Chapter 1

Introducing the new title, Isekai de Café o Kaiten Shimashita. I was eyeing it for some time already, and decided to try to do it at last.

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I opened a cafe in another world

filler page

A spirit, huh~

I recall, in Europe they secretly | left sweets for the house fairies

Basil, do you accept food from humans?


Is it

Some kind of punishment?

Sorry… they don’t make sweets in this world…

{And who would take that awful food

What’s wring master! Did Basil say something wrong!?


[Welcome to my world]




Zeeke, why’d you stopp

…Something’s shining | In the direction of the Kukuri woods

It sure does… what’s that?

Though if it’s a magic phenomenon, it’s not our jurisdiction…

It’s almost dawn, we should go check

A little while ago


I had a feeling something’s happened

[Go on, have a healthy and gentle life]



[Chapter 1]




{cla   ck}

Let’s dig i-in


Risa, your bento is great as always, you do a good job of being single | It’s your dinner time, right?

Ah, yep

Right on time, here’s a little present, some sweets

{it’s more of a dessert tho}

Wow…! Thank you very much

How was your trip abroad?

I’d say great~ The architecture there is so stylish

But the food was just gross!


Not gross per se, just not tasty enough

What was so bad about it?

It wasn’t inedible, but rather not quite satisfying… | I didn’t want to eat it

The water was hard and completely inappropriate

{fine for black tea}

{NG for green tea}


But these sweets are good! {later!}

Ri-ght, thank you for a treat


A trip abroad… I’d like to have one too

Kurukawa Risa

{the wrapping’s so cute}

22 y.o.

I’d like a food tour somewhere | where they have good food…

Just your usual office lady | Jealous of her co-worker’s trip abroad

{…or I was | that’s all happened just a few hours ago}

{And when I woke up}





Praise heavens! You opened your eyes!

Not just abroad

I was flown to a completely strange place


Wh What is this!?

E…ehm! Sorry for scaring you | So you can see me



It’s a talking fairy tale character…!


I am this world’s spirit… | A natural mediator between humans and the goddess


Nope… It’s just my tiredness…


So, yesterday I left the company

Came by the donuts place and went home


Ate my supper, took a bath and went to bed…


Ah, yes…!

It’s a dream. [T.N.: a faaat dot here, marking the finality of a decision]

[Undeniable conclusion.]


Please, stop escaping reality-!


But I am sleeping

That’s just the goddess | invited you in from another world | while you were sleeping…

Invited!? More like a kidnapping to me


But your presence in this world is necessary

Even if you put it like that…

{Another world…huh}

Sure, I’ve never seen a girl so small, but I’ve got a hard time believing it

Could you fly me back home first?

{I’m in my jamas}


If you hire someone, hear them out first…


…so, how about it?

P…Please accept my deepest apologies…

Due to the fact that dimensional crossing may upset the world equilibrium and bring about extinction | world-crossing is a one-way trip



You won’t be able

To go back to your world ever

HUH!? What’dja say!!



Those are the ruuules!!



{This is all just a dream}

Kyaa-!! | Please, keep yourself togee


{It is sure a nightmare…}



{A fluffy bed}

{so, it was a dream}

So… is she really fine?

{See, peoples’ voices}

Yes | Rather than a transfer sickness, it’s just fatigue, she needs rest…


See, the spirit says she’s fine

{People’s voices?}



Where am I!?



My residence


I’m glad, you’re feeling better than we thought you would




I’m so glad you’re really okay-!!

{hu g}

Seriously, who——!!?

We were so worried, so worried! | that you won’t wake up at all~~!!

For a girl to be left alone in the forest, so terrible…!


T…Tasha, she might get worse

Ah, yes, I’m sorry, I was just so glad | …ehm…

Ah… I’m Kurokawa Risa… you may call me Risa

I am the master of the house, Gilford Heid Claude | And this is my wife, Anastacia


You can call me Tasha, nice to meet you, Risa! [T.N.: It’s actually Shia[ʃi:ə], the Japanese contract by syllables instead of using special contracted versions of names]


…So, you were the ones to help me out

Thank you very much, sorry for my manners [T.N.: She rather says that she doesn’t know how to properly say thank you]

{don’t mind those}

You should rather thank this spirit


She was taking care of you while you were lying unconscious | I heard the gist of your story from her

There was a report of a mysterious lighting event | From the patrolling knight squad

When I, the royal magician, went to inspect the place, you were there

That was the glow from your appearing in this world



Can… I not cross back over to my world

Sadly, I don’t know of a way to do it | But I will provide any help you need

For now, as you’ve got nowhere to call home, you can stay here

I don’t want to inconvenience…!

