Chapter 40

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I came to the Northern Cavern
Today I want to test something out
{“Danger Sense”}
How many monsters all in all… ah, there’re 7
And now, let’s start with the test
{cl ap}
{ba ng}
The weak point of this experiment is | That I can’t enter and assess the damage directly
All I can do now is watch the signals using danger sense……
2 signals gone, 3 are running around | and 1 is standing at the door
One more signal’s gone | a prolongated damage from burning, huh
It seems that these monsters have a weak resistance to fire | Even this much info is invaluable
The breath is coming!?
{kr ch}
{“Score Arrow”}
{tho k}
It’s good they were weak to fire……
Oh my this was only due to luck
According to the system log | those were a Curse paralyze lizard | a curse stun lizard | and a Curse stone lizard | those 3 kinds
Consequentially their breath causes [paralyze],[stun] and [petrification] status abnormalities
The last one to survive was the Curse stone kind
The worst one out there, with [petrification], also has a higher fire resistance, being the hardest one to beat | If the 5 of them petrify you, you won’t be able to move an eyelid
But I’m glad the Danger Sense can now distinguish between the lizards
The drop is their hide | And also deadly poisonous claws…
[Deadly Poisonous Claw]
The ingredients from the monster causing bad statuses usually have resistance to those
If you make an armor from those and it will inherit the resistance, the danger of those lizards will fall drastically
But to really make sure if the materials have the resistance, I need to consult a craftsman… | I wonder where I should take it…
Should I turn to the armor dealer in Niigatake… | Or rather ask the master, who made me armor from the War Wolf pelts…
……Guess, I’ll count them and give each one a part
Hello and welcome!
Oh, it’s you
Do you need some armor this time around?
Excuse me, but could you, please call the chief clerk? | I have something to sell
{chief is a busy man}
Right, but could you please show it to me first?
It’s these skins that I’d like to sell
What’re those, never seen the likes of them…
I’m sorry, it’s best if master clerk sees those | One moment, please
Very sorry for making you wait
You’ve brought in quite a weird bunch of skins | we’re always glad to get rare materials
This can’t be! Is it possibly from the Deadly torture cavern!?
Could the monsters living there actually be lizards……
But those monsters are quite a scary kind | like the rumor has it, they arrest the enemy’s movements and hold him till death
And they kill him off with [deadly poisonous claws] I got with the drop | So it is very much the deadly torture dungeon the rumours picture
That’s how it is……
—It is as you say – knowing the shape of the monster doesn’t make it less scary
So, Mr. chied clerk, what do you think of those skins?
Let’s see… As you’ve been probably expecting | These skins have special powers to them
You can make a leather armor out of it, then attach metal scales and make a scale armor | And it will become an armor with bad status resistance
So, the chief clerk also thinks this way……
Will you buy these skins from me?
If we take the standard for its size and weight, | Then it’s 9000 for stun, 15000 for paralyzation | and 22000 for petrification
That’s the value of this skin
It’s quite a sum…!
Going to that awful place was worth it!!
Then, I’ll give you 25 with stun and paralyze | and 10 with petrification
Be free to carefully inspect them
Right, the quality is good!
I’ll give you 820000 glo in total
{820000 glo…}
{I need to hold it in…!}
The hard-earned materials are worth a fortune
Now I need to find a handy adventurer
{It’s not as if I’m expecting all of them to be a success}
I guess, they’ll start selling the armor with all the resists here in about a week’s time
We will be delighted to do business with you from now on
Same here
There aren’t many players to come to Niigatake yet, so there is not much fuss
After selling the skins to the equipment store in Niigatake, I went to First
So nostalgic… though it isn’t that far at all
The shopping street’s changed a lot
Hm, was that armorer’s stall around here?
…Sorry, is it a good time?
A client? Of course
It’s rare to see someone covered from head to toe
It is nice to see you | Still, it’s hard to remember after falling out of contact?
……!! You’re the cook, right!? | long time~
I heard you’ve retired | So, why are you here today?
To do some business…
Hey, you there!!
Don’t you dare touch Myun!!
You’re a bother!!
Myun… is it this armourer’s name?
Please, stop it!
You all are a bother to me, threatening my male customers into leaving!!
Ohh… but we are Myun’s elite guard, for Myun we…
Hey! Cut it out!! You’re disturbing the business!
You’re a hindrance
This customer won’t do any seducing!!
My customers have run away cause of your yelling | Stop it already!!
Ehm… Ms. armourer, would it be best if I came another day?
No, just don’t pay attention to them
Last warning – if you do something like that again, I’ll complain to GM about harassment
I’ve got all that’s happened now recorded | Please, be reasonable
Sorry, it’s become like this recently……
You’re the offended party, don’t worry about me
So please eat this and cheer up
…may I?
Is it OK for me to eat it…?
