Chapter 8

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Risa’s green guardian spirit}

{RISA(Kurokawa Risa)

an ordinary office lady, who due to a curious course of events, opened a cafe in another world}


Risa’s foster father in another world}


Gilford’s wife, Risa’s foster mother in another world}




Ex-knight, who became a cafe employee attracted by Risa’s sweets}


The only daughter of the magic tool maker, Silas. Risa’s friend.}


Head maid in Gilford and Anastasia’s house.}


Member of the chivalric order. Zeke’s comrade}


In one of the back alleys of the Feliformia kingdom

Quietly stands [Cafe Omusubi]

The cuisine they serve there is quite curious | And the popularity of the place is growing

Bon Appetit

Wo-ow! So airy~!

Their every dish makes the customers raise their voice in surprise and astonishment


And that is only natural




{[Chapter 8]}

After all, I, the manager

Was brought here from another world



Did a good job today-!!

Thank you for your hard work

You, too, did great, as always, Zeke

There are more clients recently, so serving must be hard, right?

About that…

Shouldn’t we increase the production of bread from tomorrow on?


There are more people ordering sandwiches in the café | So there should be more people buying bread


So we can’t keep up with demand


Ah… That’s right…


…They are ordinary on my Earth | But the flavor seems completely new to the people of this world

{There is salad in-between!!}

Because you can easily make those at home

Our bread is selling even better now…

But increasing the amount would mean more work for you, Zeke

I do not mind, that is my purpose here after all


Basil also wants to help-!


E-hm, E-hm… I’ll help out


Why thank you, Basil

Okay! Time to put in some effort

Let’s make this café even better together!


It’s already been a month since the opening

Blessed with a talented employee | And having my day busy to the fullest

My sales going through the roof


When something happened



This stench | Organic waste…?



Some kind of ill-intentioned harassment, it seems

It was like that when I came here | I’ll tidy it up, Risa, start preparations for the opening

That is unfair, let me…

Please, don’t let our yesterday’s work go to waste


Right, need to bake lots bread today


Just when I made a decision | To put in some extra work…


So cruel! To dirty master’s shop like that!

I wish it were just a prank


Nothing ‘just’ about it, it is bad~~



A, thank you for your help, Zeke!

It seems, only this café was targeted

Should we report it to the Order?


I don’t want to make a big deal out of it…


Maybe it was just a one-time thing | Let’s wait and see, okay?

Or so I’d like to think

{3 crates of livestock feed as per order}

{I didn’t order those!!}

But those wa~~y simplistic pranks continued for several days

{Someone’s throwing mud}


So I decided to ask Reinhardt | Who’s become a regular at the café


A full-on obstruction of business, ain’t it


Any clues?

Not one! I don’t recall giving anyone a reason either

It might be an unprovoked hatred…


Don’t look at me

For all I know I might be a nuisance to someone | But there is no such person among my acquaintances

Of that, I can assure you

Good morning-


Welcome, Angelica!


Sorry for being late, I’m here for the bread I ordered


…Zeke, is your manager doing fine?

After all, the drunkard case was resolved with just a fine

Does she get angry at all?

Nope… not that I’d seen it

Isn’t it kinda dangerous | Rather than just calm, she’s living in the world of her own

Look after her

…You don’t have to remind me


By the way, Risa, what were you doing in front of your café last night?

Huh? What are you talking about?

Weren’t you heading towards the store at night? | It’s dangerous to walk alone in the middle of the night


…wha? Risa?

At this hour, that’s unusual… What is she up to



I thought you’d forgotten something and came to get it…

That’s it-!!


…Quite a big deal | And I didn’t notice a thing despite living next door

You’ve mistaken the culprit for me, so it must be a woman, right?

I guess… their stature seemed rather petit

So that means


It must be a girl who frequents the café and has feelings towards Zeke… something like that?



Ah – Totally possible!! I vote for this idea!

{Yup, yu-p}

What are you on about?

{Yup, he’s being dense again}

You’re so slow when it comes to those matters

I mean that she’s attacking the store because of envy towards Risa

And she’s planning to get you all to herself after you’re fired!

{Look who’s talking…}

Hey, don’t look at me like that!


The alley the café is situated in is full of spirits

{Master’s dishes are delicious~~~!}

{What’s delicious?}

Ah! The piece lopsided

I can’t serve it now | What should I do…

{Peee er…}


Feed a stray cat, or rather, stray spirits…?



The hidden truth about the kitchen


So… should we apprehend the culprit? | I could send more people to patrol the place

The damage is still on a prank-level | I couldn’t possibly trouble the knights with such a small matter

I wonder if we could persuade the culprit somehow?

Persuade… Risa!?

I mean if it is one of our regulars, they wouldn’t want to cause real harm

{…she is a bit mischievous though}

{I think I can relate to a girl}

{having feelings for Zeke…}


Then why don’t you sleep at my place tonight? | It’s close, so you’d be able to run right away if something happens

{that’s right} But I could spend a night in the café…

Out of question!

It’s not okay to stay here alone

B… but…

Okay, then let’s do it this way

Instead of just staying, why don’t you cook dinner at my house tonight!


Oh right…! You are so cunning


Bye then, call us, if it gets out of hand

Okay, thank you

Angelica, come again later

OK, I’ll go tidy up the room!

Right… I have to go home and explain it | The Claudes are such worrywarts after all {What are you saying!}



You look happy

Uh!? Do I

You don’t look like a victim of harassment at all

Well… I don’t know

I felt kind of blessed having met so many good people

Because I know that there always are people there looking out for me

Being harassed like that once or twice is nothing


…Don’t let your guard down too much

Em… I will bear that in mind


Have a nice da~y…

And Mr.Gunt?

Father is still asleep

Then give him my best




Living close to one’s workplace you sure can sleep longer

And it was so nice there yesterday… I should do it again someday

{The hand mixer you made is a great help!}

{It was the first time for me making something like that}

[At dinner]


Master, there is someone!



{No way—…}






What are you doing there!?







Oh no… these crates!!


If the fire goes on like that…


Please, go down!!




What do I do

The store will burn down

Chapter 9 page 1(in the raw, the first page of the next chapter)

The store opened but a month ago is attracting a huge amount of customers

I’ve heard the bread there is so good | That it’s even got ordered by the royal family

I wanted to have a taste of that bread too

But then I became frightened

So I ran away from that place

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