Chapter 50

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{Congratulations. We have reached chapter 50!! It is only possible thanks to your continuing support. Thank you from the very bottom of our heart!!}

Several days later

Please, carry it over there

All right


I’ve been busy carrying stuff around and doing delivery and a bit of crafting


…Or rather

I have to finish my work early | to go and give Pikasha some grooming

Otherwise, she’s just starting to peck me

I don’t know if it’s because of her having to stay at home, but she’s got a nasty mood lately

Ehm, are you perchance…

Excuse me, but are you the person who helped to gather medical plants several days ago?


If that was a request from a wife… | For her husband’s sake than I guess I am

Thanks to you my husband’s blood-spitting has subsided

I was searching for you in hopes to express my gratitude

I was just fulfilling the request, please don’t trouble yourself

No…… | There are many people, who would face a painful death without those herbs

Money is good only if they can help you, they wouldn’t replace a husband to a wife

Thank you from the bottom of my heart


So you are Earth, I have heard of the effort you put in

{Itsugatake Ma}

Thank you for your work

When the first humans came here they were just looking for monsters or important people | Barraging the citizens with questions, not even trying to understand their situation

And because of that, they were an eyesore

But now the opinion of foreigners is changing | And it might be due to your help


I don’t think they meant to be rude either | Just in a hurry to pass the Loong Ritual

…I guess so | I’ve heard that there are those among humans who seek such obstacles to overcome

I wish our cowardly youngsters learnt from them



The next day

Good morning

Oh, you’re awake, there is a guest waiting for you

A guest?


Strictly speaking, it’s more of a reunion

Uhum… I hope you haven’t been shirking your training…?




So you are saying we should take the responsibility

Uhum… We cannot let those who pass our test show poor performance

What in the world happened…?

{murmur}Waterfalls scary, caves scary, needles scary, lava scary{murmur}


…What kind of training you were through, I wonder?

First, reading sutra under the waterfall to calm mind and spirit

Then fighting me being thrown into a pitch-black cave

Crossing the ‘ mountain of needles’ | Training on a bridge, hoisted above the stream of lava…  [T.N.: In japanese Buddhism, the Mountain of Needles is one of the layers of hell (in China it is Mountain of Knives)]

Using these ascetic practices, I could make him realize his insignificance


If one doesn’t learn after those, more ascetic practices are in order…


I think Gorou might not have lived through those……

A-and the reason you came here…

Uhum… to give you the last advice

From now on you will form a party with Gorou and will be getting in sync till the [Loong Ritual]

The most important thing in a group for the [Loong Ritual] is not strength, but opening your heart to your partner…

We will be close, but won’t interfere… And that Pikasha creature, you should not rely on her

You should trust each other…

Opening our hearts…




Huu… I am alive… | I’m so glad to be alive…


Huuu, rice is truly good… | Truly marvellous…


I know that ‘Hunger knows no manners’ | I thought he would calm down having eaten that…


Chief, keep it coming


Are you okay now?


I am so sorry, but during Mr.Saryu’s drill, my meals were also severely limited…


And the training itself…

Ohh… My head aches!!

That’s one hell of an emotional trauma

So, do you think you’re ready to head off to Mutsugatake* and challenge the [Loong Ritual]?  [T.N.: Previously Rokugatake]


I think so

All right | Then let’s go and land ourselves some jobs to clear this city


Just a moment, I don’t have any weapon on me, do I!? | You need a weapon to train…

In Itsugatake you are judged based on the work you do, so it’s fine

{thank you very much—!!}


What do you think of our current state?

What do you mean?


You are forced to party up with me because I dragged you to the [Double Loong Trial] | I’m fine with it because my aim is to pass the [Loong Ritual]…

To tell you the truth, I didn’t get to choose the route I’m following now

But there are always things in this world that don’t work out the way I want them to

That’s true, but…

One person told me

[There’re lots of people in the world, who want to go left, and if you want to go right, you’ll have to go along]

[And if  while following them you start moving right]

[The current still drags you on]

[But you can decide the angle of your movement]



And what does it mean?

A single person cannot defy the current of the world | But even in that current you still can reach your goal, I guess?

