Chapter 47

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Yotsugatake checkpoint—  [T.S.: Previously Shiigatake, they kindly transcribed it this time, so I’m using this name now]






Please, stand up!! {you’re making us conspicuous!!}



It’s not a laughing matter…

I am sorry, but you made such a strange face | but really, I didn’t expect the talks of me accompanying you to reach the checkpoint

I’ll be sure not to address you as Uryu inside the city walls

Reasonable… | You can call me Ame if you like [T.N.: Kanji for Ame(rain) is the first part of Uryu]

Ame, you say….

…well, fine then


Yotsugatake is in sight

Quite a vast city, isn’t it?

And, accordingly, there’s a lot of work there | Someone as versatile as you are can get a pass without much fighting

Monster hunting is not off the table either | That in itself is seen as keeping the population safe

Because if their numbers grow out of proportion, monsters might attack the city in force

Right, let’s move on


It’s as if some festival is going on

You’ll find many cities like this one beyond this point | So better get used to it

Well | For now, let’s go look for an inn



Here you go, 3 portions of tempura soba!!


Weren’t you going to look for an inn?

Well, I’ve got one idea | But first, let’s sit down and eat some soba

Old man

Do you know an inn connected to this seal?

I see, you’d better ask about the area in local stores

This one… surely

Turn right when you exit the store and go straight and you’ll see it

I think you should show it to the head manager there


Yu-p, it’s the biggest even among those I’ve seen so far……


It is also a first time seeing such a thing for me

Oh, a visitor?


Our sincere apologies but

This is a special inn and we beg you to leave

[reserved for important people] you mean?

Please, show this seal to the head manager | It was given to me by the landlady in Sangatake…


…I don’t know


What’s your take on this?

What is the probability of a traveler like this being trusted with such a seal?

What if it is the same as the one before…?

{Before…? What?}

For all I know it could be a good forgery

Quite possible, I heard that there were a lot of skilled men among humans

There is no need to trouble the head manager, we’ll deal with it






I see you went out of your way to stay at this inn


Go away this instant!! | If you take any more of our time, we’ll lodge a complaint with the magistrate

Nope, you won’t get to me

Let’s get out of here, Ame

Look, the dirty swindler is running away

Uhum, so we aren’t staying here…

For seal forgers, it’s more suitable to sleep outside!!







You scum slander people biased by your mass delusion

To my knowledge, this seal has not been forged

{This roaring sound…… Is it Uryu’s doing…?}


Hm? You…

Uh… my legs…

Are you all right?

Did your legs give out?

Ah, what a shame

Can you not handle that at least?

F-for now let’s go look for another inn……


Well, it was quite an ordeal


That inn won’t last long if they treat all their guests like that

It is just natural, you reap what you saw



So they’re agreeing now?


The question is what am I to do with this thing

Is it not fine to throw it away if it is of no use?






Do you want me to try the seal there?

I have got some red stamp ink with me, why not test it

{po  p}

This is……

A heavenly loong……?

Isn’t it too complicated to forge…

At least the landlady from Sangatake did not set us up

Yu-p… | Let’s have some rest today

Fine, then it’s tomorrow

I wonder if I should go by Sangatake before leaving the country to return the seal


The next day—


Oh, you are awake

Good morning | I tried to find the cause of our yesterday’s misadventure {in the BBs}

I did some digging on my own too

Seems that several days ago someone tried to get in with a forgery

And the gatekeeper at the time was punished severely for not recognizing a forgery

And that was the reason for the yesterday’s gatekeeper’s attitude, I guess

It seems that way

Still, you can’t call it anything but impudence | So, what are we going to do today?

Today I’m thinking to go hunt some monsters on the outskirts of Yotsugatake



{[Hawk Shot]}



The strength of a single unit is almost the same as near Sangatake…

But there are lots of types of goblins I’ve never seen before | Let’s focus and go a little further


And 1 hour later

We, sure enough, met a lot of different types of those

High Goblin Fighter

Equipped with a basic medium shield they are hard to hit with an arrow

High Goblin Archer

They use longbows, so they can hit first from outside of my range

High Goblin Magician

 These can use different attacks based on fire magic | Luckily, the elemental resistance of the dragon scale armor protected me from instadeath, so they are a tough enemy

High Goblin Priest

Possess a high restoration power and can fire troublesome things like [Slow] and [Poison] to boot

Each of those dangerous by themselves | So if they party up one day there will be no way of fighting them solo


Of course, it would be possible if I let Pikasha run wild but then I won’t get either exp or training




For people like myself taking a number of skills the growth limit is low | So I have to make sure I don’t neglect training

You all right, this seems to be pretty harsh on you?

Well, that’s how you get experience

Pretending to be fine

But can you get any without your weapon of choice?



What a blunder…

Shall we return to the city to replenish arrows and get some rest?

I think we should…

Stop right there!! Who are you, people!?


This forest is under the protection of the Loong Kingdom

Don’t move’ or we’ll have to use force!!

Understood, I won’t make a move!!

I am just training here, fighting monsters!!

I just followed them and came here by chance!!

Okay, I hear you, you complied willingly, so we’ll trust you

Lately, there’s been an increase in fools who steal good wood here | And we have to be vigilant

No-no,  I am very sorry to be distracting you from work!!

Okay, so if possible stay clear of this area | you might be taken for a foe otherwise


Oh my, there is trouble wherever you go

How troublesome…

The games where players’ actions influence other players’ experience are rare… | It’s like another life like the title says

Thank you for waiting for me

Did you buy all you need?

Yup, 3000 metal arrows | With this I won’t be out of ammo anytime soon

Is that everything you wanted to do?


Actually, I’ve got a place that’s been on my mind for some time……

{shooting gallery}


For two, please

Okay, two shots for each one

Not let us try!




Gmm…The second time too…!!

Ha-ha-ha, tough luck, ma’am

Here, it’s your turn

She is unexpectedly bitter about it…


{thu ck}

I suppose it feels really different from what I normally use…

Huuh, quite pathetic for someone using bow on a daily basis


Okay then, I’m going to get a little bit serious now

Real men are should always be serious

That’s true


Adjust the angle…


I should pull the bow to the edge, while not breaking the string…

Take this!!



{thu ck}

Ooh, well done, well done


Woah, it really hit

You sure are amazing, bro, here’s the prize, earrings



What do I need those for


Here you go

Is it okay to give them to me?

I don’t have any use for these anyways

Do they suit me?

Well, despite all the trouble

This world is sure fun even today

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