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Chapter 3

The scanlation is done by Coming Soon scans. Link to the raw chapter 00 Chapter 3: Old man teaches 01 {SLAP} {Hie!?} {Woosh} {Fuuf} {murmur}x2 {slap} 02 {bam} {Ooh…} {Huh?} {daze} {squeeze}x2 What is...


Chapter 13

Link to the raw chapter   01 {[Chapter 13]} [Café Omusubi]… 02 DING DLING… Welcome! You are alone? Please, help yourself to a vacant seat You see, it’s my first time here Then let...


Chapter 11

Link to the raw chapter   01 {[Chapter 11]} {Clack} Risa, good morning! 02 Good morning to you too, Paul Sorry for being late, Here’s today’s delivery Ooh, such a nice aroma…! And they...