Chapter 51

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We have received a notice from the Lord of the Loongs about you
Earth, Gorou, both of you will face the [Loong Ritual] in a few days | So you should not neglect your training…
The real deal, at last, Gorou
The day has come at last…
Long awaited [Double Loong Trial] victors…… | The Lord of the Loongs has been watching you too
Later, I searched on the BBs and found there were about 10 victors of the [Loong Ritual] | And among them, I saw Grad* | I guess he got over that failure… And came out stronger [T.N.: Queen’s former human partner, ch.7-9]
The challengers claimed that those who pass the [Loong Ritual] | Obtain a fraction of loongs’ power, albeit with limitations
Like superhuman strength
Or an ability to summon greater lightning | In short, overpowered attacks
And it is supposed that the former is suited for those who use weapons and the latter is easier to learn for magic users
And there seemed to be no one yet to learn both
Activation time is 2 minutes and the cooldown is 4 hours | It was written about LVL1 skill, so with the level rising the activation time will probably stretch
Well, can’t promise anything | …except for doing my best
To put it simply, it is a decisive battle!!
It seems to me that being fired up now would break my fortune…
For me it would be better now to train normally | It would keep me from overexerting my mind and body
Oh… Then, Earth, let me make a training ground for you using my personal dimension ability
Long thin stakes for a footing | and Hell’s Mountain of Needles below
It is my idea of a training place
Are you into this Needles thing?
But this unstable footing is just what I need to enhance my physical abilities
Thank you so much | If you don’t mind…
Let’s start with martial arts practice called ‘horse walk’
Bend your knees while keeping your back straight and throw out your chest
Try to bend your knees to keep tour thighs as horizontal as possible while keeping balance
Now, I need to make a step while keeping the stance and balancing on these unsteady poles
And another one
…It is quite tiresome but the fact that I’ll fall onto those needles if I break the balance, helps
And when I got used to it
Hoh… now try and draw your bow | No need to shoot……
No need to hurry, now try again…
{ba-dump ba-dump}
Hmm… It’s been 2 hours… | Let’s get back…
R-right… Let’s go…
In the end, I couldn’t draw the string properly even once
Even though I’ve got body-enhancement skills…
Does it mean that my own sense of balance is just bad…
—The next day
First, a review of the previous day
The exercises I did the day before took 30 minutes
Sadly, I couldn’t achieve any semblance of proper balance
Uhum…… Let us add a kicking practice…
What was that…?
The thickness of each pole is 12 centimeters
I seriously don’t think I can do it…
I do not tell you to kick with all you’ve got right away | I suggest you start by keeping balance on standing one foot
First, try to raise one foot from the pole for several seconds……
—One hour later
Uhum… Now you can keep your balance for about 10 seconds…
Now try to walk on those poles… | Slowly and steadily, step by step…
Keep walking for a while… | Now you see what you have to learn…?
I see it clearly, I’m rookie when walking is concerned
As an adventurer, I sure do sometimes have to walk on an unstable footing like this | I have to train my muscle memory so that I won’t have to watch my every step
Uhum… Let us wrap it up for today | We will have time to work on it before the [Loong Ritual]…
—Fortress Inn
The LVL of my [Physical Enhancement] reached 99 | And now I have to choose its evolved form
Between [Martial Arts Enhancement], [Craft Enhancement] and [Universal Physical Enhancement]…
They elevate either [martial arts] moves or [craft] moves respectively
Rising my combat ability seems tempting right now but I shouldn’t neglect crafting…
I hope that if I choose one, the bonus to the other one won’t disappear… | And the [Ultimate one] give me a ‘jack of all trades and master of none’ vibe…
Taking cooperation with Gorou into account, I decided to take the [Martial Arts] one
And chose a course of rising my war potential which made fighting unavoidable
I will have to make do with the [Master’s Fingertips] for crafting
[Passive arts
[Military Part] acquired
Att: Bonus granted to the battle moves]
Now I’m training for the scenario where I lose my bow
No use…
Too slow…
Try and kick more swiftly…
Ooh… You could hold on
Using these moves will leave your neck open!
It’s hard…
Saryu didn’t dodge!?
A chance…!?
That’s right… Probe your opponent’s skills and state
Don’t slack off when he’s not attacking…
Feeling the opponent’s movements thinner than paper
Swinging my whip and feet
And while doing that I train my muscles to keep my balance on an unstable footing
You shouldn’t hurry, if you hurry you lose…
It’s no use hurrying to win
Not losing will in time lead me to victory…!!
I’ve got another message from the Lord of the Loongs | Your [Loong Ritual] will be held tomorrow
Therefore it is our final training | Try to hit my body, even slightly is fine
Perfect timing for this bombshell…
…But I’m not going to waste moves
A rouge his with no repeatability is no use to me
{as tempting as it is}
But… too far
I feel as if I am miles away from landing a single hit
One minute…
This is it…!!
Aiming at my feet now…
Is quite a timely attack…
—All right, the training is over, time to go back……
I am immensely grateful to you for accompanying me in my training…
Thank you so much
Do not mind it…
I did all I could
I will prepare for tomorrow and log out……
I should check my mail before going to bed…
No way… why is it here…!!
[Sender: Saryu
The last attack has touched down albeit by the smallest margin…
I will be cheering for you in tomorrow’s [Loong Ritual]……]
…it got my spirits up in the face of tomorrow’s [Loong Ritual]!!


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