Chapter 52, part 1

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The day is here at last…

Time for you to show the full extent of your strength


You made the most of your training… Now go…

Good luck to you!

All the employees came…

Hey, it’s Gorou and his partner!!


Good luck! | We’ll be praying for the birth of a new loong!!

We’ve got wine prepared


Give it all you’ve got!!








Hey, Gorou, isn’t it great that you could get over that defeat



Oh, there is one more group

So, you want to challenge the [Loong Ceremony] too? | With just the 2 of you, quite unusual

We both came here to pass the trial, so we decided to face it together

So, those things happen too, huh…


Ah, it seems our turn has come

I hope both our parties will clear it

You better check your gear once more till you’re called

See ya~


Earth, could I ask you something… | Aren’t you…… scared?

…to tell you the truth, I am, to some extent

We both endured Saryu’s hellish training

…but facing the real deal

What could I have done differently | Won’t my efforts go to waste

Those fears attack you

So, you are afraid too…Earth

Yes…… But it’s vital that you don’t run from it

If you do, you’ll regret it someday


You may enter


…So, we should pass through these torii gates?

Weird… Were these here when I challenged it before?

Should we go through?


You are finally here…

Gorou, were you able to reforge yourself?

Yup… At least, I’ve got a comrade fighting alongside me this time

I see… Then let me properly test it



You did well to come



First, have a seat | I’ve got something to talk to you about before the trial

This girl is the Loong Lord…?

Ehm… who could you be?


What do you mean, Gorou?

When I met the Loong Lord previously, she was an elderly lady…

Uhum, and I am also the Loong Lord, performing the [Ceremony]




Strictly speaking, it is my fragment | The real body is in a different place

I am changing my shape depending on the path of the challenger

For those who limit themselves to just hunting monsters… | Neglecting the citizens’ quests, I appear as an old woman

And the condition to proceed is to beat my loong shape

So, Gorou’s doubt is reasonable | I’ve shown him that shape when he came before


But this time you properly interacted with the citizens | So, I look this way now

I see, now I understand

Especially Earth, the way you conversed with my distant relative in Niigatake | That partly regressed girl

{Ah, that person…}

And you overcame the [Double Loong Trial]


That means, your condition for passing the [Loong Ceremony] is…


To show the main part of the Loong Lord watching from the sky above

That you are worthy of joining the new generation of loongs

If you put up a worthy fight without defeating me, you pass

Easy, right? Compared to actually defeating me


I’ve got a question – why can loongs try this test only twice and others only thrice?

I don’t want them thinking [If I lose I can just try again] | if they do, there will be those who try time and again


And that won’t do



That… would dull the yearning for victory in loongs


Other races may not understand it at first, so they have one more try


And now, let us begin

Your willpower, resolve, ability, hard work, and skill

The Lord of the Loongs watching from the sky above shall judge your will and strength based on all of those


Thank you, Earth


I was able to rise again thanks to you…


Cover me!!

Of course!!




{C LA NK!}




It is my turn


As if!!






Right, that is good, do not give up right away







Blocked it…










An opening!!


You are aiming at the same scale, but no more…







Great cover!!



{[Soul and Body Blade]}



{[Smash Dance]}




You have broken my scale…

{Swi sh}



My legs are a bit numb, but still moving!!

It’s the effect of Saryu’s training…




Is that… breath!?

Sorry, Gogou!!



{[Wind Buster]}

Wooooah, what are you doooing?!


{To be continued in ch. 52 part 2}



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