Chapter 3

A little pre-word: the raw source I am giving links here to considers the page with the chapter number as the 1st page of the chapter, which is actually wrong, the page before that one is also the page of the current chapter(according to the full volume release), keep that in mind. While I did translate the ‘last’ page here for your convenience, it should be in the next chapter.

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[Chapter 3]


Wo—w…! | It’s like a movie setting!!

The air outside feels so good | Staying in the mansion all the time is really no good

Right, basil likes the breeze outside too

Having just arrived in this world, I couldn’t even think of exploring

But I am in another world, after all, I should enjoy myself



{hey-! Stop…!}


Here you are, master-


Thank you! It’s so good, that you’re able to control the wind, Basil

That aside, this street…




Isn’t it full of spirits…?

Old places are comfortable for us, spirits

{so we end up gathering there}

I see… true, this alley gives off aт antique feeling

Though I came here for the first time

Somehow I feel nostalgic

As if I’ve been here before…

Wah… What a nice house!

Looks like a store

I see a table inside, maybe it’s an eatery

It’s a bar

It went out of business pretty long ago

The place was prospering, actually | But the manager got ill

Are you the neighbor?


Yup, Silas’s magical tools store


I’m the store’s eye-candy, Angelica

We take any orders, from repairs to making things from scratch, please come by

{but now I have to go}


A tool workshop… Do they make cookware I wonder?

Quite an amiable person, isn’t she



I’m thirsty from all this walking


It seems they sell all kinds of things here~ | The sign there says 3 ril a drink

{come and buy}

Really! It’s about 100 yen, I guess? And looks tasty…

…No, it’s not


It tastes like grapefruit juice topped with natto…




I’m sorry, is everything all right…




What a handsome guy…



{kya-a} I spilt natto juice on the clothes!!



That’s some kind of uniform, right!? I am so very sorry!

No, it’s me who got careless…


Let me pay for the cleaning… there should be cleaning services in this world!

I’m sorry, I don’t know the price


Please, don’t trouble yourself

I can’t let…


Then…please, accept this instead…

And this is?


I don’t think it would be enough even as an apology | But please accept these at least


…a weird person



By the way

What are [cookies]…?

{yu~~p}Today’s dinner is also superb

Especially the bread! It’s so soft and tasty

I’m relieved it is to your liking

I believe you went for a stroll today?

Yes, I’ve seen a lot of different stores


I’m actually thinking of finding a place to work


Work you say…

Aren’t you already helping in our kitchen | We can pay you, you know?

{hey, don’t say it like that}

No way…! I am already being helped by you | I won’t accept money

I am not afraid of this world

I’m thinking of living on peacefully in this world | All thanks to your kindness


And that is exactly why

I want to find something I can do


I see, if it is that way, we will provide you with any help we can

By the way, is there something you want to do?

Let’s see… in my previous world I was an office worker | But I’m still learning to write, so something food-related, I think

Good idea! The dishes you cook are so novel and tasty, they will sell for sure!!


Risa, if you open a store, we will come there every day!


Open a store, me!?

Isn’t that a given!!

But we’ve got a problem

{I’d rather be a simple waitress}

There is a lot of paperwork you need to start working | But Risa doesn’t have a family registry and she doesn’t even exist when the paperwork is concerned

Ah, that won’t be a problem

That being said, if Risa herself doesn’t mind it

-the next day-


And so, I present to you our adopted daughter | Please, welcome Risa Kurokawa Claude!


It… it feels too much for me…

{Becoming a celebrity so suddenly…}

{Hahaha}No need to worry



As you can see, we’ve got no children

We will be glad if you accept us as your second family




If you do not mind such a crude person, I am in your care!

Sounds like a bride’s greeting…

—And so

After becoming a legal resident of this world

Somehow through the houses connections, I became an owner of a store

And from then on things progressed like crazy

Oh, I’m glad you are here

I’m glad to meet my cute niece


I’m glad you’re in good spirits, Alec, brother

I was surprised to hear that you adopted a daughter | Your name is Risa, right?

