Chapter 39

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—The next day
As I thought, lots of requests, all are for healers and buffers…
[PT requests]
Should I postpone the investigation of yesterday’s cave
[Buffer – augmentation magic user]
Nothing doing, without a party request…
Master Earth, do you have some time today?
I would like to ask you to deliver | this to the equipment store
This one to the clothing store
And the last one to the smithy, please
What’s inside?
Our special boxed lunches | I thought, that you could have a look at the city that way…
I see, I accept it
If you would be so kind
Don’t forget to check the vouchers and the money
[T.N.: Actually, it’s “wappu” – those were used instead of money in exchange operations in medieval Japan]
It’s here
Welcome!! | Did you come for a weapon? Or a set of armor?
I’m sorry, I’m not a client, I came to deliver the boxed lunches
!! | The one the chief clerk’d ordered
Hey, apprentice, call the head clerk!!
—Dear me, sorry for making you wait
I have a habit of ordering from the landlady there occasionally, you see
Here’s the voucher, please confirm
Here’s the bento I was asked to deliver
Aah, Let’s see | Okay, take the payment and the voucher
Okay, then, if you’ll excuse me
Ple-please wait a moment!! | I got a glimpse of the bow under your cape!!
Where did you get such a bow!?
We-well that’s…
Hey, don’t be rude to our guest, Locke!!
But Mr.clerk, the bow this person has… | ‘s an item made of something like dragon bone metal
Ya can’t fool me eyes!!
Uhum…… | Let me take a peek……
What a surprise! Locke was right
Oh, you showed us something amazing | Sorry for taking your time
Master clerk!?
Locke, you fool! Don’t act overly familiar with esteemed guest!!
Esteemed guest, the discourtesy this young’un showed you | is truly irredeemable
Well, it’s not as he was ill-intended, so raise your heads
But please keep it a secret
I will properly discipline him
Oh my… | After this happening at the first delivery spot, I wonder if it’s going to be fine
Welcome, are you looking to buy some clothes?
No, I’m delivering the boxed lunch you ordered
Those lunches are all the luxury I can indulge myself to
Okay, this is the voucher
And here is your delivery
Good, it went without issues
The last one is the blacksmith…
Welcome… you want your weapons repaired?
No, I’m delivering the lunch you ordered | Would you be so kind and show me the voucher?
Here, please, check it…
Right, a perfect match
And this is your lunch
Take the voucher… and the money
Everything is in order, thank you very much
If you scratch your weapon, I’ll fix it
…that’s what I’d like to say, but I won’t be able to handle your bow | So, please use my facilities, when needed…
Thank you very much | I’ll take you up on that

