Chapter 41

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A few days later changes could be seen in the Loong Kingdom | First – the increase in the number of players to get a pass to Niigatake’s increased
Second – the equipment store began selling armor made of cursed lizard leather
Its special trait is [Resistance (lesser)], I guess they decreased the amount of leather to increase the production | The price dropped accordingly making it affordable
Not only the players who couldn’t get it from Myun were eyeing it | But also the Loong Kingdom resident fighters
Third – there is the first PT to clear the Southern Fortress, who went to Sangatake afterward
They released close to no info, providing screenshots of Sangatake as a proof
Many players, who saw them going to the Fortress, connected those two facts | And started forming parties to clear the dungeon ASAP
That became my chance to visit the Northern Cavern
And when 90% of the cave was explored
I got rid of the fire-resistive party of Curse Stone Lizards | With the strategy from before, using [Death Potion] instead of [Strengthening Oil]
Reducing the amount of precious [Death Potion] to 2 bottles
A door……
One response… One, but not a monster | A deeply hidden passage, with no apparent traps…
Well, for better or for worse
I need to move on……
Oh… A visitor, how rare
What are you seeking in such a place?
Would you like to talk, as an occasion presented itself? {I was just pouring the tea}
Huh!? Is this where you live!?
Yes, I am living here alone
—Why here of all places……
Well, you see, my lower part is that of a snake
…But the biggest reason being my eyes
I was born as an ordinary loong, but at the age of 5 became unable to walk due to an unknown incurable disease | Doctors threw in the towel, and as the time passed I lost all sense in my legs
And after some time my lower body became a snake tail
The physician said, that it is somewhat of an atavism | I don’t know if he was right
Later, though I regained motion, I became a freak
Due to that, I was often bullied
Then one day—
Snake-woman! How disgusting!!
Eeh, bull’s eye~!!
Those, who bullied me, fell down from my glare
Many, who witnessed the bullying didn’t think me as guilty
But the people, who saw me like that remembered the fear
Not surprising…
I was unable to stay, and took up this desolated residence | And been living here quietly since
How many years have passed since then… I lost count after 200 years of not talking to anyone
So that’s how it is…… | Sorry for my sudden intrusion then
Oh, don’t worry, I am grateful for such a conversation
And this bandage seals your eyes
Yes, if I look at someone who means malice, it will activate on its own
Mostly they just faint or go numb… But I’m afraid it may cause death
Is it what people call an [Evil Eye]? | Usually longed for by delusional kids, in reality it may be this scary
That…… must be hard
I am used to it
…How the time flies | I have to go
Here is the one-way transport, it will get you outside immediately
A teleport
It will immediately transport you to the entrance
Though I don’t understand it | I tried it a couple of times, so it is safe
Thanks a lot
I have to log out soon
Could I ask for your name before leaving?
{Po w}
Please, forget this old woman
It’s really the entrance
—The next day | What’d happened here in Niigatake 200 years ago
With this in mind I went to the magistrate’s office to check in the records
There should be something…
Here it is
But how do you, a human kin, know about the incident?
And investigating it?
…A sword being unsheathed?
……What if I told you that I met the person?
Stop joking……
One’s body transforming due to a disease is a disaster | But being feared for protecting oneself from bullying because of it……
Is it not a sorrowful thing | I just want to know what happened to the bullies
You know about the illness!…So you really met the person!? | Where does this person live!?
As you see
I promised not to talk about her whereabouts
—please, come with me…
First, let me answer your question
There were 10-odd people bullying that girl…
All of them are already dead
Though we, the loong, can live up to 400 years… those people died 50 years later
Those, who’ve seen it, call it a [Snake Priestess’s Curse]
The house that person was from had been producing priestesses for generations | It is said the power was strong with the girls
…And it was transfered to the person who came to hate it all
Snake priestess……
Hmm, it means there was a precedence
There are cases when the childrens’ quarrels grow out of proportion when the grown-ups couldn’t see
So, he’s saying it went nuclear no one was looking
I heard the rest from her – when she was pushed over the edge, the evil eye self-activated
Wait, what did you just say!?
Did you say SELF-activated!?
Yes, I was told [if you look at someone who means malice, it will activate on its own]
That’s why she’s sealed her eyes away
She looked pretty pitiful……
…I see
I suppose the lady hated us?
I don’t think that was the case
Ah, I see… | Not a word to anyone about what happened today
…Of course, I shall see myself out
I guess, in this world just as IRL | Someone somewhere is still hurting others……
A sad story
Okay, now carry this one!
I was just thinking what I’m going to do today when the landlady brought a request
Several carpenters seemed to had had a food poisoning from their stew | And they needed help carrying the lumber
Now this one, please
And this one-!!
Dear me, I was worried sick about it all… here’s your pay!
—I’m really hungry
[A shrine to appease snake priestess’s wrath]… huh
Might be just the place, where she lost her temper
[Wonderstore][U][DO][N] [T.N.: Udon – thick wheat noodles, often goes with meat toppings]
[at udon]
So you want some duck meat udon?
Two servings of duck meat udon, please
Please await your order!
Thank you for your patience, here is your udon
Oh, looks delicious
Pikasha, let’s eat cleanly
{let’s eat}
Hm, I guess this duck is not a fatty kind?
But the aroma is proper and the broth fits perfectly
Nice way to eat~
{Oh–~ So cute~~}
Huf-…Thank you for the food
Sangatake Magistrate’s office
Humm, with this many achievements | I will grant you a passage to Sangatake
Thank you very much
I came to check, just in case, and got the permission instantly
I heard that despite being of human kin you are a brave warrior aiming for the [Loong Ceremony]
Your bravery will inspire our spineless young’uns
Excuse me, but who did you hear about my wish to participate from…
Oh… I wonder?
—Oh, fine, I’ll se myself out
{Good luck}
Still, bath is so good, a masterpiece of human culture……
Oh, you’re here!
Milord Loong King, is it wise to leave your palace so frequently?
Just the opposite, the ruler who’s locked up in his castle, not seeing his people is unfit to rule | If he doesn’t view things like his people do, his rule may degrade into oppression
What’s with the stare… I it’s true
That might be right, but please don’t spread the rumors, that I want to try the [Loong Ceremony]
Hm, should I not have done it?
So it WAS you!!
Of course, I have high expectations for the human adventurers, not only as a king | And singling someone out would create rumours…
But still, you’re working hard, aren’t you?
I wonder if loong girl has it rough with such a father?
Having a nice talk there, father!!
H-hey! | This is a men’s bath, don’t just enter!!
E~e~h~m~aren’t you going too far!!
Loong girl, is it alright?
No fret!
Loong girl!?
Call her Loong princess…
Father, shuddup
So that’s the hierarchy | He looks as if he’s about to burst into tears
Long time no see, pardon my father’s overzealousness
As an apology, I will let you see my body up close
Yeah-yeah, I’m sweating tears of joy
Oh, that’s no fun
My final bath in Niigatake turned out quite noisy
So, thank you for taking care of me
Not at all, please take care
Still, what is this voucher for?
You’ll see when you arrive to Sangatake | Hmhmhm
Well, fine, I guess she wants to help me like the landlady from Ichigatake did
So, it is time to say good bye
If you happen to be in this city, you are welcome to our inn
Well, all that’s left is to head ti Sangatake
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