I am glad to make your acquaintance

About the store you want, do you have something on your mind?

{make yourself at home}

No… But there was a beautiful building | in an old alleyway going from the square

I heard it used to be a bar


Then, let’s try there?

{immediate reply.}

Eeh!? Just like that!?


Brother is the head of the Asley company | They deal in everything – from food to real estate

He can procure the store as well as ingredients



Excuse me… could you please get me some rice?

Rice? You mean the one we use as a cattle feed? | I could if you want it…

Really!? | I would really appreciate it!!

At last, Tasha! I can’t believe I’ve got rice-!



Good for you, Risa! I don’t really understand it at all though!



{I’m sorry, I just suddenly…}

So, people in another world eat rice… I’m also interested in their way of cooking

Right! If your cuisine will grow popular, | will you sell me a recipe or two?

…Will it be that popular though

Depends on your skill

But you won’t get anything done if you are afraid to take a chance

Do your best


I… | I will!

And from that moment on

With the backing of the Ashley company

{About remodelling}

{Ehm, that part}

{Kinchenware? Of course we can}

{Then, a stove and- a rice mill machine-}

Everything progressed surprisingly smoothly

{My company will make you a uniform-!!}





So fast!!!

{Several weeks passed in just a few frames!!}


I love cooking and I’m glad to have opened a store

But for everything to go this smooth

Actually, I don’t feel surprised at all…

{I’m beginning to worry}

{Ah.} Now I recall what Gil said back then | Everything has a meaning…

About the [will of the Goddess]?

Yes, that! If you think about it, what is she actually? | Not showing herself even after dragging me here

The Goddess is the creator of this world

She lives in the land of gods and is impossible to meet


Master is here now

Because the Goddess judged you to be indispensable for this world

Could you be more specific about that…

You are free to do anything you want | that is also the Goddess’ will

Do anything I want…?

Goddess’ very vague and lax instructions

For now, I’ll just make onigiri!


I will answer them with my relaxed behavior

That day | My store was ready

I called it [Café Omusubi] [T.N.: Omusubi is a different name for onigiri]


Exciting cooking from Risa and Basil(1)

Drop cookies with nuts

[ingredients(~25 portions)

Weak flour…100g




Cut nuts…to taste

(like almonds or peanuts)]


Heat the butter to room temperature and beat it to a creamy state

If it’s frozen solid, just microwave it for a few seconds


Add sugar and mix it with squeezing movements until it’s white


Crack the egg into a separate bowl and mix it in in 3~4 goes


{Little by little.}

Be careful – if you add it all at once, the butter might separate!



Sieve the weak flower into the bowl while mixing it in with a spatula(a wooden or a rubber one)


{Weak flour}

{The trick to mixing}

{is to use not kneading, but cutting movements!}


When it is mixed, spread the chopped nuts evenly and mix them in


{they’re all tasty—}


Preheat the oven to 180C…

{And switch on}

{Stand by}


Spread the baking paper on the tray, measure portions of dough with a spoon and put them on the paper.

The dough will spread out, so be careful to space them properly!


Bake them in the oven at 180C for 20 minutes and they are ready!


If you don’t have an oven, an open toaster will do! | Then the baking time will be around 15 minutes

27(Chapter 4 begins here)

Protected by the Goddess and spirits | a wondrous world blessed with magic

I came here from Japan | A little more than 2 months ago

And the thing to wait for me after an abrupt trip

Was terribly gross food!

It’s a good thing I only told it to the family I was staying with

{staple food is a terrible tough bread}

{No seasonings}

{except salt, sugar, and pepper}

It appeared to be a normal taste to this world without a concept of [sweets]

And when I began thinking | What I want to do in this new world

I got a chance to put my hobby, cooking, to use

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