Chapter 1

So, I am adding a new title to the roster. It is, once again, a pretty relaxed and easy to translate thing, much like Isekai Cafe. And I was approached by a person from a scanlation group(who basically is that scanlation group, Absquatulate scans), who asked me if I was planning to start a new series(yes, the title is already reserved for the group, I want to apologise for bending my usual policy a bit on this) and I got a nice New Year’s donation, thank you guys, so  I decided to start something easy of the titles I read myself.

So, I took a pretty simple title called Jiisama ga Iku: an Oldman in Counterworld. (nope, it’s not about Gary)

It is a monthly title, with chapters I can translate in a day or so. That way it won’t take too much of my time.

And I took a bit of an experimantal approach(at least as far as I am concerned) to translation of main character’s speech, which is a bit quirky and old man-ish, with ‘ja’s and so on. If you don’t like it, or it feels off, please tell me, I will correct it(or at least I’ll try).

P.S.: No. I’m not dropping any projects, don’t worry about it.

So, without ffurther ado, I give you the first chapter of the new title.


Link to the raw chapter



Takumi is still such a kid, though he is in middle school already…







Who are you!



Where did the boy come from


And this old man

{ba sh}



{BA m}









Author: Hotaruishi

Artist: Ayano Urasuke


Grandpa is coming

Chapter 1: The old man who has been summoned




Young man | would you like to become a hero in this world

Young man? Whoever do you mean

What are you using to float like that



Takumi | My name is Ithril

Takumi’s the name o’ my grandson though


What are you saying?

Is it that thingie, the afterlife?


I see…

It’s the wrong person

This man is Takumi’s grandfather

Ithril, was it

Are ye a god?


Oh, ya stopped floating

There is one thing I’d like to ask ye…

Did Takumi survive?

I just checked | You were the only one to die

Ho-ho-ho… Well, nothin’ doin’ then

Are you okay with it?

Why not

But because of my mistake

I did something to you that I can’t take back



If Takumi is alright, it’s all good

Even I cannot return the soul that was summoned here

And what were ye plans ferTakumi when ya summoned him?

I was planning to reincarnate him in my world

So, could’ja reincarnate me instead?

Yes | If it’s okay with you!


That being the case

You are very lucky, o elder

Have turned on that divine look, have ye

Well, I AM a god, that aside…

Elder, you don’t seem that impressed

Y’see all this reincarnation business all over the light novels I borrowed from my grandson

So that’s how it is

Could ye make me a tad younger after reincarnation

Yes, anything you strive for may be granted

Hoh | Anything… ye don’t say…


{Yes, anything}





I will have trouble communicating at first

Let’s give you all the languages, basic common sense and appraisal skill, anything else?

Wait a moment, elder, isn’t it too detailed

{Ah, and an item box too}

I play online RPGs with my grandson!

Then, wouldn’t [inventory] be better  [T.N.: Kanji reads [Infinite Storage]]


Inventory ya say?


That is comfortable! Ya know yer stuff

Hahah… | Despite how I look, I am a god


By the way, Otherworldly elder, what is your name?

Asao Seitarou

Then, until we meet again

Seitarou, huh | That’s one weird human


You are there, aren’t you, come on out




{Who was that?}

That man’s name is Asao Seitarou

Where did that grampa go?

To our world, Phylosoph

I sent him to a safe cave


Looks like a shrine in the back of our house

Not like another world at all

{It’s a tad chilly}

There are two moons, twins, huh

Now that’s a proper different world

And that…






Quite a rowdy bear, ain’cha




Spells I can use are…

{Le  ap}




That’s dangerous! Behave, won’cha!






Quite an efficient one


And what about this?

[Ice Neelde]



[Heal all]   [T.N. Kanji reads [Recovery]]

Don’t get caught



Still can’t believe I ‘ve got it


{Such a nice morning}











I look good 10 years younger!


{Oh, a paved road}


{Turn right over there}

{Oh, a town}


Old man, show me your papers

Papers? Big city is sure interesting

I’m from back in the sticks, came to sightsee


So no papers, you really live in the middle of nowhere!


Wow, old man, I’m impressed you came this far!


What can I do | Still, it is irritating


You know what this is, gramps? I bet you don’t!

Just hold your hand over it!

Don’t wiggle it around, it’s dangerous

Do you take me for an ignoramus!

I know that much!

But gramps

There are dangerous places in town, so watch out

When we came here from our village it was really dangerous

Well, | When you are in a bind, feel free to call us, gatekeepers!

Gramps, welcome to the town of Sul!


Doesn’t seem to be a bad place

They remind me of me and my pals when we were younger


If we follow the game logic, then

First, to the temple

Oh-hoh, Mr. Ithril, they made you look so handsome


Make way for the trolley, please

Oh-hoh, such a lively place




They are fresh off the farm, say hello to your family

Such a bright and good atmosphere

Please, be generous | Donate to the orphans

How can I say no to that

So much!


Treat them to a good meal



Let the divine blessing be with you

You are welcome…




Mr. Ithril

Thank you for everything

I think I can live in this world just fine

Of course, I won’t do anything rash

{What do you think?}

And [treasure this life]


Thank ye


It is tasty, but still

You look like an ordinary old man

Didn’t you come to the wrong place?

Registration is this way


I’m going on a pleasure jaunt, want to register as a peddler

I see, a peddler then

To get the recognition of the guild you should pay 50000 lir annually


Pour your magic into this please

Another crystal, huh


Oh-hoh, an interesting thingie




{It became a card!}

What goods do you usually deal in?


Won’cha tell me prices for goods in this town?

{Of course!}


If you break the rules or do crimes, it will go on your record, so be careful

Of course

Everyone is a beginner at first! Do your best!

