Chapter 45

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You’ve got some fancy tools there!!
Well, thank you…!!
Had to waste some [Strengthened oil] from the get-go though       [T.N.: Sorry for being a bit dense about the oil, I should’ve gotten it long ago – it doesn’t strengthen him, it is strengthened compared to the usual [Oil]]
Anyway, it’s time to chop them up while they’re in shock | If they get too close, we lose


Leave it to me!!
{pew pew}
{[Gattling Arrow]}


{[Score Arrow]}
{[Blast Arrow]}
{swi ng}


You all right!?
Yes, thank you!!
Damn, there’s just a couple left…!!


Was that all?


Good, you have defeated the numbers | The next trial begins shortly
Gorou, how many potions do you have left?
7 common and 4 uncommon ones
I’ve got 8 common, 7 uncommon and 4 rare ones | I’ll give you 4 common and 3 uncommon potions
I’ll pour the rare ones on top if the situation demands, so I’ll keep those
{thank you very much}
Won’t you give me some of those exploding bottles


You may blow yourself up without practice, so I’ll keep those
Also… 4 is all I’ve got
Okay, I’ll get through with my oodachi!!
Now, stand up
Resting time is over
The next trial is the final ones


You have endured through strength and numbers
The final trial is a test of your spirit
To win you will have to climb that ascending road and get out of this world
Naturally, the way will be blocked by phantoms | Of course, if you fall from the road, you fail
Now look forward…… | The light at the end of the road is an exit
But when the trial starts, it will gradually fade


So we need to brush away the hindrance and get to the exit in time……
Correct, human challenger
It would be easy for you to break through taking your time
But then it wouldn’t be a trial
Are you ready??
Break through and show me your dazzling escape!!


Gorou, I guess you get it that we should keep fighting to the minimum | We have no choice but to hit a couple of times and barge through
I know
You too don’t let your guard down!!
{Sla sh!!}
I’ve made us a path, come here, quick!!


{ba sh}
We’re out!!
Tsk, now there’s a flock of crows


This wind!! | We are in a deadlock, can’t move on!!
The exit is getting smaller…!!
Let me deal with this
{[Wind Buster]}


{sli p}


Gorou, now!!
Thank you!!
Those goblins have caught up, eh!!


Here’s a reward for your persistence!!
We did it!!
We’ve got no time, | Don’t stop whatever it is before us!!
Because if we stop we’re screwed!!
…Of course!!


It’s crumbling…!?
There should be a limit to these tests!?
I’ve got an idea!! Jump with all you’ve got
The goblins are getting closer!! Please trust in me!!
Oh god in heavens!!


{[Wind Buster]}
{[Mega Jump]}
And goooooo—!!


{cl ap}
Welcome back you two

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