Chapter 46

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Ho-Ho-Ho, you came out safely

Yes…more or less










Thank you


The finish was sloppy, but I acknowledge your ability



It is a fact that you’ve overcome our trial


So, what kind of reward are we going to get for passing the test!?




The one called Gorou, this is what you get


This is…!!

I feel the power flowing into me!!

With this, I don’t think I can lose in the face of any opponent!!

I have received the ultimate power!!

With this, I’ll be able to pass the [Loong Ritual] without a hitch!!


You bonehead!!


Strength is nothing but strength in the end

You are yet to learn that, are you

Our duty is not limited to granting you strength


Huh…!? | What’s going on, please let me down!!

Uryu, I leave the human to you

I shall beat the foolishness out of this man’s body and mind




Gorou… Rest in peace…


Hmm…… You’re a hard case


[Hard case], huh, quite a disturbing choice of words…

………… | Uhum… I guess the talk is going to be a long one

Please, come to my house




If someone would post a screenshot, it would get its own fanbase…


Well, let’s get to your reward…

The nature of our reward

While shaving a percentage of an unused power | It grants a boost to a frequently used one

Let’s take that Gorou man for example… | We took his unused power of magic and converted it to a weapon-wielding ability

Meaning, if we take 3 kinds of parameters

{attack-magic-defense} [T.N.Top-right – lower-right – left]


Of those 3 you decrease one to increase another

By the way…| What is…your name?



Earth, you use all of your abilities | it is a very rare case

Using both weapons and magic

And even using objects…

Huh | That means……

So you see

If I decrease attack, my bow, kick and whip skills will be affected… | If I sacrifice magic, the skills of my [Thunder wind hunting bow] will be diminished

If I sacrifice the production tree skills, I won’t be able to cook, do smithing and carpentry | So whatever I choose, I lose

Even being the Double Loong, we cannot produce something out of thin air, and it is frustrating… | But we don’t have any reward for you


We really did not expect for such a human to challenge and beat the trial

I went to accompany Gorou in the first place | Rather, being able to participate in such an event is like a blessing to me as a player

I do not mind, I’ve gained an invaluable experience | And that’s all I wanted

I cannot have that | We’ve got our duties

Therefore, if you someday run into a critical situation

[[Uryu’s Ring]

A ring, given to a person,

who passed the [Double Loong Trial],

but didn’t take the reward.]

A ring……


Oh, it’s a perishable summoning item

[In exchange for the ring being

destroyed, Uryu will come

at your call once.

Attributes: Def +1 HP +10]

You can call me when you are in trouble



Even if you are in the middle of the [Loong Ritual]




I have no intention of using this item until the very end though

Oh, you want me to pet you too?


Long story short, that’s how the [Double Loong Trial] ended


—3 days later

After that, I went mining the [Explosive ore]

And the elder collected the medicinal plants for me

After I got the resources, I did some maintenance on my equipment

And after that went to the inn to make some [Enhanced oil] and various potions

I have to say, that my fight with [Restoration Grass] was once again a failure

And finally

Today I depart for Shigatake… Basically to another half of the Loong Kingdom


Landlady, thank you for your prolonged assistance

No-no, it’s fine

You’ve given me a lot of laugh… amusing moments

I suppose those amusing moments landlady is talking about are my attempts at taming the restoration grass

{Empty your mind…}

Well, it’s time for me to bid you farewell

Ah, sorry, wait a minute


I’ve almost forgotten | Take this, with it if you’ll be able to enter Sangatake if you get back

And this seal should help you to find a lodging

We’ll be glad to have you here if you come back

Is this voucher a dog cloud beast?

Also, the Elder wanted me to tell you this

[I’ll be waiting at the gate facing Shigatake]

So you came

Here to see me off?

Not me



Ms. Uryu?


[I am going to take a break from the [Double Loong Trial] to beat some sense into this man] [T.N.: Furigana for ‘this man’ says ‘Gorou’]

[You should also amuse yourself with something]

[Coming along with that human should prove interesting]

So said Saryu


You mean you are coming with me!?


E…ehm, isn’t Saryu your spouse? | Then even without such an intent…

I see, I see | You thought Saryu is my partner

Sorry, but that man is just my fellow judge in the [Double Loong Trial] | We are not connected by a marriage vow

Eh… What I really want to say is don’t follow me…

Ri-right, as a loong, do you have a right to leave Sangatake?

It is fine as long as I don’t leave the country | I will be invisible, just like air


Quite a prominent air there…


Is she intent on going no matter what…

What is it?

You are looking at me so intensely, are you perhaps interested?

Pii-!! Pii-!!

I see, I see, so you are welcoming me too

Pyu-!! Pyu-!!




………… | Ms.Uryu, are you intent on following us no matter what?



She is sure going to follow me to the very end of the [Loong Ceremony]…

Give up, Pikasha


It is no use arguing with people like that



All right… but only while I am in the Loong Kingdom…

As long as you understand

We will safely reach the site of the [Loong Ritual] with this group, right…?

{The sales of the 5th Vol start during the first decade of October! Look for it in stores!!}

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