So, all depends on your perspective… that might be the best way of thinking in this situation

Saryu said that he won’t stand a lousy defeat in the [Loong Ritual] | Conversely, he’s been training Gorou for that not to happen

And same for me, being trained by Uryu

And so…

There is a benefit in that for me, so I don’t mind

{I see}

Still, one of the greatest pleasures of games is, while being dragged along by a current, being able to go against it


Several days later—

Hey, Earth, help me with one little thing

Mr.Eart, thank you for before

Thanks to regular jobs, I’ve made some acquaintances in the city

In exchange for the decreasing amount of those IRL | Having more in VR makes me smile bitterly

Are these people really just characters in a game…

They greet me when we pass by each other

They gossip loudly while having a meal

The liveliness missing from the real world can be found here, in VR | Somehow, though it’s a game, I don’t want to do anything half-heartedly…

…should I go ask the magistrate for their judgement


[Itsugatake Magist]

Oh, here you are, Earth, give me your papers

Uhum, with this you can go to Mutsugatake

Ehm… Officer | Can I possibly ask about Gorou?

…Ah, Gorou | The rowdy fellow sure has changed

Last time he was here he fought demons like a fierce god, and when he came back, all he did was quarrel, drunk and fought again… the whole day | Quite a terrible person, if you ask me

Did he, possibly, change because of you, Earth?

…………| No, what changed him is his own experience and hard work

—If you say so

Don’t worry, it is all water under the bridge, we will judge him | for what he is now


…That’s how it is, I’m relieved

Several days later Gorou got his permission with no trouble whatsoever

Thank you for letting us stay for that long

Once again, I am sorry for what happened to you before

Well then, we are leaving | Please, take care of yourself

I pray that only good things await you


Mutsugatake checkpoint

There are no further tests to the brave warriors, who come this far

You just wait and train how you deem proper

Do you have any questions?

I’ve heard there is a big inn in Mutsugatake

{One of those you can’t stay in the usual way}

Ah, there is one… | The last inn, that requires the seal from before

By the way, Mutsugatake used to be a stronghold, not a city

But the time went on and now, in the times of peace, a massive stronghold, was turned into an inn | Then the houses were built around, people came and started their shops, and so the city was born


It’s Mutsugatake already……

It’s been a long time…

Since I’ve been to this city

…I wonder what Gorou is thinking now……




Sakura tree is sure a nice view | It will be a good evening to have a drink while watching sakura

I haven’t seen it for a while too…

I wonder why sakura trees here bloom all year round

And of all the Loong Kingdom only Mutsugatake has these

True, I haven’t seen any sakura | either in human or in fairy cities……

I’m glad we managed to find an inn

Uhum, it is small but nice and calm


Apologies for disturbing, but there is a visitor looking for our human guest



Ah… I’m so glad I could meet up with you

I got a letter from the former innkeep from Yotsugatake | About the incident caused by manager’s ineptitude

I am the manager of the local [Stronghold Inn]

I want to apologise to you, who has the right of lodging, on behalf of that inn

And I want you at least stay at our inn in Mutsugatake

I am bowing my head to you and humbly beg you to stay there… please……


So it’s like inter-inn cooperation – they hand the client over to each other


And having this chain broken abruptly is a hit to their reputation

I’ve been handed from one landlady to another, so I can guess…


F…first raise your head



Gorou, what do I do…!!


Why are you asking me…

Ame, Saryu…?



For mercy’s sake, I beg you… please…

~~~…We’ve chosen our lodging for today, so we’ll spend a night here and come to your place tomorrow | How does that sound?

Thank you very much

Thank you very much…!


Have a pleasant stay-

That is so over the top | Beyond any expectations

We would be happy if you relieve your tiredness in our inn while you are awaiting the [Loong Ritual]




[Paulownia Room]

Hoh, it is quite nice

Seems to be a nice quiet room

Thank you very much

The exterior is made to be worthy of the last inn | And the interior is made with relaxation for our guests in mind

Now, please, take your rest



Well, although we had our share of trouble | We settled on our final ‘base’, all we need is to decide what to do before the trial


I’m planning to go hunt local monsters and make last preparations

So, I’ll take my leave


Taking the initiative… Gorou has grown so much

Ame and Saryu…

{Po  p}


We’ve got one job left – to deliver you to the [Loong Ceremony] | We can take it easy for now

Right, we don’t have anything left to say


{just when did they…}

Then I’ll go find myself some work to do


Well, let’s go out too


The dragon castle I haven’t seen since Ichigatake is so close now…

And my activities in the Loong Kingdom have reached their final chapter


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