Chapter 5

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[Chapter 5]


You better stop it


It’s you…!?


{Huh-!?}The hell are’ya| Hu…!?

{Gr   ab}



We had a report, about some drunkard disrupting order


When I arrived on the spot, the drunken man has already fled | So, I had to search the neighbourhood

Who could’ve thought he’d end up here…

Sorry for being late, are you injured?


I… I’m okay…

{that guy is worse off…}

I give up, give up!!






You got him… Aren’t you too fast a runner


It’s just your steps are too short

You don’t say!

Reinhart, please escort him


Huh? And you, Zeeke? {Don’t throw the guy!}

The victim

…Is an acquaintance

An eatery employee? How unexpected…

G… got it


{Hey, let’s go, quick! …Ah, he’s so drunk, it’s useless…}

Can you stand?

Ah…Yup! Thank you for helping me…


…This shop used to be a bar | I guess the man was a regular


What’s going to happen to him?

I guess he’ll be sentenced to some punishment

Usually, it’s just a fine | But it might be more severe if you file a lawsuit

Are you going to?

{Eh}N-No, if he repents, it’s enough for me

He gave me a scare, but nothing major…


If an injured party says it’s fine, then it is…

Even if as you see the public order is good | You should be more careful running a store on your own


I… I’m sorry…


Ah…no, I’m sorry | I didn’t mean it to sound like a scolding


Yeah, it’s true… I was naïve | Although I used to be more careful when living alone in Tokyo



By the way, you said, that you just came to the capital | What about your family?

Are you living here together?



…I am…

with the Claude family…



You mean Gilford Claude from the Magic Department? | I didn’t know they had a daughter

{Ah} Gil is my stepfather | It happened just recently, on the day we first met

When did you come to Feliformia?

Just for a little while ago… what is it?

At the same time as we noticed the weird light and reported to the Magic Department

The Head Royal Magician Claude was probably the first on the spot

Are you related to that?




…Tea | would you like another cup of it?



…It might take a little long | But please hear what I have to say

{My real family}

{Are the most common normal people}

{I was born the youngest of the 4 siblings}

{In a rural town cultivating the land between the coastline and the mountains}


{The motto of my grandmother}

{who was raised in a family of women after her father and brother died in a war went}


Use all you can use! Make all you can make!

{-like that}

{My family had a garden, rice fields, and a mountain plot}

{There were always, vegetables, rice on the table, and also}



{Miso and soy sauce, all mostly home made}

{From my childhood I was taught how things are made}

{bury the pickle in the pot}

{Father always brought new kinds of seedlings from somewhere, raised and studied them}

{fufufu… how’re we going to eat you}

{And also thought the cooking method through}


{And when that father started to raise poultry}

{It’d almost become a childhood trauma to me}


HP: 0]

{Bleeding out on a tree outside}


{Karaage is so good!!}  [T.N.: For those who don’t know – chicken pieces dipped in batter and deep-fried]


{The scariest part is that you get used to it}

{And thanks to being raised in such a self-sufficient lifestyle}

{I can stand firm in an unknown world}


…Unknown world…



Arrived here from a different world

Rather selfishly summoned by the Goddess I’d say

I was told so by Basil the spirit

She’s right beside me… can you see her?


I see – It’s a shame | If you did, she could’ve collaborated my story a bit

I don’t think you are lying

You don’t look like a person who would do that



Thank you


I hope they are alright… And grams didn’t grow senile?

I wonder if father still has some hair left?

And if mother is the same natural airhead she used to be?

And if my brother and sister | are happy in their marriages?

And if my youngest elder brother found a job?


I will never find out because I’ll never see them again

…Very disheartening… I guess

Ah, not at all, I’m fine!

The locals are very friendly | And it’s all smooth sailing, except for food

I was never a big fan of homecomings in the first place

I’m not feeling lonely or anything!

Our family is all about non-intervention

Even after I disappeared, they live on their own happily~ | I don’t even doubt it

And that is why…

I try not to think about my previous world too much


But this incident, you know… | Made me think that I could die in this world

Made me think how I wanted to eat | My mother’s cooking back then to my heart’s content…well

But what use is thinking about that…


…Ah, sorry for dragging it on!


It seems I’m still a bit shaken by that!

Speaking of which, I’ve got ingredients left in the open | Need to tidy up

{Ah}Wait a bit, I’ll bring you the cookies!




Wait a second…

Let me help you


Is helping people not my duty | Try not to carry too much for now




…Yup, thank you

But I really don’t feel lonely

Because there are kind people like you in this world


It seems to be a usual wheat flour

It is a pretty much the same flour they sell everywhere | Both cookies and scones are made from it

{There are different grinds though}


! | That’s how it is…!?

I thought you used more exotic ingredients


How ingredients mixed together make a whole dish

…It is so natural, that I didn’t really think about it before

You don’t do much cooking?

You see, the chivalric order has its own cafeteria

For knights, who push their body on a daily basis, food is but an energy replenishment | Recruits also have their dinner time limited | There is no time to taste the food properly




That is why I had no interest either in cooking or in eating

But when I had a taste of the food I got from you

I found that there was something besides that

Something I would’ve liked to taste once more… no, many more times

I thought the thing called food… | Could be much more enjoyable



Y…Yes! | If you say any more, you’ll make me blush

I also think that good food enriches our life!

Come here anytime! | I am planning to make many new sweets!

I will be expecting that

But, if possible, not as a customer

But as your…


As an employee of this store

Will you employ me to work here?



{Eeh!?} It is so sudden! | What about the chivalric order!?

I will resign

Re…resign… Are you worried about the crime rate here so much?

There is that

But I don’t want to be a guard


I want to cook like that too

Like you | To inspire someone with my own hands…

I beg of you

My fear from being attacked by a drunkard

Went away completely

Is he… serious…


{E-hm} I am just struggling with bread production rates


I guess I am in need of help…

That day

My cuisine changed the life of one young man

It was a special night

{Ah}If you think about it

It looks like when you tame an animal by giving it food…!?

{Tidying up.}

24 (Chapter 6 starts here)

Are you ready, Zeeke?

Does the uniform fit…


That is the picture of a manager



Such a dazzling hunk aura…!!



I will be assisting you from today onwards | Please, accept me as a trainee

{Wah-wah}Y-yes…!!I will be glad working with you

Several days after the drunkard incident

In the once again peaceful [Café Omusubi]

I ‘ve gotten a new colleague

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