Chapter 2

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Chapter 2
The food
I ended up saying it—!!{by accident…}
We apologise for any mistake we made while preparing your meal…
No, it’s not that, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it in that sense | It’s just in my world we have a different food culture | I’m just not used to yours…
Ah… it’s just logical if you think about it
{It’s a different world after all}
What is the food like in your world?
{e-hm…}Rather than the world, I’m talking about my country
First, staple food includes rice and noodles besides bread
An…and there are seasonings like miso and soy sauce
……and sometimes we have like sweets and so on…
Is that the main dish?
I haven’t heard of anything like that before
{No… sweets are just sweets…}
I can’t even imagine those things
If I could grasp the way of making those | I think I’d be able to go to a store…
E…excuse me!
If it won’t trouble you, would you lend me the kitchen!?
I will make the food in the Claude mansion tomorrow!
Bu… but… | Risa, you…!?
{Damn, was it too blunt!?}
{When I, at last, had some good relationships…}
{it was brazen and shameless}
You hear that!? Gil! She said otherworldly cuisine
Now I just can’t wait!!
Right, they were that kind of people
Then, the head maid was in charge of tomorrow’s meals | I’ll inform her about the arrangement
Ms.Mari, I’m sorry for such a sudden intrusion…
What are you talking about! Isn’t it the best way of international exchange
I think everyone will love it
…right | Cuisine is an exchange
{These few years I’ve been living alone}
{and cooking just for myself}
I want to cook the best meal for everyone, | who has been looking after me here
[Cook Book]
That said, it’d take a few days to make yeast for bread | And they don’t know about rice, it seems…
Is there something I could prepare with this world’s ingredients?
There is-
The goddess said, that there are ingredients | in this world that resemble the ones from yours
Huh! Really!?
Because I’m a green spirit, that governs plants and wind
Of course, I know about veggies, wheat, and other grains
Veggies and
That’s it!!
Excuse me! I need this ingredient…
And so
Today’s breakfast is pasta!
It’s a noodle dish with lots of varieties, so you’d able to enjoy different flavors
{though it’s not from my country}
And the ingredients are just wheat flour, eggs, and salt | I think you will all remember it in no time
The ingredients are really few…
Sorry, there is a huge stock of ingredients! | I wanted to feed everyone in the Claude mansion…{so…}
And, we will help you, don’t worry!
So, first, we’re making a hill of flour
Make a hole in the top part…
Now it’s like a volcano!
Break the eggs into the cavity
Now it’s overflowing with magma!
Ms.Mary, you’re making it too funny
{I’m chuckling…}
Hm? Really?
What do I do, my flour mountain has already erupted…
Calm down, it’s fine! We’re going to mix it anyway!
{nothing unusual, really}
After mixing in the salt, add some warm water
And mix the magma with the flour
When it becomes homogenous, start kneading by hand
{it sticks to my hands}
Kya – no, my hands are sticky
Right? Such a nice feeling
Cover the kneaded dough with a damp towel and let it sit
It can sit!!? {is it edible?}
Ah, so that’s how they see it-
{if you do that, the dough will become smoother}
Ms.Mary, I’d like to make a sauce while we’re waiting
I got what you asked me for, but how shall we use it
{Will you try these?}
Master! These are malloes you were looking for! [T.N.: It’s the otherworldly plant I guess]
It looks like an eggplant but tastes just like tomato
A little sweetish…?
And this is a vegetable called zelana
{splendid!}Ah… it’s local spinach!
What is this meat?
It’s a meat of a bird called toto
{eggs are from this bird too}
Okay! Let’s try using it!
{this time we’re taking chances}
[-20 minutes later]
And now we’re rolling the dough! | Once it’s thin and square, we’re going to cut it…
Have you got something with a jagged blade, like a pie cutter?
A…Ah, no, thank you
Cut it into squares
{we’ll have to use a usual knife}
And pinch those in the center, making it butterfly-shaped
So cute!
Like a ribbon!
This kind is called farfalle
{Originally, the rim should be jagged and the sauce easy to mix in}
Then, I’m going to make the sauce and entrust the pasta to you
{eheheh} It’s a long time since I made a tomato(imitation) sauce
Mallo into the pot!?
Ehm…is it unusual?
Here it’s classified as fruit
{is tomato a fruit or a vegetable!?}
I wonder if there was a confusion about tomatoes in this world too…
The butterflies are done
Great job
Now put them in boiling water and simmer
When it’s ready, mix the sauce with pasta…
It’s from a different world…?
It is a pasta dish called farfalle | The sauce is made of bird meat mixed with zelana and mallo
It looks gorgeous and the aroma is so good
{kya!!}Let’s try it at once!
We give our thanks to the goddess and the spirits for today’s meal
Uh… I’m nervous…
To me, this world’s cuisine seemed bad | what if mine won’t be to their taste…
It’s great…!!
Eh… Really?
No way I’d lie to you! | This springy pasta thing goes so well with this sauce
It’s my first time eating mallo like this | It is so tasty!
You did it, Ms.Risa!
It is thanks to everyone’s help!
Why don’t you eat some too while it’s warm, Risa?
Ah, right
Such a memorable taste…! | For a simple tomato pasta to have such an effect on me
{so tasty and great}
{My cuisine…}
{People of this world}
{Eat it with such joy…}
Ms.Mary, don’t be shy, come and eat some too
{great}Thank you very much, master!
Cuisine is an exchange
A link
Thank you for the meal!
After that for a while | The Claude mansion was experiencing a pasta boom
{Morning, Day and Evening – all pasta.}
I… need to recall some other ingredients, quick…
{Master FTW!}
It’s done now, isn’t it!
I’m glad they have yeast in another world
Yup, I tried fermenting this world’s fruit
And with it, I’ll be able to make soft bread
If I could have some rice, I’d have all the staple food…
In this world they feed cattle with rice chaff | It might be hard, as it’s not sold in the market
{ye-ah…}I wish I could get my hands on some rice
Well, we can’t do anything about it!
For now, my aim is to make soft bread with this yeast!
Several days since pasta was in demand in the Claude mansion
Will you really be okay alone?
Yes, my spirit, Basil is with me after all
Please contact us if you need anything
Today while I’m waiting for bread to rise | I packed some home-made cookies for a snack
And went for a leisurely stroll around the city
I’m going!

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