No, that should’ve been the [Bidding of the Goddess] as well


It means that both you coming here | and me meeting you have some divine meaning


I’d never abandon a girl in trouble, you see

I see now! You’re a naughty boy, Gil

Still, are you really fine?

Yes! As you see, thanks to you I’m …


Ah… as you can hear.. I’m healthy…



If your appetite is back, you’re okay! Let’s have something to eat


Risa, your clothes are being washed | You can use anything in the wardrobe to change

Thank you for all you’re doing for me

When you’re ready, you can call for servants


The fact that I’ve been transferred | to the parallel world is grave in itself


When I think about my gluttonous stomach…

I’m glad to have been picked up by good people

Oh, by the way, I should thank you too | Thanks a lot


Aren’t you angry at me?

Well, the one to drag me here wasn’t you, but the goddess, right?


Rather, you were worried about me | So I’m sorry…

Oh…! That’s too kind

By the way, how should I call you?

I don’t have a name

Really? But it’s inconvenient to have nothing to call you by…

Then, may I call you Basil?

{Both your hair and clothes are green after all}

Of course, it is a great honor to receive a name!

I will do my best to help you, master!

Hm…? Yup

You’re welcome



Wow, so frilly…


It suits you so well~ Risa! | It’s our brand

Tasha is a head of a clothing company

Ah, I see!

{cool, a female CEO}

{Both these clothes and the mansion are splendid}

{There’s a true celebrity vibe going on}

I feel out of place


But this food seems incomparably humble

Don’t mind us, you can dig in

Then let me take your kind offer and enjoy it


This one seems easy on the stomach

Looks like a rice porridge with milk

{BI   TE}





Well, it’s just one bite, let’s try the other ones…







Good, you’ve got an appetite


I just can’t discern the ingredients

{I don’t get it, what is it all about}

{The food is just terrible…!?}




I don’t feel like eating

{let’s think}

{Forget about abroad, I’m way further}

{It’s just natural, that everything, cuisine included, is way different from Japan}

But there should be good points about this world…!

They say you get used to living anywhere!


That being said

{From now on you can ask me for anything you need}

So, I started learning diligently about this world in Claude’s residence


In this world, people coexist with spirits

Magic is used instead of gas and electricity


A country blessed with abundant resources


Everyone’s life is dependent on various magical tools

And, unexpectedly, the living standards are close to ours


Magicians like Mr.Gilford, who work for the Magic Department

Are forming contracts with spirits by naming them | And can use magic without tools

Not everyone can see spirits | It seems, that most people can’t

{I’m telling you, master, you are special~~}

{Did I make a contract without me knowing it!?}

Strangely, spoken words get across just fine

But writing is completely different, so I’m studying it now

There’re lots of difficulties, but…


I’m doing unexpectedly good!!


But my good going

Madam Risa isn’t it the time for a break

Is always crushed by these customary words

Your meal is ready

These words

{the way Risa sees it}



They sound like a devil-summoning spell to me

Really, the bread…!


It’s so hard…

{just won’t break}


What if I dip it in soup…



Bread, bland and hard as a rock to the bite

Soup, tasting only of sault

A gooey salad, soaked in oil

A victimized animal(species unknown) | I really want to apologize to the meat



What is it, Risa, you don’t seem to have any appetite…


{Not only was I abducted by some goddess}

{Which is unreasonable of itself}

Something on your mind? | If there’s anything troubling you, you can share it with us, you know?

{Is that goddess}

{Also trying to snatch even this little enjoyment of taste away from me}

{No matter how}

w… | hy…



{Splendid, beautiful and magical this world is}

I can’t put up with it anymore…!

{The string of patience->}



Why is all the food here

So disgusting—!?

It was the evening one week after | I tasted this world’s food




I was at my limit.

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