Chapter 14

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{[Chapter 14]}


Ms.Risa, let me introduce to you

Here is our head chef, Ian McKinnies

{Po ut.}

Woah… He’s really sour

Nice to meet you…

I am Risa Claude, and this is my assistant, Zeke Brown

From today on I will instruct you on cooking | Looking forward to working with you

……Same here


…Then, let me excuse myself

If you need anything, please let me know


Ehm… Thank you so much

So, a big shot in the government, the Civil Office Secretary himself | introduced me to the royal head chief

And let everyone here know

That I have a [higher] standing than they do


{And now it’s up to my skills—…!}


The royal kitchen is sure spacious

But the fact… that all chefs are men doesn’t change even in another world


Excuse me… but what are you preparing?


Nothing special… what do you care

{…I’m irritated.}

And what could that dish…

Not of your concern




We’re not getting anywhere


Nothing doing


Washing dishes… That one is probably a trainee

Hey, hello


Y… yes…!?

What is your dream?


To become a chef when I’ve reached maturity

And what is a [mature] chef in particular?


Is there


Anyone like that here?




Hey! What are you trying to do!!

{BA M}


To teach cooking, what else

Huh… I don’t know what the chief officer promised you

But this is our holy ground, where the food for the palace is made

And we don’t like people who’re nosing around!

So you’d better run home, girlie


…What do you want to accomplish with your cuisine? | Do you cook just to feed your pride?


If you don’t need my guidance, so be it

But the neigbouring state of Engeld requested for | [Risa Claude’s cuisine] specifically

To serve a bootleg meal to envoys of Engeld

To bring shame upon Feliformia and still call yourself [mature]

Makes you a failure of a chef!!


What!? Dare you…!!


Ah~ splendid, splendid

Keith! What…

Head chef, we’re in the kitchen

If you this girl seems impertinent to you

Wouldn’t it be better to win the argument with skills?

By the way, I have already seen this [girlie’s] skill


Well… why not | Than show me you are not all talk!

Why not, if it is all right with you

It’s my win

This way it’ll go much quicker!

All right, begin your preparations

…You riled him up on purpose, huh?

Hm~? Whatever do you mean~?





{Did he}

{support my tactics…?}

The object of your duel will be this fish

I’ve never seen this one before, looks like black porgy… I guess?

Seems, the usual way of preparing will be fine…

{Nice… knife work, that’s head chef for you}

{It’s been cut in a blink of an eye}





What is this for…!?

{I’m done cutting too, you know}

Zeke, could you please pour some water into the pan and put it on the stove

We’ll make the stock from the fish head


You are putting the vegetables in too?

This way we will get rid of the fishy smell and give some depth to the aroma


What is this?



By [stock] I mean that we take all the aroma and tastiness from the ingredients  [T.N.: It’s ‘umami’ in the original, the 5th taste, literally ‘tastiness’, the existence of which is still a subject for debate]

The cornerstone of cooking

E-eh, I’ve never done this before

{What is this ‘tastiness’ anyway}

Keith!! What are you up to!!


Nothing really, just accessing the enemy movements~



Still, it’s rare to make a seafood-based soup

I wanted to make a fish ball soup | There is a wide variety of minced dishes in my country

First I finely cut the fish like this… | Cutting it continuously with a knife


It would be much easier with a mortar

Then, when it’s been ground to paste, I put it in a bowl

I mix in finely cut vegetables and egg whites


Add a bit of flour and salt with pepper to taste, I start kneading it

Zeke, could you lower the heat when it starts boiling?

Risa, the stove here has non-adjustable

Ah… I see!

{So the stoves in this world are like this}

The usual day at Claudes’

He— Heavyy!!

To change the heat you have to move the pan

{high heat}

{middle heat}

{low heat}

The oven with controlled output for my café is order-made…

{{Once you’re used to conveniences, it’s hard to do without them…}



Use the one on the right for simmering


Oh… Thank you

…Sorry, but while we’re on the topic, what about a fridge

{I’d like to refrigerate the fish balls…}

Of course, let me guide you to it

… so, are you with me?


Who knows



You shouldn’t put your trust in people for every little favor

And now I shall return to the head chef

I can’t quite get his agenda…


He’s been among our clients several days ago


He seemed to be analyzing your recipes

So, he’s had a taste of my cuisine before


Oh, the soup seems to be ready

Now we need to strain it and move it to medium heat

So, the head won’t go into the dish?

That what the stock is all about

Once you add all the base ingredients, move to the higher heat…

{The ingredients are carrot {imitation} and shiitake{a similar thing}}


Smells like oil… Is he frying it?





What’s that! There’s too much oil and the heat is too high


It’s burning to a crisp…!


Taking it off already!?

Nice! Now for arrangement


Drain the oil at least—!!!


I’m having indigestion… just by looking at it…

{Reap what you saw.}


And now!

It’s time to add the fish balls!




One by one


Quite an interesting way to do it


What… this aroma


{And a special ingredient – a pinch of sugar}


Ri-ght, time to stop


Are you both finished?




[Risa’s fish ball soup]

[McKinnie’s pan-fry(presumably)]

Now please exchange plates


You will make your decision after tasting the opponent’s dish


Do… do I have… to…?

Is there even fish in this?

So, hop you go

{hu m}

Bon appetit!

Wait just a little bit

{Risa, please don’t be long}


……………………………………my apologies


I am very sorry…

I ended up licking the bowl clean…

No… it’s… | fine…


This again…!!