Thank ya for yer help


If it’s how the girlie told me, 100 lanka of tea leaves cost 15000 lir | Quite expensive ain’t it



Listen, sonny, can I ask ya one thing?

Huh? Go on, but keep it brief

D’ya have a 100 lanka potato among these?

What are you saying, they are 300 lanka, don’cha see

Ooh-, those are splendid potatoes

Steam me 3 of those, please

You will be full with 2, gramps!



True, I went a tad overboard



You’re in the way, brat

I’m sorry…

Look where you’re going



You’ve got eyes, so use them


Aah… they broke

I broke the eggs, mom…


Heya, lad


What’s happened, kid

You see…

Eggs… Precious eggs…

This is my home

Dun’ worry, we will apologise together

The eggs are useless now

How shall I sell something like this

I’m sorry

I’m sorry




Can’t you even do this much? Oh, kid!

I’m sorry

Care to listen?

I saw it happen, the lad is not to blame

It’s not about blame, I’m trying to run a business here

So yer sayin’ it’s fine if it sells?

Would’ja have some oil and vinegar

Let’s do this and this



{Ta dam}

Huh? | What’s this, never seen it before | Something like this

I’m sure it’s some amatureish gimmick

What’s this…


Where did you learn this?

It’s vexing, but this is good

It’s my village’s specialty

It might go good with boiled eggs

I’ll give ya a recipe, so ya can try different combinations

I couldn’t imagine that eggs could be used like this

Are you really alright with us making it?

Of course, dun’ worry


Thank you!

Gramps, our inn is in your debt, you can stay here

Ya’ve got a nice place


I need’ta prepare for tomorrow’s trade


{Black tea}


Restocking finished

[Skill: Asao Tea Plantation]

I wish I had a tea caddy | What use is talking about luxury

By the way, Takumi loved playing with them tea caddies as a kid

Hope he is all right


{10000 lanka of tea!?}

{Just who are you, gramps!!}

Oh you should’ve seen guild master’s mug

100000 lanka of tea leaves and 10000 lanka of coffee beans, I wonder who that old timer is


Not a proper guy fore sure

Some outstanding scoundrel I bet!

So, what kind of mug did he have

At a glance, just a seedy-looking gramps

Gramps is a good man!

Huh? What’s with the brat

So, kid, you know that old coot?

He’s probly swindling you

He isn’t like that!



Ah, grampa!

Oh, good morning


{Huh, looks just like my gramps}



Grampa, where are you going today?


I sold the tea already, so I thought of moving to the next town

Oh—! No, please don’t go


Ho-hoh, now I’m troubled


I’ll drop by, be a good lad

Please come by! It’s a promise






{What’s that?}




{1 2 3 4}





{give back}






Why are these goblins…

That persistent

{huff huff huff huff}


Father, mother, I’m sorry…



It’s going as planned



Shh, they’ll notice us


Are ye alright, lassie


It seems yer in trouble





{What’s that?}


Old man, don’t be unreasonable, run!

Can ya give me that thingie

So that’s the cause?

{just when did it?}



{You give it back—}

{Old man, bewa!?}

[swamp] | I won’t kill ya, just behave





Kh | Just who’s this old timer

Strong magic!





Just numb, it will pass




{How do I know}



Don’t let’em steal it next time

Gramps… just who are you?

We’ll talk later

Damn, we’ve been found out

It’s you being all noisy



Nicely fought

Glad you’re safe

I saw it all, you know…


We’re screwed



Geezer… You’d live longer if you didn’t say that

What are you talking about

Hey, stop it

I told you

Totally screwed…



Can I have you for a second, mister gatekeeper

Oh, it’s you, gramps | Back already?

I need you to lend me a hand for a bit

Hey, gramps, these are



Hey! It’s trouble, call the chief!

{O OK!}




{The clouds are gathering}

{Out of the fire and into the frying pan?}


If you like the work I do and want to support me, you can donate using my patreon page.

If you have found a spelling error or just a line you think could be phrased better, press Ctrl+Enter to send me your suggestion.

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2,065 Responses

  1. LZW says:

    Which group?

    • Lainrad says:

      Sorry, I am clumsy in these things, I forgot to ask if it is an individual or a group doing the scanlation. I was asked to do a translation by a person on Reddit, we keep in contact about it since then, but I never even thought of asking that.

    • Lainrad says:

      Asked, it’s Absquatulate scans (posted a link in the foreword).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I’m the one that notified MarijnLJP from MangaDex about the first line not being accurate: “Takumi still hasn’t come back from school…”
    The way I understood that is that even though it’s nighttime, is that Takumi still hasn’t come back from school.
    Except on page 2, he actually appeared and in pajamas. Which I think is too weird, coming back from school in pajamas.

    So I checked from the RAW the true meaning and this is how I understand that:
    “That Takumi, even though he’s in Junior High, he’s still…”

    From what I could guess, judging by the context, is that Takumi, even though he’s in junior high school, he’s still need someone to keep watch while he’s in the toilet. The same as when you heard a scary story and can’t go to the toilet alone.

    • Lainrad says:

      Yes, and I have already answered this to MarijnLJP, after which that person posted my answer on mangadex. The phrase translates as ‘Oh that Takumi, he’s advanced to Junior High(middle) school now, but he’s still got a long way to go’. And my problem with it is that it has got NO context. The sentence ends with ‘madamada’ which, much as ‘has still got a long way to go’, which it is translated as, got a very broad meaning. And not having any context is a problem. That’s why I changed it to suit the situation.
      Or so I thought. Till it actually just dawned on me, I didn’t notice that before – that shed-looking building I somehow saw as a gate(that’s what gave birth to my confusion) is actually an outhouse. And you’re not talking about an abstract toilet but THE outhouse in the yard. Sorry, I didn’t get you the first time and thanks.

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