Chapter 11

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{[Chapter 11]}


Risa, good morning!


Good morning to you too, Paul

Sorry for being late, Here’s today’s delivery

Ooh, such a nice aroma…!

And they properly baked | Now I can safely sell them here

Well, training is paying off


I will, of course, spread the word | That our bread is being baked in the Chesters’ bakery!


Well, we’re just reopening after some time

I’m not sure our regulars will come right away…

I’m… sorry for causing all that trouble

Sorry, I didn’t mean to blame you

It’s a commemorable Chesters’ family debut | Helena, please don’t make such a face

All you need to worry about | is doing your job properly  [T.N.: Nope, not slander at all]




Risa, we’re ready to open

So, I’ll take my leave… my daughter is in your care

Thank you for doing a good job, Paul

All right, it’s time to open

Let’s greet the new wonderful day at work!

A drastic turn after the harassment incident

We’re starting anew with a new colleague


Even if the customer traffic will suffer

We will work hard to once again…



Risa! Congratulations on reopening!!





A… Angelica! And others from the tool-makers street, you came!

{Here, flowers!}

Isn’t it a given that we’d come to congratulate you!

That was quite an ordeal, Risa

But I’m so happy we can eat at your café once again | I was waiting for that eagerly


I didn’t know



Before I knew it, so many people

Came to love this café


Oh no… I’m going to cry

Shall I handle the flowers?

Ah… Thank you, Helena! Please do



Em… Isn’t it that girl!


We decided she’ll work for us now

Don’t worry, she isn’t bad at heart



Hey, Helena, right? How old are you?

Em… I am 16

So we are one year apart!

{17 Y.O.}

Nice to meet you, I’m Angelica, a regular here!

O…Of course! Nice to meet you

Pretty flowers, right? I was the one to choose them~

The tension between them melted in an instant, that’s Angelica for you


I don’t agree



She harassed master

I hate her


I’m sorry and thank you for worrying about me

Actually, if you are worried that much, why not watch her?


It seems Helena can’t see you

So, why don’t you look after her while I’m busy cooking



I accept this mission! Leave it to me, master!

Risa, we’ve got orders


…What was it?

Basil went on an errand

{Have a safe trip}

I think anyone deserves a second chance

Be at ease, master!

Basil will watch her, so she won’t do anything bad again


Are you ready to make an order

2 Sandwich lunch sets… | A swiss roll and a scone for dessert, please

Ah! And a cup of herb tea, please

Of course, now let me confirm…

Ehm-… What kind of a dish is this cream stew?

That is a soup, cooked with milk as stock…

Everything seems fine for now…

I guess Zeke’s training didn’t go to waste

{Ah} I shouldn’t let my guard down yet!

{Dling Dling…}



Would you like two seats? Let me guide you to…

Oh? A new face?

Ah… Yes, pleased to make your acquaintance

Hm-m, did I see you somewhere…

Ah!! | That thing about the fire, right?


{Please, not so loudly…}


I heard it was a disinsection gone wrong | Were you the one who botched it?

Dear, stop it, you’re being rude

So they said it was carelessness…

Well… it actually was

Risa had to go around the neighbourhood to apologise | be careful when dealing with fire!

Yes… I cannot apologise enough for causing such trouble

Did you hear it?

So the fire was her fault?


I know her, it’s the girl from the royal supplier bakery


To employ a troublemaker from a rivaling place

I would never do such a thing



Helena, set the table, please


It’s all right

It is a given

To get these cold stares

From customers

That is what I deserve

Please, enjoy your meal


{Because I did something to deserve this…}

Why are you crying, Helena…

You have no right to cry about this


…So she really is repenting…

Helena is really trying to make up for what she did

And I did not believe her…


A…Ehm, cheer up…




All I have to mind is doing my best working at the café!

{Sla  P!}

Break is over! Have to work hard in the evening!!

{ow-ow} Helena, please, wait!

{…oh, she can’t hear me—!!}



After that | The café had a lot more clients

Helen had a lot of work to do

Though she was crying just now…

A combined cookie and scone set

I’m so happy~ I like these so much!

When the café closed down so suddenly I didn’t know what to do | I’m glad I can get these once again!




Excuse me! Could I have a check, please…

Ah… right awa…











Oh my, please don’t be in such a hurry… Are you all right?

E…Excuse me, I am fine



{What was that…}

Does this café always have so many customers?

It seems that way, it is my first day working here though

Oh, really!?

I was perplexed by there are many things on the menu I’ve never heard of

But you gave me a very easy to understand explanation

Thanks to you I could have a nice meal

Keep up the good work



Of course…! Thank you very much

{If this café burnt down that time}

{I wouldn’t be able to hear these words}

{As I treasure my father’s place}

{This cafe}

{There sure are those who treasure this café the same way—…}


Another good day at work!

Helena, are you all right?

Yes… but barely standing…

You endured it well

I have always been good at serving customers… {like accounting}

I’m not talking about that | I heard the talks about the fire today

It will continue for some time

{Ah} No way, so you were worried for me, Zeke?

Why are you surprised?

You are so hard to read! {shabang}


But it’s all right

Because I’d like to apologise and compensate to everyone myself

…so she says! So how was it?


Ah… Why not, Basil is not against that

So… I have to ask you something, Risa…

Ask me?

Won’t you have me working here | Even after I paid the price for repairs?

I… wish to work at [Café Omusubi] from the bottom of my heart…!




Say, Helena | Do you know what [Omusubi] means?

The name of the store? As I recall, triangles made of rice…

Right, the name of food from my hometown

Because food does [musubu] – binds people together

And I want this café to follow this principle


And that is why, Helena

I am glad to have bonded with you



Welcome, Helena

To [Café Omusubi]

{Ah} By the way, there is a spirit here


Eh!? {where!?}


And now, as the things at the café have calmed down

I am having my long-awaited holiday

Oh? Today is your holiday?

I don’t have any plans for now…

Great! | I was just thinking of having a tea party at home

So, Risa, Could I make a request…

A request?

Well | It’s going to get troublesome


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