Here, cleanse your palate {water}

Thank you, Zeke…

Yup~ That’s what I expected

The cuisine is novel as always, but most importantly, this flavour

Just delicious

Thank you so mu—

Ah! Zeke, you ate it all!

Not fair! We also wanted to try!


Hey! Don’t be rude, you bunch



By the way, you’ve been to my café…

I thought of investigating other chefs’ places

So… who are you?

Ah, sorry, I didn’t introduce myself

I am assisting head chef, Keith Derringale

Awaiting your instructions

Ms. Manager of [Café Omusubi], Risa Claude


[Exciting cooking with Ridsa and Basil (4)]

{*Hand-kneaded bread in a rice cooker*}


Bread(strong) flour…200g



Dry yeast…3g


*warm up to body temperature

(microwave for 20-30 seconds)

Butter(or margarine)…15g

*warm up to room temperature] [T.N.: the ‘strength’ of wheat flour is determined by its gluten content – the more glutenous the flour, the ‘stronger’ it is]

{1. put flour, sugar, salt into a bowl, topping it with dry yeast.}





{dry yeast}


{warmed up to body temperature->}

{2. Pour the milk over the yeast and mix by hand.}

{3. When the dough becomes uniform, add butter and knead properly.}

Don’t forget to warm the butter up


The dough will be sticky at first, but it stops when it’s mixed


{4. Knead for about 10 min. until the dough becomes smooth.}



{5. Put the dough into the rice cooker for 10 min. in heat retention mode, then turn it off and let it rise for 30 min.}

[Primary Fermentation]

{6. Wrap the cutting board with food wrap 2 times, dust with flour (extra amount), put our dough on it and press gently it with your palms to remove air.}

After removing the air you can add raisins or nuts for better taste~

{7. Cut it with a scraper or a knife into four equal parts.}

{Cutting it into smaller, easy-to-bite, pieces is also OK.}


{8.Roll the dough into balls and place them in the rice cooker again – 10min. with heat retention on, 30min. with heat retention off.}

[Secondary Fermentation]


{9. Make sure that it’s risen 2~3 times, switch the [white rice] mode button on


{10. When the first go is over, turn the mode on for the second time}

But before that, turn the dough over for it to be evenly baked | This way it won’t have a hard bottom

{rice mode}


Don’t let it enter the heat retention mode after, because then it’ll get crumpled | This amount barely fits a 3-gou rice cooker {5 gou is ideal} [T.N.: Japanese unit of volume: 1 gou ~ 0.18 litres]

{11. When the rice cooker stops, take the bread out, cool it down, and it’s done!}


[Exciting cooking with Ridsa and Basil (5)]

{*Chiffon cake*}


(18 baking paper cups) or

(17cm round baking tray)

[for yolk batter]



Vegetable oil…50ml


Weak(low gluten) flour…70g

Baking powder…1/2tsp

[for meringue]

Egg whites…4

Sugar…50g ]

First goes the egg yolk batter~

You need to split eggs into whites and yolks

{one yolk will be left out}

{1. Put yolks and sugar into a bowl and beat them with a whisk until they get white-ish.}



{2. Add water and vegetable oil and continue beating.}

{Water and oil}


{3. Add sifted weak flour with baking powder and mix until it gets thick.}

Raise the whisk – you should see a thick string of batter



Next is the meringue batter~

{Put the egg whites in a different bowl from the yolk batter and beat using a mixer.}

{Egg whites}

Begin mixing using the lowest speed!

{5. After some time switch into the fast gear, and when the whites thicken and get white add 1/3 of sugar and continue mixing.}


{6. Separate the remaining sugar in 2 portions and add one at a time, beating it properly, until the surface is covered in small bubbles}


Meringue is the essence of the chiffon cake! If you don’t beat it enough, it might not rise!

{7. When the peaks rise and if you incline the bowl the insides don’t slip, the meringue is ready}



{8. Add 1/3 of the meringue into the yolk batter and mix using a whisk.}

Let’s mix the batter

{9. To mix the rest of the meringue use a rubber spatula and use cutting movements in order not to squash the bubbles.}

{Be careful – if you squash the bubbles, the cake won’t rise!!}

{10. Pour the batter into the tray.}

{If it’s paper cups, you will need around 8 of them}

{11. To remove excess air, give it a little hit on the bottom.}


{12. Pre-heat the oven to 180C and bake the cake for 30 minutes if you’re using cups and 35-40 minutes in a baking tray.}

{It’s  Ready!}

When it’s done baking and cooling, extract it from the tray and it’s ready!

{Everything is delicious~~}


*Put 10g of cocoa powder instead of the same amount of flour (pure cocoa is preferable, but it is still OK even with additions!), green tea powder would also do!

*If you add coffee instead of water in same amounts (instant or canned one will do!)} The cake will become coffee-flavored!

If you add espresso, it will be a deeper, mature, taste



~Kitchen staff~

Head chef/Amasawa Ringo-sensei

Assisting head chef/Noguchi Mei


1st cook/Kimura Megumi-san


Thank you for visiting our establishment. We were cooking the new story, that has become much more lively with the addition of one more main character and we are cautiously but proudly presenting it to you. We would be glad if you enjoyed the time spent on this meal. We shall be waiting for you in our establishment for the next installment.



Risa is talking to herself again…

Hm? So you agree, Basil? That’s right—


{Used to it}

A usual business day at the café

37(Back cover)

As soon as an ex-office worker Risa gets her [Café Omusubi], made in order to spread delicious dishes from Earth in another world, on the right track, she faces harassment……?

Furthermore, the café is in the center of an uproar caused by a small fire—

Risa is in trouble!



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