Chapter 9

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01 (in the raw it is in the previous chapter) The store opened but a month ago is attracting a huge amount of customers I’ve heard the bread there is so good | That it’s even got ordered by the royal family I wanted to have a taste of that bread too But then I became frightened So I ran away from that place 02 {[Chapter 9]} 03 The fire won’t subside…! {whirr…} I… I need to do something, quickly Eemm, first I need water…! | Where was it we had water…!? !? {wiff} {Huh…!? The smoke smells of something} Risa!! Zeke! 04 What shall we do, the café will burn!! This smell… No way… | I… Didn’t want it to… Stand back, it’s dangerous! Inform the neighbours {Dash} O… okay…! I opened up a café just a little while ago But I have already made some precious memories there 05 Friendly Kind Exceptional people are the ones I met here The place I belong 06 {I don’t want it to be gone} {drum}x2 Angelica! Mr.Gunt! Please help!! {I won’t allow it…!!} 07 08 {Huff}The wall got burnt, but the fire didn’t spread {chatter}x2 …the café is… fine…? That’s right, Risa! It’s all right now! 09 {drop…} Master! Risa! S…sorry, Zeke My legs gave out from relief Well, that’s a relief The good thing about this is that no one got hurt, good it was still closed Ah…! Right, thank you very much, everyone! We should help each other in need Do you need any more help? 10 It’s all right now I am sorry for causing you all trouble Thank you for letting me stay, Mr.Gunt… Don’t worry! You can always count on me {whisper} Hey… I guess it has something to do with previous harassment Oh… We will know it all after we question the culprit 11 She was hiding in the shadows {—this girl…} Oh? Aren’t you the girl from Chesters’ bakery? You know her!? 12 {twist} {Baker’s daughter…huh} I’ve got a request for you, Angelica | Won’t you bring this girl’s parents here Ah… Yep, leave it to me! {turn} {gasp} Are you all right? …eh? 13 You look to be fine Let’s have a talk inside …Were you doing the recent harassment? …silence, huh 14 {Clack} Dling | dling Helena!! {sh} …You… Really…! I’m leaving then Thanks a lot, angelica {clap} {whiz}x2 So you are her guardian Do you even understand what you’ve done! {Huh?} Stand up! 15 We are truly, truly sorry {Bam} For what my daughter did!! {Pro-} {Eeeh} {Prostrating—!!?} Wow…! They do it even in this world! {I didn’t see it even in my homeworld} What are you doing admiring it We are truly sorry! {bend}x2 I will scold my daughter severely! {Ah} I get what you’re trying to say, let’s calm down and have a seat 16 My name is Paul Chester, I run a bakery And this is my daughter, Helena I’ve gotten a wind of your fame And, of course, of Ashly company selling recipes… We pride ourselves in being a purveyor for the royal kitchen | But lately, our business is struggling That’s why I became interested in your bread I even tried using your recipe… But, probably because it was so different from our family recipes, I failed and gave up {Aah…} Rather, I’d like to ask you how you manage to make that {rock-hard} 17 But it seems that my daughter thought That this shop is hiding the recipe I apologize for not giving her a proper explanation… Father, you’re not to blame! I did it… {ah} …………………… | …that’s right… All the harassment up till now is also my doing…! But I didn’t mean to set the shop on fire…! 18 I used a special kind of wood that, when burnt, emits a weird smell I just wanted to cause a little disturbance using that stench In the Order, we use it as a bug and animal repellent during our field training Aah… so that’s what the smell was about… That wood is extremely flammable, you should handle it with care… ……I didn’t… know that… Oh, you fool of a daughter! What if there were casualties Not knowing doesn’t make you innocent! But I thought because of this store {bang} Our family store would go down!! 19 Do you hear what people are talking behind our back!? The bread at Chesters’ is disgusting | I’m sure the royal purveyor signboard is a fake! They should just hand that board over to the much better [Café Omusubi]…!! Our regulars are going over to this store for bread…! | Our honor is being slandered…! Fath… Father’s store is important to me… And that’s why… If you value it, you should understand 20 Your actions Are ruining your shop’s honorable name 21 No matter how much you dirty or burn my shop | I can recover from that But the reputation you besmirch with your actions, won’t If you really treasured it You wouldn’t do something like that 22 Wa… aa… I’m sorry…! Helena… {WAAAA} I’m sorry…y!! {Risa…} {Is really angry now…is she…?} 23 Hey, Zeke, what is the punishment for this? E…Umm… Arson is a felony, so it would be a community sentence No way…! Please, be lenient, don’t do this to her! {we-ll} I am not that charitable a person to just let it slide… We are ready to compensate! Please… I beg you…!! Ah… speaking of which | Paul, you are a baker, right? Hm…? Yes, I am… Okay, then it is decided {?} {clap} 24 Then this debt You both will pay it with your bodies! EEEEEH!!? [T.N.: Japanese way of saying things is sometimes so misleading…]  

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