Chapter 12

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{[Chapter 12]}


Good morning…


Oh, Risa! Good morning to you too!

Good Morning

Another day of good work awaits


You are in such high spirits today, Helena

I paid my debt for repairs | From now on I’m an official café employee!

{A new experience!}


I’ve been adoring the uniform you have | Being able to wear it every day makes me happy…


I mean it was made by that [Sheryl Merry] | Cutting-edge fashion brand, right!?

{Always a high-grade precise tailoring}

{A design, combining both – tradition and novelty}

{Wearing it at least once in a lifetime is every girl’s dream…!}


Because it’s Sheryl Merry!!


Did you know?


{Sorry, not interested}

Oh, you two! Wearing it without even knowing how good it is, shame on you!

There are even customers that come just to look at this uniform

{Oh—…} Tasia’s company is that famous…

Risa, I hear you’ve come from another world

I think you should take up a hobby or two outside of cooking


Y… yup, spot on… right


{Huh?} Did something happen to you?


Actually, yesterday…



A high society debut for me!?

Is it that surprising? | You are a daughter of the Claude house bearing the title of Marquis

B-but it’s high society


There will be elegantly dressed ladies and lords | Holding celebrity-like conversations



[*Risa’s imagination]

A celebration with a ball and a banquet, right!?

It’s not just a corporate drinking party, right!?

{drinking party?}

Well, you are not mistaken | But this time it is more of a casual garden party

I told them about your café and they seem to be very curious

You see… For an office worker born into a farmers’ family, it would be impossible to blend in

And I cannot bring shame upon you two

What are you talking about! Rather, we are proud of you, right, Gil?

It’s about the tea party? | I agree, but you can’t be too insistent



I wanted everyone to meet the daughter I am so proud of

…for a long time already


That’s right

These two

I wanted to turn it down at first

But when I thought about the Claude family, not being blessed with a child | I wanted to help them

So, you ended up participating


Because of that yesterday I had to go through express-training…

{Tableware is more important than tea}

{Risa, watch your posture!}

{Woah…} Being a lady is so hard

{stretch your spine and walk slowly}


{Put your right foot back when greeting}

{Education is also important}


{Learning art and classical litherature}

Really… Things you need to know here and in my world are so different


I can’t but feel guilty to the Claudes


I don’t think it is relevant



Risa was born to another world | Literally different from the one we live in

But I don’t see you being that distant

So as this café

That door does not deny entrance to anyone


Th… that’s right!

It’s inviting everyone to come in | Risa, don’t be afraid, relax!

If you deny something without trying like I did, it is your loss


You will be able to wear a Sheryll Merry dress after all

{Good for you!!}

So that what it was about


{Still… I see}

{Just like this cafe}

Thank you, guys

I came to understand it a bit

Let’s do it, as always

In the end, wherever I go | The things I want to do don’t change

Mary, may I ask you something?

Oh, lady? What would you like?


It’s about the tea party | I have a request for you…




You did all you could to prepare, right? Be more confident!

Facing the real deal is scary all the same…

It’s a—all right! They are all friends!


{Come on, let’s go!}

I need to prepare mentallyyy


Ah, Tasia, Risa! We’ve been waiting for you

Oh | So this girl is your daughter?


Nice to meet you, I am Risa Kurokawa Claude | Pleased to make your acquaintance

I know, I am a regular at your café after all


Well, I haven’t tried anything except bread

She is our customer?

I’m glad you could show up, Adele!


It’s Your and Gil’s party, how could I not?




I feel I’ve heard the name…

[That’s Adele’s carriage]


[She is my friend and Gil’s cousin]

[The queen of this country]

Queen herself—!!?


I’m glad you’ve met at last

Nice to meet you, I am Adelisia | Fell free to call me Adele


N-no, i-i-it is an honor to me to meet you…!

{Tasia, the first person I meet is too important…!!}


{Want to return to Japan after retirement}

Oh, no need to be so tense | I have actually retired as a queen, my son is ruling in my stead

Son… the prince?


It’s so nice to have a daughter, I want a daughter myself

She’s so cute! You are still young, Adele!


Please leave those talks for later

This is Risa

And this is my colleague and friend | Secretary of Civil Affairs, Royse

Nice to meet you, Ms.Risa, I am hearing a lot about you from Gil


To the degree, I wish he could stop it already


Even though I’m just proud of my daughter | Royse is easy to piss off

{Ah~ my-my}

I’m actually more interested in what you are telling him in particular

He’s just going on and on while we are at work

So~ the guests seem to have assembled, it is time to start the tea party


{We are not done talking}

{It is time…!}



What is this, I wonder…?


Who knows… We haven’t seen anything like it before


As I thought, they don’t have a tradition of drinking tea in this world | Borrowing a kitchen was the right decision

A tea party looks sad without sweets

{Something to liven up the tea party you say…}

{Please let me!}

Thank you for taking time from your busy schedules to visit us today

Some of you already know her, but nonetheless | I would like to introduce the daughter of the Claude house


G… Glad to meet you

My name is Risa Kurokawa Claude | I run a café in the capital

It is not much

But before you are the dishes we serve in my café | Those are sweet foods called sweets I prepared for you

There are different kinds of sweets though

In the plates before you there are baked sweets as well as traditional sweets | Also there are bread dishes called sandwiches

If you wish to taste those, please call a waiter

I can’t believe it! So this is food?

So pretty, as if it’s made of gems


Please, consider it a greeting from me as a cook

Please, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy

From that moment

The scene changed to the one I am used to seeing in the café


What is this! | A weird texture, but the taste is something beyond words

What I can offer everyone


Fleeting impressions

The taste is rich but goes well with tea

I know that café by reputation | but to think they served something like this…

Surprized people

Smiling people

The bread is so airy

It just melts in your mouth

Moments of fleeting happiness

Everyone cannot have enough of Risa’s sweets

She has a knack for business!

That’s not why I did it though



This pretty dress and talks is just how I appear outside

I think to truly know me you should taste my cooking

Nobles, commoners, foreigners


Everyone is equal before delicious food

…I see

We are really lucky to have a daughter like you



It’s really pretty, Zeke! | I can probably leave the arrangement to you now

Thank you very much

You were good from the get-go but now your training has paid off

I wish to catch up with you as soon as possible, Risa

You shouldn’t just catch up, you should overtake me

But dinner hours are starting

You’ve got a lot of work to do, Zeke


I will do my best

{Oh?} So modest, are you the type to get fired up when facing a rival?


Well… | Who knows


So here it is



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