Chapter 49

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  01 {Thanks to you, guys, volume 5 is a hit! Look for vol 1-4 in stores!!} We are in Itsugatake at last… Don’t act all tired all of a sudden Say anything you want, but the monsters in the surrounding area are tough… {We have been warned though} Hey, cheer up! {slap} O-okay!! First, let’s look for a place to stay My sincerest apologies, but our inn is fully booked… 02 Well, these things do happen Yes, let us try another one Sorry, we’re booked… Sincerest apologies I’m sorry Apologies… Our sincerest apologies What’s happening here… Lady, why are all the inns refusing to accept travelers | Is there a festival going on? No-no, it’s just all the adventurers like your companion there | Consider this the best place to train So, they tend to stay here for long and are audibly happy to find any place to stay 03 Come back later~ It sounds like one of the trials of Itsugatake… Even the test wouldn’t go that far It is troublesome though | I would not like to set the camp outdoors!! Pyuu… Ri-ight… Are you travelers perchance? Excuse me, I could not but overhear that you are troubled about a place to stay {sh} Would you like to rent a room at my house? {whisper} I am doubtful about this… | {whisper} What do you think, Ame? {whisper} At least he doesn’t seem to be a thief {whisper} | Doesn’t have that kind of vibe{whisper} 04 Uhum… | It would be suspicious if it’s too cheap…… …How much the rent would be? Let’s see, how does 600 glo a night sound? Seems a bit lower than the market price… {glance} Fine then, we agree …Uhum I was worried that you would accept it right away… | Doubting is a natural thing to do I should prepare to accept an important guest, should I not Lady Uryu? 05 {Thck} I am too old for such an opponent I was looking for you to apologise… Sorry? …Who are you? I am the previous manager of the inn that did wrong by you in Yotsugatake Let me offer you a treat first 06 ……I gave up the inn to a successor due to my old age And when I retired the new generation loosened their standards and forgot any professional pride | They were sacrificing tradition for profit I even tried to go there and complain, they shut the door in my face And then there was the fake seal scandal… | Since then, even among the seal-holders, they only let in rich-looking customers, dropping the reputation of the inn And soon I heard that they were struck by a lightning as a punishment, you know… And after that became a subject of an investigation | …I guess the place will be in ruins pretty soon ……!! I am very sorry… 07 {sit} {bow} What you had to go through is beyond regretful Not raising the new generation well is my shame I want to express my sincerest apology as a previous manager {dush} You do not have to pay 600 glo or anything to live in my house Consider it an old man’s selfish request, live in my house as long as you please As their predecessor you are blameless Isn’t that right, Earth? I am flattered by such compassionate words… 08 —The next day Good morning Oh, you are awake So, shall we continue our training here, in Itsugatake {shake} I am but a mere old man now, and cannot give you any help but with my house But let me give you a hint… In this city, they respect honest hard labour {bli~nk} …do you see what I mean? {Does this question request an answer?} 09 So, we’ve been told the trial from the get-go? Dear me, you are yet to fulfil it So, I’ll just have to do enough work Well, I’m going to the city to look for jobs Ah, wait a minute, the birdie is staying Pii!? You know the job | It won’t be training with any more handicaps PiiPii!! Oh, don’t pout, it is important to let him work by himself Pii… 10 Hey, bro, got some free time? | I’m a stonemason and I need some help carrying these Huff…!! {twitch}x2 Are you all right, bro? …Yup, all is fine, let’s go! Well, if Pikasha were here, she’d help me out for sure… {Please} {Pyui} You’re a lifesaver, here you go, sorry it’s just this much {900 glo!!} I see – if I take quests like this one, I’ll be able to train while fulfilling the passing condition Let’s look around for more jobs! 11 “Help of a person skilled in cooking needed to make side dishes” Side dishes…? Well, my cooking skill may be of use here… Excuse me-e, it’s about the poster in front of the house? So you say you can cook!? {shlap!!