Chapter 10

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Chapter 50


Did you hear? [Café Omusubi]

Has to take an extra holiday to fix their outer wall


Clack clack

Oh no, really?

That’s where I’m always getting my bread now

It’ll be troublesome if they don’t reopen soon

Won’t they at least sell their bread somewhere else?



{Aah}No, not like that, Paul! | Didn’t I tell you to measure the amount carefully


We use flour, not water, to regulate the softness of bread

It is possible to eyeball the quantity | But if we are making bread for sale, all loaves should taste the same

Please follow the recipe

Ah…yes | I’m sorry, I forgot


He’s told me they’d been measuring it by eye before, nothing doing

And this lack of precision is why food here is so bad | I guess it is the main reason…

Contrary to Zeke’s case, | when he had to learn from scratch

A professional cook, who did everything his own way for years

Needs more time to remember the way to make my airy bread

Who could’ve thought that his [work experience] would backfire…





So… I’m sorry

The water…

{And here I thought}

{it was a good idea…}

…I will bring something to wipe it

U-hum… We both seem to be having a hard time


Then this debt

You both will pay it with your bodies!


Just whom are you planning to sell us to?


No, I didn’t mean it that way {it’s too much.}

Paul, I want you to make my bread

And Helena to join the wait staff


I was just thinking we were short-handed | And needed more bread


You should take what she had done into account…


Do you mean to say that all we need to do is help out in the café?

Yes I do, in Helena’s case

One should pay for one’s deeds with labour

So she will compensate for the cost of repairs with her work

In plain terms, free labour | fine by you?

Y Yes…

And now we are going to talk business

Paul, how much do you sell you bread for?


1 lir…

Then if I teach you how to make our bread | You agree to sell it to us for that price

I would like you to deliver a fixed amount of bread here every day except holidays

It goes without saying that the quality should be uniform

And, of course, I won’t mind you selling our bread | at the same price as we do, 2.5 lir

Huh!? Are you fine with it?

The reason I opened this café and am spreading recipes through Ashley company

Is to spread new cuisine and ways of cooking


And I don’t see any contradiction in you giving me a hand

Oh… It is more than I could ever ask for



We are sorry for causing you so much trouble

I will rely on you two from now on

I’m sure it will also help Paul’s place, even if a little

And, as we have some spare time now, | We can teach them cooking and serving


Risa, the bread is ready

There are benefits for both sides



Or… there should be…

Just how!?


I… I’m sorry…

Paul’s curse of making rock-hard bread seems to be too strong





Don’t worry about it, it’s your first day

Now eat a proper meal and cheer up

There are cream stew and mallow salad on today’s menu


And ril fruit fresh

[Looks like an apple

Tastes like an orange

[Ril fruit]]


Is it magnificent! And the colour arrangement is so nice

Thank you very much


This is what we serve in our café

You should remember these

To be able to answer the customers’ questions


The food doesn’t seem warm at all when you see it before these two



{I’m fine with Zeke as Helena’s instructor}

{But she still seems to be ill at ease in front of him…}

Well, let’s start our meal

{Bon appetit}

I am grateful to the goddess and the spirits for providing me with such a meal

So this is the bread they make…

The one they were talking about…

{Chesters’ bread is disgusting}

{It’s much better at [Café Omusubi]}




Ah… I’m sorry, it came out…

Oh, don’t worry about it

You got to taste our bread at last

I had tried to buy it several times… | But admitting defeat is hard


Now I see that those people were right


It’s delicious


It’s all right, Helena…

Soon your father will be able to bake it too



I once and again see how much I have still to learn | Please, don’t look at my age and be strict with me

I will, no matter what, bake a bread you will enjoy


Yes | I was planning all along

{And though I am still worried}


{I’m glad to have chosen these two}

…So, Paul | During the time left till our reopening I will also teach you how to make yeast


To put it plainly, the thing that makes bread airy


First, we boil a glass jar

Then, we put a ril, cut to pieces with skin and seeds

Add a spoonful of honey water…

Ah, a spoonful is an amount equal to one tablespoon

And add some cooled boiled water


Just enough to cover it

And that’s all?

Preparations are done, but it will take several days to rise | It’s not ready yet

Now we put the jar to a warm place

And mix it and let it breathe once a day without fail

{Cover it from direct sunlight by a piece of cloth}

If we had a fermentation basket, we could keep the temperature stable

I ordered one for my store, it should come soon


The change caused in products by yeast is called [fermentation], | when they spoil, it’s [decomposition]

Here is some ripe yeast juice

When it begins to hiss | and become a little frothy, it’s done

Oh-… A very weird thing indeed

This yeast juice together with wheat flour is the basis for our bread | Of course, it takes some time to make, but it is necessary


I’ve never seen such an elaborate way to make bread before

Your cooking is so high-grade | Because you spare no effort in making it


Let me try and bake another loaf

I will follow the recipe precisely and measure the ingredients!

That’s the spirit, Paul!

I wonder if Helena is doing okay…

When you take an order, put it down on this piece of paper… order form

If they also order a drink, put it in the same line | And here goes the order time

To be specific, you write down the starting time, the length and the ending time


Now goes the explanation of the menu, but we did it during catering

Zeke… always so impassionate…

{And too brief}


Excuse me, could you slow down a bit


And might I ask you for writing utensils? | I am sorry for having bad memory

But I don’t want to serve customers improperly

I want…

To work properly

Come here

It’s a remaining piece of a used bank chit Risa told me to use for notes

If it is insufficient, there’s more here


Thank you very much…!

There was no need to worry, huh

Several days later

Paul’s hard work paid off

He could master making wheat bread and bread rolls

Helena comes earlier than anyone | And cleans the place of her own accord


{I’m so sorry}

And the wall is regaining its former look


[Café Omusubi] is open once again


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