Monthly Archive: August 2018


Chapter 1

Introducing the new title, Isekai de Café o Kaiten Shimashita. I was eyeing it for some time already, and decided to try to do it at last. Link to the raw chapter Title I...


Chapter 44

Link to the raw chapter(Updated) 01 What… I’m… being sucked in Good luck on your way {Peeeew!} Oaaaaah——-!!! {Creeeek} {click} {tchk}x3 02 This is…… …The testing space {Wooop} Tokudawara… It’s like a sumo ring……...


Chapter 43

Hi, guys, just a little foreword – I’m launching a PATREON(link) page. If you want to help me with release times and want me to take up another title or two, then welcome. No...