Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 Old man travelling



I see it’s bein’ dealt with…


That one is a son of a big shot

Something happens – our heads will fly

{Hurry up!}

All human countries are the same




Gramps, you’re not wounded

So is the girl, right?

I think you’d better leave before things go south



We can’t even touch them, you see

Truly troublesome




Why did they have to detain us instead?!

I was just trying to explain the situation…

There is no end to my problems, is there

And now even you got in trouble because of me…


Grampa! This man wanted to see you


Ahem—… | I am the master of the town’s adventurer guild

So, what’s yer business with us | Did’ja want to apologise fer those younsters’ behavior?


You’d better choose your words carefully, old-timer



You should understand | That they’re innocent until you have the evidence

That’s so…


Rather, from what I hear, you ambushed and attacked them

Is the record not proof enough?

And how are you going to prove those aren’t fabricated?

It’s usable if it’s real but not this time


{Have a sip, t’will help ye calm down}

So, proof

Aren’t you too chill, old-timer?

Here you go!



Are ye calm now?

Well, if you acknowledge your crimes yourself

Your punishment will be light



I’ll also punish them myself

Hmm, is that so?

It’s the usual deal

They instigate the incident then offer help for a reward

And get either money or rank points



I get your point

Their next victim might not be as kind as I am

So they might not escape the forest next time | Scary place, that forest



I see… I’ll give them the harshest punishment from the guild

So, what about us then?

I’ll make them take back the complaint

That should be enough

{That’s one scary geezer…}


Huh… is it resolved?

{Let me take one too}



You will stay with us today?

You did it, old man!

You got them good, right



I knew you were not that simple!

With that the suspicion against us was cleared

{need to write it down}

Thus, we got retribution, albeit unofficially

The social structure of human society is rather faulty, but there are countermeasures


What do you think, Luche

Seitarou is a rather

Capable man


Good luck to you today, old man






Girlie, look

This coffee is so good!


What were you doing before becoming a magician, gramps?

I’ve been a tea dealer | since the olden days and so I remain

There is a river a little further ahead

Did’ja not say the opposite a while ago?

Uh… actually I’m bad with directions…

That’s fine

{Lemme see the layout of tha forest}





Producing such a clear map chantless…

D’ya see it too?

I’m a little bit of a mage myself…

Hm? | Isn’t your home very-very | far away, gramps?

Then the only guess I have is the god…

Oh! Good job noticing that


Oh, then if you got reincarnated, why didn’t you get younger?

I got full 10 years back, ya know

All the reincarnees in our records got much younger

{10 y.o….}

Well, I had no trouble with eyes or back till 70

But don’t all humans | want to be rejuvenated?

{It sounds weird coming from an elf like me though}

Hmm | I wonder ‘bout that

Then, I can’t buy coffee like this anywhere else…!


Did’ja like it that much?






We’ve got a geezer here


Hey, aren’cha too careless



Hah, come on

Well, we should also go


Ah, I see a village

Time to go our separate ways


Thanks to you, lassie, it was a pleasant journey

I have to record more before we split


Did the man just now do something?


His footprint is too deep

For a man with just an empty basket

So, his clothes makes him slender!



Welcome, planning to stay?

‘Ave ya got 2 spare rooms?

Did somethin’ happen?

{Let me help}


We just reopened

The village was attacked by bandits | Luckily, they didn’t kill any of the village folk



That bunch might be back

We passed by a shady young’un at the gate


I might help ya tho | Will ya hear me out?

Let me call the others first






Jus’ stand there and watch






So you can do things like that!?

{with a map!?}




Hey, are you a bug catcher or what?

Kinda too peaceful

{We are talking about bandits here!}


Grmpa, are you strong?


The bad people hurt my mother

Will you get them?

Of course

They are coming back?

We were told to evacuate towards the church…

What’s happening?

Here they are


Quite the big gang





I’ve never seen such a vast barrier…


{What is that…}


{Divine protection?}


Let’s start



Hey, whazzat?


Somethin’ shiny

Must be all those shiny coins


{Now we can have some nice meat}

{And buy good swords}

Let’s go











A successful start


Boss, trouble!

The guys in hiding were all taken

Huh!? What’ja say?

By some weird jeezer…



And he’s coming here


Let him come, I’ll cut him to pieces




Here you are

The elf over there is worth a lot, take her alive












Doesn’t work on me!!














Just die already



Ya seem to have a wee more resistance


Dun’ worry, I won’t kill

Damn geezer…!


It’s yar punishment for stealin’ and hurtin’ people






Now, let’s head back


There is the guy who robbed my store

Who got them?



{What’s happenning?}

{What’s that}

So they really did return

Shall ya let me through?

I brought the rest of those



Did you do them in, gramps?


{Let me through}

{They won’t harm you anymore}

Ah, mayor

Is this your doing, elder?


You protected our village?

I s’pose ya might say that

Goodness, I am beyond grateful…





Thank you



You’re welcome

This old man might teach ya somethin’


Will ya listen to me?

Of course, I’m all ears!




Master Ohree, may I come in?


I found the items, master Ohree

Although there is a problem…

What? A jeezer in a pointy hat, you say?

Commoners should know better than to oppose a noble

He’s old, he should be prepared to depart from this world


Bonus page (from the volume, not on Alphapolis)



The god of a different world, [Phylosoph]. Appears as a young man with attractive features. Summoned a grandfather instead of a grandson as a hero candidate by mistake. Grateful to Seitaro for offering to reincarnate him instead. While his intentions are to speak and behave with divine dignity, his soft nature peeks through.



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    • Lainrad says:

      I just don’t want to bind myself down by translating for one group/ following deadlines etc., I don’t have the time. I kinda want it to be my own project, do what is interesting to me, so I’m trying to make it that way. I actually made this site to receive feedback. I might seem a bit ranty, but I always try to give it another look when pointed at something.
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