Chapter 43

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[you are logged in]
These days this happens every time I log in
That is to say, the amount of cloud beasts clinging to me has decreased | And in a couple of days the rest of them should be back to normal
All I’ve been doing for the past few days is walking around
…and I’m really tired of it


{tho k}
And that’s why I went hunting
Seems it’s been so long that my reflexes got blunt
{pew sh}
They say that after skipping a day of training
Athletes need 3 days to compensate
It looks bad
I guess today I’ll be practicing to see if I can regain my skill…


Pikasha, take care of the cloud beasts
{cr e e e k}
It seems to be getting back to me…
Well, Pkasha, let’s get back to the city


Looks good, I hope all of them get healed soon
Things are looking up
Thanks to you, the cloud beasts life is starting to normalise
Right, I hope they’ll be fine in just a few days
…by the by | why are there cloud beasts only here
And why are they treasured so? | Is there something else besides being rare…?
Now then, firing questions this fast is not a proper way to ask
Sorry, it was on my mind for the last few days, so……


Cloud beasts have a natural ability to purify air | They can only drink water from a special spring here, in Sangatake
So they cannot live anywhere else
That’s quite a weird property
In all honesty, the air in Sangatake used to be extremely stale | And no one could live here before the cloud beasts
It is thanks to them, that now we can build houses and live here
So it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say, that they are guardian dieties of Sangatake
As the beasts’ benefactor, you have our utmost gratitude
And of course, we’ve got a suitable reward prepared | The same as for the other 2 helping girls
Just a little more


2 more days later
The last one……
It’s alright, I’m not lonely
Let’s go report to the elder, that it’s finished


So, the last cloud beast is back | Brilliantly done
It’s a load off my shoulders
So it is, and about the reward | We’ve got the main part, 100000 glo, ready
…but the usual reward isn’t enough for the time you wasted
I thought of giving you weapons or armor at first | but from the looks of it, your gear is made out of dragon materials | I couldn’t bring out anything better
And if I tried to give you a plot of land here……
I guess it would shackle you down as an adventurer……


I also thought to give you some lumber | But woodcutting is strictly prohibited now by the king
There seem to be excessive lumbering nowadays……
And what about iron and steel?
We don’t mine either in this country | We barely use any in building
At best we only make knives, weapons, some furniture and its reinforcements, nothing more
We order metals from abroad… | And our smiths excel at using as little of it as possible in their masterpieces
That’s how it is……


Honestly, we have nothing to compensate you
Putting a good word with the magistrate would be meaningless, as you’ve already passed the test
And, as I heard, the lodgings are arranged by the landlady of the Sangatake inn
I tried to find something to the extent of my abilities, but to no avail
It would be a lie to say that I didn’t expect anything…
I could only produce an assorted box of all medical plants……
{Gu h}
Oh, but it is just what I need right now | My stock is just about to run dry
I see, I am very pleased that it is to your liking


So, here is your reward – 100000 glo and an assorted box of medicinal herbs | Please, check the contents
Let’s see
No suffocating grass, but there’s…… | [medicinal grass], [antidote grass], [anti-curse grass], lots of stuff for treating abnormal states
There’s…… even a [restoration grass] here!
The [restoration grass] is a key item for makinghealing potions above the [rare potion] grade
I heard of it, but to think that I’ll get some just like that
With this, if I raise my [pharmacist] skill level by just 1, I’ll be able to make even better potions


There are several useful herbs among these | I am really pleased
I see, then we should maybe gather some more
Now I’ve got a chance to research my long-ignored [Apothecary] skill
And when I’ve made all sorts of potions from the herbs I was given
For my [Apothecary] skill to reach lvl 50, I wasted some EXP and upgraded it to [Advanced Apothecary]
And bought myself an advanced chemist kit
I was at last able to prepare everything to make potions out of [restoration grass]…or so I thought


Roughly, this is how the making of this potion went
{bo om!!}
1, tearing the plants into pieces
2, crushing the pieces in a small mortar
3, adding some distilled water to the crushed herbs and stirring for them to blend
4, when they are mixed, pour the liquid into a bottle using a funnel | By the way, when making a potion juice, the 4th step is to add some fruit juice
5, let it sit for a bit so it will ripen | Nothing hard about the process, it should get much easier if you get used to it


…or it would if not for the problems with handling the [restoration grass]
But the leaves either burn down when torn the wrong way | Or explode, when crushed the wrong way | Or boil and erupt like a geyser when the distilled water added the wrong way all the time
And it also boils and erupts when you mix it the wrong way (while homing on you)
In human terms, it’s like a whimsical girl | If potions from the [rare] on are so hard to make, I get it why they’re scarce and pricey
…You should be just grass
…and yet……


Why is some herb without even oil burns up, explodes or erupts!!
What are the devs even thinking!! [T.N.: I tell you, Asterix, these devs are crazy!!]
The day after I was done in by [restoration grass]
Ah… the tea is delicious
Should I just laze around today, drinking it with Pikasha
—It’s you!


You were still here?
I thought you’d be much further ahead……
Well if it isn’t Gorou
I’m resting today from yesterday’s repeated failures at mixing medicine
Then you’ve got time, it’s perfect
Won’t you do a [Double Loong Trial] with me?


This is the entrance to the [Double Loong Trial]
Hey, Gorou, isn’t it the elder’s house
Honorable elder-! Honorable elder-!! | Won’t you please come out-!?
I can hear you, no need to raise your voice
What are you here for, you insolent brat!!
!? Master Earth!
What is our benefactor doing together with this bonehead?
Let me state plainly
I want to take on the [Double Loong Trial] together with this person!!


…Master Earth, how much did this fool tell you about it?
Only that it can be taken only by a loong paired with a person of another origin
I and this person have talked with our fists!!
If it is qualifications, he has more than enough!!
It is sure splendid of you to challenge the [Double Loong Trial]!!
What are you thinking, not explaining to your partner the details!! | What do you think a partner is!!
I……I am very sorry!!
But we are the strong people, who reached Sangatake……
It’s not about that, you doofus!!


Master Earth, | The [Double Loong Trial] Was at first made for close friends and lovers, those, whose relationship is especially close
In the testing grounds, they are to overcome a series of battles together to be granted strength
I see, now I understand
So, will you let us participate now
In the [Double Loong Trial]
…If you say so
But will it be fine with this bonehead as a partner


To me, it is a good opportunity to gauge my strength while having fun
…Gorou, I have nothing else to say concerning this person now
…Th…Thank toy very much!!
Now follow me to the [Double Loong Trial]


Wait here, I’ll get everything ready
It is a good time for you to prepare mentally
It is taking him pretty long
I am always prepared though……
Gorou’s weapon is Oodachi [T.N.: A long katana]
Meaning he’s a full vanguard | And I’ll be a rearguard with my bow……


I’m a little worried about healing, I guess, we’ll have to use potions
Yeah | It’s high time to upgrade my [Kick], at least its power
The first choice is the direct-kick type, [Strong Kick], as always
The second one is the [Fighting Kick], imbuing the legs with spirit and enlarging its reach
In my case, I’ve got more than enough range with my bow
As I chose [Kick] as a way to compensate for my lack of CQC, the [Strong Kick] one is the only choice


It took me quite a time, but everything is ready
Elder, I’ve done warming up
What about you?
I’m also ready
I see, then……


Come what may
We only have to wait and see

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