Hey-hey, this aroma
What is that meat? It smells so delicious
Seems, the smell of the dragondon is spreading | If I ate it outside, the monsters would gather……
Still, this donburi…
a dragondon…
it’s just…!!
Wo~~~~~~w, so good
It is simply superb!!
I want to taste it!! | Even watching it is so exciting… even the RL won’t compare!! | Damn, I won’t settle down unless I eat!!
Thank you, I’m just filled with bliss now!
I’m very glad, that you like it, but it’s time to talk business……
Leather, huh… It’s out of fashion nowadays | The warriors mostly use lite or heavy armor
Yeah, so I’d like you to make an armor lining at least
It’s the cook, do you hear me?
From now on let’s talk in whisper, so the others don’t hear
The final product will likely have a resistance to paralysis | So, I guess even the frontline players will line up to get this armor
I also have skins with stun and petrification
Le-Let me see…!!
Woah… this will drive the price of the other armor to the basement | Where did you get those…
In the Loong Kingdom
I’m buying!! | 20000 for Paralysis, 15000 for stun and 40000 for petrification | I’ll take all you’ve got!!
Okay, we have a deal
I’ve made over a million in one second
Now I can make even better armor
It’s my chance to show off my skills as an armorer!!
Well, then let me get scarce
{I’ll expect you to make a good armor}
Several days after
I’ve seen a big fuss about the topic [A new armor with status ailments resists has appeared!] on BBs
Until now only rare rings and accessories could negate bad statuses | Those being attached to an armor has hit the market hard
After selling the skins, I was gathering herbs for a few days | To resupply the [enhancement oil] and different potions
Regrettably, I couldn’t find any choking grass…
And then the news hit me……
Earth, you there?
Yup, here, what is it, Zwei? | Did some event appear?
You’re not completely wrong… Look at the BB!! | post 144 in the completion board!! [T.N.: I know the board says 544, but that’s what he says]
[[One More] One]
[544: Are the rumours that some strong armor appeared on the market true?
545: If you’re talking about [A new armor with status ailments resists has appeared!] thing, then yes
546: The one to sell it was the famous armourer Myun, right?
547: Sold out in a split-second, resupply date unknown]
[T.N. The mangaka messed the numbering, putting 546 twice]
[565: The skin…
So who was the one to bring the materials?]
[566: I didn’t see the face under the hood, but Myun called him the cook]
[567: [Cook]… hmm?]
Did you see?
Yeah… I guess it’s spreading……
And, I suppose, this [cook] guy……
That’s right, it was me | And the materials are from the Loong Kingdom
After all this, I guess they’re onto me…
I know you don’t like to be bothered, so I wanted to let you know
Thanks, Zwei | Thanks a bunch
Don’t mention it, bye
It might get noisy around me again, huh
Not that I’m hiding where I got the skins… | Still, I don’t want to send people without resists to the certain death
—Several days later
The BBs are noisy, but it’s good, that they behave while in-game
Otherwise, my mail and whisper channel might’ve turned into hell
I’m glad, that my previous fears were unbased
The landlady from Niigatake inn has informed me, that the number of people coming to challenge the Northern caves has increased
If a group went to conquer the dungeon, they would naturally find those skins
Though they didn’t get too far yet
And I thought, that I’d better not go near the cave, while it’s so crowded there
Then, let’s explore the Southern Fortress
This time, I’m planning to minimize the fighting avoiding goblin groups and huge orcs
And concentrate on treasure hunting and mapping, opening treasure chests
The position of the chests is changing, so it can’t be mapped | But I can map the path through the 1st floor to the 2nd floor ladder
Those will be my landmarks
I covered 70% in an hour
But haven’t found the way up yet
No use hurrying though
—Stairs, at last
…or rather a rope ladder | And an Iron pole, supposedly to slide down from the upper floor…
in the last place I’d look for it…
Still, why a rope ladder instead of stairs?
The same chill, as I felt in the [Challenge from the Underworld]
{“Danger Sense”}
Unexplored space 60%, 7 big ones, 2 places that look like nests
Also… why is the scope of the “Danger Sense” so narrow?
I can use the radar, but without the “Danger Sense”…
I won’t be able to go through without playing normally with a real party
I decided that going further is impossible now
Before going to the inn, I visited the magistrate’s office
And was told that [you’ve still got a lot of training ahead of you]
Suppose, running errands and exploring dungeons are a given
There should be some condition to get to Sangatake | I’ll find it, cause grinding is not my way
Welcome back, how was your day?
I got to the second floor of the fortress, too many monsters there | Ran with the tail between my legs
Couldn’t do anything alone against those numbers
Why, you’ve done splendidly still, nothing to be ashamed of
In the end, while I’m solo, I’ve got no choice but to concentrate on the Northern Cavern
Still, I’m glad you’ve got a place for me | I would like to take a bath
Of course, please have a good time
I guess I’m in for another date with those dreadful lizards……

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