Chapter 42

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I wonder if she’ll go on living in that cave……
With these thoughts, I left Niigatake | and now heading for Sangatake after passing the checkpoint
What a nice view!!


I wonder if this grampa is from Sangatake?
Young’un, do you like enjoying the scenery?
Sorry for addressing you from up high | but won’t ya listen to what this old man has to say?
Why not | If it is not too long……
Ah, sorry, sorry


And with you, there are at last 4 people to answer my call
But there should be plenty of people to come to Sangatake……
I guess the others were in too much of a hurry
Humans’ lives are short | I guess it is only natural……
A rare sight
Sometimes I like to stop and enjoy the view
…And sometimes someone like you accompanies me
And I let them in on some things


What do you mean by that?
…Hm | What did you think of passing through Ichigatake and Niigatake?
Thinking about it… the requirements for being let through are different
Approval… it has a meaning for the [Loong Ritual]
The way you chose to pass those trials, the evaluation you got – all matters | The most simple way is to deal with monsters
The stronger the monster the higher the evaluation you get
…I see you’re wondering if you should hear that| ‘Tis fine, I’ve already told it to the three. that came before you
For the ones who hurry there is a harder trial, but this will give you an upper hand | Heed my advice and keep this pace from this moment on


Not that I was planning to hurry
Well, why not proceed leisurely
That is fine— | But I have a feeling that you’ll pass Sangatake in no time
Whatever do you mean by that?
Kuhhuhhuh, just you wait and see
Well, high time for me to head for Sangatake
Uhum | Sorry for the delay, take care
That was a weird gramps……


Oh | There it is, the Sangatake checkpoint
That’s quite the line
You there, you have some business in Sangatake?
If you have a voucher go to the right
If you don’t line up to the left
Will this voucher do?
Yes, there is no mistake, you can line up to the right
The landlady from Niigatake seems to have provided me with accommodation…?


Hey, bro, just who are you | to frighten the guard?
I’d like to know that myself | And judging by that satchel, you’re a peddler
Yeah, I travel between Ichigatake and Sangatake | And dream of opening my own store someday
I see, and I am a human adventurer | Travelling from place to place and learning while training
Travelling to Sangatake, despite not being a loong | Seems you are no weakling
We don’t isolate our country, but also don’t let the weaklings in | Just not to have to send back their bodies
Right, the monsters around here | Are way stronger than what we have there
Any weakling, who comes here by mistake is as good as dead


Still, why are the lines this long | Is there some rigorous testing or what…?
The biggest reason is the creatures called cloud beasts
Those creatures look like clouds in the sky
Cloud beasts… what are those?
The cloud beasts are very cautious | The line is this long because we’re being tested for being scary to them
And those without a voucher are restricted in their movements around the city……


That’s a [Cloud beast] | Wh-why is it so cuddly……
Do…don’t tell me
I did something outrageous…?


Ho-ho, I thought it would end up like this
E-elder, you are back
The old man from before……
Oh, thank you for before
Cloud beasts seem to like you
I somehow expected it would be that way


This is my home
It is unusual for them to be this friendly | Please, do come in
It seems, that the fact that a cloud beast was lying in my hands was the best indication, so I was let through the checkpoint into Sangatake
Then the elder invited me to his house, one of the reasons being to avoid uproar…


Ah-… Isn’t this tea delicious……
[Escaping reality]
Somehow on the way from the gate lots of cloud beasts clung to me | So I ended up looking like a giant furball
You seem to be possessing a talent beyond my imagination
Still, those cloud beasts seem fast asleep | Before your visit, one couldn’t imagine them not moving around restlessly


You’ve passed already anyway, so I’ll just tell you | One of the ways to get from Sangatake to Shigatake is to [Gain the approval of the cloud beasts]
The cloud beasts are a bit weird, but cowardly creatures unique to this city’s surroundings
So that’s how it is
There were human adventurers here before you | And many, especially girls, were captivated by cloud beasts……
So, they’ve been following the animals around
That spurred their cowardly nature | Thay couldn’t even sleep at night and started to grow weak
I see


When I met you, I somehow felt that you could calm them down
But I couldn’t even think | that you would do it to that extent
By the way, I was often approached by fairies in their lands | I guess it’s a part of me now
Oh, will you hear a request from me?
If you’re talking about a big-shot monster slaying, it would be problematic
Do not fret, I will address that request to other people | My request to you is to stay here for a few days and take care of cloud beasts
I want you to heal them
I don’t know if I can……
You are | Too humble


As I told you before, the cloud beasts are mentally exhausted
All you need is to walk leisurely around the city | You emit something like an aura, you should just spread it around
I am not a walking air ioniser, you know!!
…not that I’m in a hurry to get to Shigatake
Taking a break in Sangatake sounds nice
I get it, I’ll stay in this city for a few days
Nice, very nice, quite thank you
The beasts will be fine in a few days, help us in the meanwhile


Elder, the beasts are asleep
Oh, so sorry
If you didn’t pick an inn already | With this voucher you should stay at that one
I’m almost at the inn the elder told me about…
Now to the right
…we’re here


Not quite the size of the Niigatake inn… But still…
Welcome! Welcome to my inn
By the way, let me ask you…
Are you a cloud beast? | Or a human…?
I’m a pure human inside this pile
I just have all these cloud beasts stuck to me
…This is my voucher
—Of course, the holder of this voucher is welcome here


So, you were able to please not only cloud beasts but also my black-hearted sister
{Yup, perfect}
{I knew it was coming}
Are you talking about the landlady from Niigatake?
Despite her looks, she is tar-black inside | I won’t be surprised if I hear, that she’s skewering voodoo dolls with nails at night
I guess… If you anger her by chance, you won’t get out unscathed
It really feels that this country is full of strong women
Okay then, come right in | We’ve got a bath ready, albeit a small one
We’re also fine with those cloud beasts
Thank you for your hospitality
Usually, they would get angry if you’re covered in animals like that | I guess people in this city really treasure cloud beasts


3 days passed since then— | And brought about a big change
A raid party formed by 18 members of a guild broke through Shigatake
And was soon to be found in Gogatake
They posted on BBs, that they were allowed to pass after beating a big-shot monster, and they noted that it was an SS-class
There is a word going around, that they’ll be the first ones to get to Rokugatake and beat the [Loong Ritual]
Cloud beasts started to heal and could be seen roaming around the city
The info that they were scared of the players following them has been spread
And players, especially girls, were told that cloud beasts are to be enjoyed only visually and not touched


And you might ask what I did among all that
So fluffy~
We didn’t talk during the fairy event, but long time no see~
Yes, long time… seems the rumours of you turning back were false
I didn’t expect to be called on stage that time
Yeah, it came as a surprise | I felt like ‘Eh? What?’
I’m sure it was a surprise event by the admins to make it more fun


Excuse my silly question, but why didn’t you call out to us?
It’s my old habit of playing through each moment once | So I don’t call out to people not to repeat myself
Hmm, I guess there is this kind of play style
Loneliness… doesn’t bother you, I guess, in all this fluff
We’re all fluffy though
That aside, when are you planning to head out to Shigatake…?
I’m thinking of waiting for the cloud beasts to calm down a little before going
As I thought, you like living in this world a lot


You were harsh to Queen
Shooting her in the face [T.N.: it’s about the tournament, I guess]
{*I almost died too, y’know…}
What’re you going to do after this?
Well, we’re thinking about heading off in two days
When we’re full with fluffiness… yes…
I see……
It seems the two of them will get to Shigatake ahead of me | They’ve more than fulfilled the condition
Two days later
I saw them off to Shigatake

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