All the vouchers and payments are in order | Thank you for your hard work
Then, please accept this reward
[acquired 1200 glo – and
– A voucher for lodging in the inn]
Well… to be expected for a reward inside the city
And so, what do you think of our city?
Oh, the main street is brimming with people, very energetic
There was a little thing in the weapons shop…
I’m really grateful to the landlady, who went out of her way just to show me the city through that request
And after finishing my work with the landlady, I went back to exploring
Yesterday I went to the north, and today I’m going to explore the south part
I exited the south gate and went alone across the field of grass
Seeing the sleeping wolves, curled into furry balls heals one’s heart | Not to wake them up by accident, I pass at a distance
—30 minutes later
This is a western-style fortress……
I guess it’s not under loongs’ management?
…It can’t be here just for landscape purposes
{“Danger Sense”}
Monster signals…quite a lot of them
I guess its background is that it’s been somehow abandoned and settled by monsters
I guess if I asked the townsfolk they’d tell me something | But for now I’ll search it myself
It was rather noisy, did the monsters inside notice that…!?
Let’s tread carefully from here on
No reaction from the Danger Sense……
It’s a good start
Pikasha, please, enlarge and follow me
Let’s tread carefully from here on
Opened treasure chest……
The chest is worn down only on the outside, the inside is clean
Orcs and Goblins in this game are indifferent towards money… | Then it should’ve been either event NPC or adventurers like me
As I thought, there is someone here
I wonder what kind of people they are
This one’s tough
Fall down already!
We don’t have many potions left
Should we run… It’s getting worse by the minute!!
I get it, but there’s no running now!!
If we show our back, it will attack immediately!!
Damn, it’s narrow, we can’t surround it
{it covers the hall from end to end!!}
I know, that our damage is too little | But is we rush in carelessly, the healer won’t catch up…!!
I guess it’s nothing doing now!!
It’s all-out hit… the rest is up to you!
You fool, don’t be rash!!
If sides are a no-go, then maybe up…!!
{“Sonic Hound Arrow”}
Who’re you!?
We’ll talk later, sorry for the intrusion
Thanks a lot!!
We’re going in now!!
Thank you very much | I didn’t think we’d get help in such a place
Oh, nevermind, I just happened to pass by
Actually, you came just when I thought we’re done for
Well, I’m glad I was in time… if you’ll excuse me
Oh, hey, we didn’t even split the drop…
I intruded without permission, so I shouldn’t get any
I didn’t think such a giant would be roaming around | I dread the thought that I could meet it alone
It’s troublesome in the North, but more so in the South…
I need to think of the way to beat it when I’m back
You went to the northern cavern!?
By yourself!!
Y-yes, I did yesterday…
{Today was the southern fortress…}
They call that cave the [Deadly Torture cavern], you know…
Deadly torture you say… sounds disturbing
Yes… let me tell you something, while we are at it
There’s an unusually large amount of monsters, using constricting [breath] in the Northern cavern
Their effects are mostly [paralysis],[stun] and [petrification] | They cooperate to continuously use breath on the person, who enters there | And to boot, the damage of the breath itself is small | So they use their poisonous claws on the person
Woah, gruesome…
Not only the returning rate of people is 3%, even goblins don’t come near the place
I just experienced the meaning of the proverb [ignorance is a sin] for real…
It might’ve been an instant failure if not for the thief system skills…
I’m glad you came back in one piece… seriously
It’s thanks to the ability to sense danger I have and my decision to avoid enemy
It’s good, that you trust such a good ability
And about the southern fort… | They say it was once used by a noble from another country, that fled here
But that noble locked himself in the fortress…
And, when after several months the volunteers from the city came to check the situation, he was dead
It seems, that the cause of death was unclear, but the doctor at the time said that he wasn’t murdered
So basically there were neither any traces of poison nor external traumas
And so it became a fort without a master
Weirdly, be it a house or a fort, buildings crumble fast without a master | And a once beautiful fortress turned worn down in no time
But where there is a roof, one can live | And the monsters, who had an eye on it, made it their dwelling, a dungeon
Stil, adventuring is all about coming back alive
Please, don’t forget that
Thank you very much
So, then the place for me to gain experience… would be the southern fort
But there was that absurdly huge orc, that I’m unlikely to win against while solo……
Today I went to the smithy in Niigatake
Because I wanted to upgrade my equipment before entering the dungeon
I want to remake the tip blades of my [Fang Leg Blade] from [Dragon Bone] instead of steel
Dragon materials don’t fuse with others, but this time they’re going to be clipped on as attachments, so it should be alright
Excuse me, master, I’ll be using your workshop
Oh, it’s you… do as you please
I guess it’s fine to make them the same shape as the steel blades | And I’ll use the [Dragon Bone] in the first stage of processing, when it’s black
The strength of the crystal material on the second stage of processing will give it too much play, so the boots won’t hold
The black transparent 3rd stage material is too soft for the fangs
I’ll be relying on you again today
The pain has lessened, compared to the first time | Still, the damage keeps piling up little by little
I wanted to give my arm some rest, but I knew from experience that if I stop here, it wiould be no good
That’s whyAnd that’s why I continued swinging the hammer
With Pikasha’s relentless backup I manage to make ingots in one go
And only then we take a break and drink potions
10 minutes later
After recovering emotionally, I started working on the fangs | To recreate the sliding-in parts from an ingot, I need to carefully review the recipe
After carefully cramming the image into my head, I swing my hammer once again
Thickness, strength… carefully, hit after hit, I’m making the blades
Carefully… and boldly, before it grows cold
I also temper the blades to make them as sharp as a katana
And finally, 6 fangs are complete
From those, I select the best 4
And then I’m taking out the old, steel, fangs and install the new ones
I check them for wobble, and at last, everything’s ready
[[Fanged Leg Blades]
Attributes: Additional Atk +29, Additional Def +10
Special attributes: [Reduced recoil damage from “Kick” system skills]
[Rarely, “Laceration” effect attached to the attack]
[Weight increase]
Production grade: 6]
…that’s how it turned out | The attack power risen by just a bit, but the “poison” attribute was added
[[Fanged Leg Blades(Dragon Bone)]
Attributes: Additional Atk +38, Additional Def +10
Special attributes: [Reduced recoil damage from “Kick” system skills]
[Rarely, “Laceration” effect attached to the attack]
[Weight increase][Dragon Poison]
Production grade: 5]
Thinking about it, in games, green dragons usually breath poison | This poison attribute is likely due to that
And there is a chance that it can’t be cured by antidotes or magic…
I’ll go and test it in the field, as per usual
I headed out to fight at once | and after luring a monster out with the bow…
I hit it with fangs
Oh, a perfect sound
Let’s see if the poison activated at a distance
{[Binding] released}
Gugee—!! Gugee——!!
I shouldn’t… ever use it in PvP
I need to keep at least this in mind
It’s as if my equipment becomes cursed bit by bit……

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