} Y…Yes… 12 Actually, mother, who cooks at our house, is sick | And, although I can cook rice and miso soup… well… Aah… you mean, you need side dishes…right? | I can teach you some simple ones Do you have any ingredients ready? Well, all we’ve got is a large amount of eggplant… Then let’s make an eggplant dish | I’ve got other ingredients on hand, so I’ll add those in the process Thank you! I will definitely pay for those! Let’s prepare them first… First, cut the eggplant into small chunks, wash and drain in a draining basket Slice onions into round pieces… And bell pepper into strips Cut bacon into bite-sized pieces And finally, grate one clove of garlic | Preparations are complete 13 First grease the frying pan and cook the bacon with grated garlic {shu} Be careful not to burn them, and when they’re done, put them aside onto a plate Uh-hum… Stir-fry the eggplant with a fair amount of oil | When it begins to cook add some alcohol and let it cook some more {Sh—~} Add the remaining bell peppers and onions and cook till done When the onions get transparent, add the bacon back Mix miso with wine and add it to the dish to taste, pouring from the wall of the pan Simmer it for a bit and mix | And eggplant-based vegetable stir-fry with meat dressed with miso IS READY!! 14 Miso and garlic give it such a nice aroma… {Ah} {chew} It is simple… But the taste is so gentle… I guess even I could do it!! I made a bigger portion, it should be enough for today Thank you very much, so, here is 600 glo, for the ingredients and your help | Thanks to you we will be able to have a proper meal today I’m glad it was to their taste {Pheeeeeuw} 15 {Pheeeuw} -The Next day Today I’m going on a request with a party of 4 loongs Okay, let’s have a little rest here | And review the contents of the request Today’s request is to gather a particular herb as soon as possible And deliver it to the doctor We should prioritise gathering to fighting If you have any questions | I’ll answer them as far as I can I’ve got some questions 16 When I saw the 4 of you, I thought you were pretty strong | You shouldn’t need any help The four of us are skilled, that much is true But this time we needed more people to be sure The herb we are looking for Is actually monsters’ favourite food, goblins in particular You’re saying that we are likely to meet a crowd of High Goblins? Right, but be at ease, you only need to gather the herb | And leave the fighting to us …Uhum Compared to including a newbie like me to a coordinated party, this will prove more effective and efficient 17 I see, I agree with such logic One more thing… why do goblins harvest this plant? The herb in question is sweet, much like candy | And Goblin Lords take a liking to it Goblin Lords… The biggest threat around Itsugatake Not only they have the power to command and strengthen other goblins, but can also boast 1.5 times the strength of a High Goblin There is no mob around Itsugatake more hated by the players!! And what are our chances of meeting one? Sorry, but I’d say higher than 90% 18 Last question – what is the herb used for? It is effective against lung diseases, especially severe ones that cause patients to cough up blood Hmm… tuberculosis? …that means our client? It seems her husband is seriously ill | She scraped up this money to pay for the request This request should be fulfilled no matter what!! It’s there… do you see it? Hmm, I see 10 goblins 19 And I’m afraid two of them are properly equipped… {do—ng} Do you see that much from this distance!? Decent equipment… so two Lords Sorry but that’s how it is And now of all times…!! Leader, you see, it’s no good!? It’s a certain death even for us Nothing doing, I pity the client, but we should…… Ehm… may I interrupt? There is one way to do it… Huh…!? Please, do tell!! 20 Those groups consist of a fighter, a lord, a priest, and a magician Meaning, they’re not too quick If we have someone fast become a decoy | and pull them away while others gather herbs, we can pull it off I get the theory… But isn’t being a decoy too dangerous… I offered it, so I’ll go You hear me, leader? Loud and clear I’m starting with the plan I wish you luck {drr…} Now, Mr. Lord, come to papa 21 {[Hawk Shot]} {wz}x3 {sh…} {do ng} {shur} {twitch}x2 22 Gobubu!! Gobu Gobu Woah… there is quite a number coming after me {dundundundun} Are you done, leader… This is leader, we’re done! Moving towards the city at full speed You should bail too! {pop} I’ve been waiting for those words!! 23 {booom!!} {gyaaa} While they’re busy… {[Concealment]} {Woon} GobuGobubu!! (Roast him with magic!!) {[fly]} {wop} {shhhhh} 24 {[Great Jump]} {bo unce} {doosh} By a hair’s breadth… {tap} See ya, Lord {da  sh} {[Wind Buster]} Gobririn!!(can’t find him!!) Gobubu…!!(Grr…!!) 25 I’m impressed you could escape… Just barely, I don’t want to experience that ever again That gave me a real scare But thanks to you it was a success | So please accept this bonus We all pooled some money to reward you for risking your life I’ll gratefully accept, thank you So, how about you team up with us? I would if I had some time left before logout… Sorry, but I’ve got my own things to do… And I’ve got a [Loong Ritual] to beat, so I politely declined   If you like the work I do and want to support me, you can donate using my patreon page.

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