
—Ichigatake Magistrate’s office
Uhum, so you’re the one called Earth
Hoh, you took down a warthog
And also done some damage to the orcs and goblins holed up in the forest | Splendid, it seems you’re eagerly moving forward
All right, you are granted a pass to Niigatake
Thank you very much
By the way…
…What is your goal going forward
I want to partake in the [Loong Ritual]
I see, then, it looks like even now…
No, I can’t tell
Anyways, go gain some more experience in Niigatake
Well, landlady, thanks for everything
It was a pleasure to have such an interesting guest
Is there anyone, who’d just accept a quest for fighting a loong on the spot, I bet there isn’t?
Furthermore, despite being human kin, you defeated the loong | It is only because you are the way you are that Goro could get a good push
And because you’ve fulfilled my request so magnificently, to the basic reward of of 20 000 glo | I offer you this map as a compliment
Finding lodging is a drag, right?
I marked my niece’s inn in Niigatake in this map, you’re welcome to stay there
That is most helpful of you!
Well, now that I received the reward in full, it’s time……
Right, if you’re planning to take the [Loong Ritual], there’s going to be a lot of trouble ahead, so I’ll be rooting for you
Going to Niigatake?
And what would you be going there for?
To take on the [Loong Ritual]
After encouraging you, how can I run away myself?
You, with that human body of yours, are planning to pass the trial, loongs fear to even take!?
Of course
Then, before you go, let’s fight……
I don’t have time for that, so let’s fight with this today
I want you to taste it as a fellow cook
…then, see you later
Hey, you, stop right there
Get off from the animal and do as I say
I see you’ve got permission from the Ichigatake magistrate’s office
No problem, pass through
Hey, why don’t you let us in!?
I told you a while ago – we can’t grant you a passage right now
You lot… you’re so hell-bent on going through, maybe you’re scheming something?
Ah— there’s trouble
I was right to visit the magistrate beforehand
It’s all thanks to the landlady
From then on, the road led uphill
And on the top, surrounded by rocks
Was basin with the city at its center
And so I progressed towards Niigatake, while swinging on Pikasha’s back, along the narrow road, while it until it opened up to form a basin
On the way we were attacked by boars several times, which let us secure quite a lot of meat
Isn’t it too lavish for me, landlady?
I beg you pardon, do you have a recomendational letter?
From the landlady there?
Pardon my discourtesy, but taking into account the person’s dislike for adventurers… it lacks credibility……
What are you saying?
I beg you pardon, I am the landlady of this inn
My name is Kasumi
Did my aunt from ichigatake entrust you with something?
Rather then entrusted, she gave me this map
—let me have a look
Dear guest, please take a look
To Kasumi. The adventurer holding this is the best customer I’ve ever had | So, I have sent him to your inn | Please, show him hospitality
Dear adventurer, although Kasumi’s is a high-grade lodging, their prices are moderate | I gave you this, because I wanted you to stay there
If you happen to pass by my inn again someday, you are always welcome
I’m sincerely grateful
…So now, that you are officially a guest, let me treat you hospitably | Someone, who has been acknowleged by that aunt of mine, is beyond any doubt
Please, use the baths our inn is famous for
Thank you, I’ll be in your care
Fhaa~ Aaah~~…
Ah~~ I feel alive~~
Still, the technical progress is terrifying
This sensation of being in a bath is perfectly natural
Ah~ So relaxing……
…so, our reserved time is up, huh
Hoh, today is a rare occasion, that someone’s already in | Mind if I join?
Please do
Ah~ The baths in this inn are really something…
He’s a regular, I guess?
Looking closely, aren’t you a human | It’s becoming more and more unusual
An adventurer?
Yes, I am, the country has opened up its borders just recently, so I decided to visit
I see, it’s good that you feel at ease
By the way, may I ask you something?
What is your ultimate goal in this country?
Well, if you put it this way… first, I want to get stronger | To finally be able to enter the [Loong Ritual]
That’s a splendid goal!!
Lately, there’s not many participants even among the loong | And I still haven’t seen any humans entering the trial!!
I’m eagerly awaiting your brilliant performance!!
He’s really loud…
Excuse my discourtesy……
But have you ever tried passing the [Loong Ritual]?
But of course, or rather I passed it
Rather, without passing it
I wouldn’t be able to become the king
I am sorry for my familliarity!!
Never mind, it would be troublesome in a formal place, but now I’m just a man in a bath
Actually, how did you manage to get in this inn? | I am personally impressed by that!!
I see, I see, so that landlady in Ichigatake took a liking to you
She doesn’t take kindly to adventurers, so to get her respect you should’ve worked hard!!
The clerk here told me that she didn’t like the adventurers… | So the guests at inns are treated according to their trade?
Well, something like that
Nowing people is their profession | So if you get on the landlady’s bad side – it gets really nasty
Of course, there is no way a single inn owner would be so influential | It’s just there’re lots of people among the loong, with high social awareness
{me being one of them}
If some lowlife would cause unnecessary trouble for that landlady | he would be ostracized by everyone
That’s why the fact, that you’ve got a recomendation to lodge here…
Means, that you’ve got more support in the country, than any other adventurer | Don’t betray the landlady’s trust
I’m not sure if I can answer those expectations…
Don’t worry, you should really try the [Loong Ritual] once | It’s a good opportunity to inspire the cowardly loongs of today
Now there’s no chance for me to escape the [Loong Ritual] in many ways
Not that I’m planning to……
So, I need to find a levelling ground in order to grow | For now, let’s explore the terrain and the monsters
{“Far Sight”&”Danger Sense”}
Hmm… There’re no noteworthy monsters around | Not even a wolf, a goblin or an ork
{The rocky landscape doen’t help the signal either}
That means, that if there’s not much work in the city, they won’t let me into the Sangatake
Pikasha, can you see anything?
This may be a naturally formed dungeon
I really want to go inside……
What will you do, wait here?
Thought so
Okay, then sit there and don’t worry
Let’s explore
{“Thieves’ Gait”}
Monster signals… Quite a lot of them
So, they’re few in the open because all of them are in the dungeon | There might be a similar one to the south, opposite from here
36 monsters
Are those the party mobs, they seem to move in groups | And the individual ones might just be strong enough not to enter a party
…Dashing in blindly is reckless
I need to find out their appearance and weapons beforehand…
Several minutes later—
…So bothersome!!
The walls seem natural, but there’re doors every now and then | I should be careful, because there might be a trap or a monster waiting right behind it
And if I disarm the trap, the monster inside might notice
And then there is no avoiding the fight
I can’t find out anything but its shape going solo
Regretfully, this time it’s a retreat
Pikasha, you can come out
Pikasha can’t fight in the darkness of the dungeon
I wonder if I should take a lantern to light the way | But then, with one hand occupied, I won’t be able to shoot the bow
It will certainly be hard to challenge it by myself
I could form a PT with the people, who came to Niigatake
I wonder, what approach I should take…

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