Chapter 4

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{And today, at last}

Welcome, customer!

[Chapter 4]


{I opened a café in another world.}

Congratulations on the opening! We came as soon as we heard~

Thank you very much, you are my first customers

Well, yes, we were secretly waiting outside for it to o | pen


Ah, there was a bug on your back

{don’t just blurt it out like that}


Here’s today’s lunch set menu

They could just eat in the mansion | But came all the way here…

A set consists of a salad and a soup | For additional 2 ril you can get a drink

Then I guess I’ll try an omurice set | Plus an original blend tea

An egg and vegetable sandwich set for me

{And the same blend of tea}

Order accepted

I feel glad

Your order will be served soon


And embarrassed



It’s like a parents’ day, I guess…?

{They’re staring too much…!}



First and foremost thing when making omurice is speed


On the spread-out egg

We place the rice with chicken… | No, toto bird meat

{tap | tap}



And quickly make the roll!


Okay, the soup has warmed up!

All that’s left is to make the sandwiches and serve…

And now it’s my first time serving the customers

{The memorable first dish}

Your order is ready



You’re starting to look like a pro, Risa

The uniform Tasia made is just that good

{please, enjoy}


Excuse me



I would like a loaf of bread like the one in this show-window

Would you like bread rolls or plain bread?

{Let me cut the plain bread for you}

Both… 10 of each

Could you put them in this basket

Of course, it will be 35 ril


There is a carriage standing there | Probably belongs to a noble

The woman is probably an attendant

Thank you very much

So you do takeaway via that window?

Yes, for now just bread and cookies though



That’s Adelle’s coach

Are you acquainted?

Yes! It’s my childhood friend and Gil’s cousin

I was bragging about your bread the last time we met | So she came to buy some


So that how it is

As I thought, she is a noble?

The country’s queen



She is an absolutely easy-going person | But showing up in public is a bad idea, so she didn’t introduce herself today

The Claudes are related to royalty!?

I’m starting to think, I’ve been adopted into an incredible family… {just starting, huh}

On the first day of the [Café Omusubi] operation

I totally overlooked a super-important customer.


The trouble began the next day


Excuse me, some bread, if you please


One loaf of this plain bread… is it?

Ah… yes, coming!

What are those [cookies] next to it?

Those are baked sweets… something harder and sweeter than bread

Then, those too

{Cookies? What’s that}

Why is there such a crowd so early in the morning…!? | Did Tasia do more of her advertisement


Y’se, there is a rumour going around


There were the representatives of the royal family here yesterday, right?

A coach, stopping in the middle of this narrow alley is suspicious enough | And there was a royal crest on the coach to boot

It’s become the talk of the whole shopping district

That [The bread from that shop is delivered to the royal table]

You see!

So that what it is all about…

{refill, please}

But your bread is so tasty | That it would sell out even without those rumours


I’d like to think that too…


Because of that frightening effect of the royalty

The bread was sold out right away | the next day and the day after and after

I’m sorry, we are all out


And when I offered the recipe to the Ashley company


{We will pay you the percentage, so it’s mutually beneficial}

Their sales also began to grow steadily


Isn’t it turning into a bakery

Rather than a café!?



Isn’t it good, that it’s selling

It is, but when no one’s coming in, we’ve got no customers

So, when the bread is sold out it gets like this…


The people here don’t have a habit of eating in unless it’s alcohol after all

{nothing doing}

I can’t keep up with bread baking | not to mention serving the customers


…excuse me, I heard you sell cookies at this store

Ah! I am very sorry we’re all out of those for today…



It’s you, from that time…!?

I see, I thought so

I saw someone eating those at work | They said, they bought it here

And I thought I’d like some more

But they seem to be sold-out

So, the cookies… were to your taste?

{you really tried them}

Yes | It was the fir time I tried something like that


It is hard, but its texture is airy | so sweet and fragrant, a curious taste

I didn’t grow tired of it no matter how much I ate | I believe they call it [tasty]

Ooh, he’s like a food critic

I wonder if he has a sweet tooth!?

Do you like sweet food?

I don’t know enough sweets to determine if I like those or not

Well, figures…

{they only got fruit here}

Ehm… If you’ve got time…



I thought of coming another time…

It’s our trial product, scones, these are sweets | Would you mind giving me some feedback on it?

May I?

As you see, it’s empty anyway | So, I would appreciate your opinion on these

I see, then if it is this way…

Yep, this type…


Hunks look handsome whatever they do…


…Not as sweet as a cookie, but I like it | It is good in its own way, and I somehow like the topping

It goes well with tea

The white one is whipped cream, and the red one is jam | which one is better?

Both… I like the white one a little bit more


I prefer the cream ones too!

{oops} I am sorry, talking in such a familiar way to the guest

I don’t mind at all, we’re of the same age after all, I believe?

It is 2 years since I’d come of age


Ah, then we are the sa…

Master, coming of age in this world happens at 16 y.o.

{Huuuh} No way! A minor…!?


I’m telling you, I am of age…

For me, you are a proper minor!! 4 years younger to boot!

{you don’t look it, too calm}


…………….I am sorry for addressing my elder like that

{It’s all my Japanese face}

Ah, never mind… | I look childish compared to the locals anyway…


Yeah… I got here just recently


And that’s why I couldn’t make many friends yet

I’m glad I got to talk to you today! | Thank you for indulging my selfish behavior





My name… Zeeke Brown

I serve in this city’s chivalric order

I will come back tomorrow after my patrol duty | to buy some cookies




Then I’ll bake some extra | Not to disappoint you like this time!

I’m the manager of this [Café Omusubi], Risa

I’ll be waiting for your next visit


…He told you that

But didn’t come, did he-


It’s all right, cookies have a long shelf life | And it’s still working hours

{preparing tomorrow’s portion.}


I don’t know much about knights’ job, maybe it’s a busy day


He came…!




Who are ye, girlie?



Gimme wine, wi~~~ne!!

What’s he doing here… is he dead drunk!?


I am very sorry, but it is not a bar

So, please…

So ya won’t gimme any wine, huh!?






Master, are you all right!?

Yeah, you saved me with your wind, Basil…




What do I do… I need to run, now…


But I’m all trembling | And can’t…mo…


24 (chapter 5 starts here)

{She gave me that food I’ve never seen before}

{As an apology for dirtying my uniform}


Even if it leaves a stain… I will just wash it back home




Hi, Zeeke, havinglunch? The break time will be over soon


The morning’s shift was a little longer today

The future head of the order has it rough, huh

You’re exaggerating…

So, you had this the other day, do you like it that much?

Not really | It’s just nothing else left

The food that’s provided for the knights | Is made just to supply us with necessary nutrients

It doesn’t matter what you choose, they’re all the same

Well, that is certainly true…

{indifferent as always, huh}


It is good that you like your work, but please don’t overdo it

…Well, true | I get tired of the same menu every day

I used to think

That food is only needed to satisfy the hunger

{Until I had a taste of that—…}

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