Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Old man teaches














What is he doing?

Dunno, he’s kneading wheat flour dough | But it seems to be something other than bread


I wonder if it’s tasty



{DO   NN}

{It’s brown…}



{never seen this before…}



It’s good! Delicious!


So this is what food is like in master Asao’s homeland!

{What is this}

{So good}

I might’a teach yer how ta make it later

Please let me negotiate a reward for you from the feudal lord for the bandits!

Nah, dun’ worry

No, that won’t sit right with me!

Tis’ old folks’ duty to help the young’uns

Well, that one is true




We’ve received a message from the city of Fos about the gang

Oh, that matter


The feudal lord is sending an envoy here for some reason

Pack your valuables and hide them, quickly

I am embarrassed to say, but the lord of this domain, Oswald, is a greedy man…

It’s the same everywhere





There were some kids tagging along



Ah wish that wu’d change when tha’ kids grow up

Of course, what are we here for otherwise


Insteada pr’tecting the whole village | Why nat pr’tect one place and gather tha villagers there

I see, that would be possible


Than gather’n train young men

And make a militia squad

That’s right! We’ll do it right away

But if we want to do it without them knowing…

Oh, jus’ let’em know

Even gangs avoid a troublesome village, right?


If you put it this way, I suppose you’re right


Yup, yup


Did you serve in the army | before becoming a mage, Mr.Asao?

I was a farmer, growin’ tea

I’m not really a mage


Here, try some o’my homegrown stuff

{The aroma…}


{It’s jus’ your normal tea}




So this is the tea from your planter!


It’s taste and aroma are completely different from the one I tasted at the lord’s mansion

I’m glad

{it’s so nice}

Speaking of planters, our village can’t seem to pick up farming

Did you, by chance, notice something of use for that?

{Hmm, a field, huh}


{Fallen leaves}

{Soil rich with nutrients}

Do’ya use fertilizer? | Ya could gather fallen leaves in tha corner of’ya village ta make humus and mix it with soil

T’will be usable when them leaves dissolve


T’would be good to mix in some soot from’ya stoves later

You can use soot!?

Something like that I guess?

Thank you, this will be of great use to us!

{I shall spread this immediately}

Ah, by tha by…

You said the gang has robbed the local lord

I’ve got some questions about the loot


Well, the amount and the kind of things is different from the report…


The amount and the variety is twice that, it seems

{Here you go—}



{a fish—}

{Mr. Seitarou—}

The people from the Fos city have arrived…





Why is the master of the guild in Fos is here?

And the man behind him is the commander of the garrison in Fos

Ooh, you’re the rumoured old man!


I heard you subdued the whole gang with your magic!

{Tha’s true…}

I’m the master of the gild in Fos, name’s Gold

We came here for the loot from the robber gang

Will you entrust all of it to us?


{so shameless…}


Ah dun’ mind

Oh, then let’s be quick about it


Than lemme hand it over now


This old guy is unexpectedly agreeable

Who is a geezer to disobey the feudal lord even you cannot oppose

Oh shut up, Jilk

Hey, look…



What, at the old guy?

No, look around


{Are ya domestic?}

Hey, look out

Assassins, huh, we’re surrounded

Wait a moment, I think the one who sent those assassins



So, you’re telling me to abandon him!


Hey! What are you doing there?



Damn, there are others here

Doesn’t matter, do it!








Drop dead!

Gold, look out!



Why us too?

Old man, that was dangerous

Hmm, ah wunda ‘bout that…


{That’s Dawd from our guild… and Min too}

No… I guess it were us who were in danger

You might’ve noticed, but they work for…

Ya dun’ hafta tell everyone

That was something unreasonable

Anyway, we should bring the elder here to Fos with us [T.N.: ‘elder’ here means ‘elderly gentleman’]



{Grampa, are you going—}


I’ll be back, so be a good kid




I’m glad I made it  in time

{Here you go!}

Something I made based on your recipe



I tried to dry the [udon] using wind magic

If you boil it, it will be delicious again

{That’s good}


Thank’ye, be well


Around 6 day, Ah s’pose

In your pace it’s more like 7

Quite a long way

And it’s a round trip for us


They’ve got quite an appetite for the mess they’ve landed in

Even if they’re criminals, they don’t deserve to starve to death

We had to carry the food for them on our backs though

Well, ain’t that hard | Shall we use mah [Inventory] instead?



The old guy is crazy powerful

I wonder just who this elder really is

At least

He doesn’t look like a bad guy


Still, what are we gonna do



Prove the lord’s corruption

That damn greedy bastard

Just a crook in a ruler’s seat


T’s high time ta switch



Ah had a good nap, how ’bout sum tea



Hm? We’re land…

The rope…

{let’s run, hurry}



You say they’ve all escaped while you nodded off!?

But now we don’t have any proof

How are we to make a report?

Did those lord’s underlings do any damage?

Is the loot safe?

Ah, sorry

I’ve put everything into my [inventory]


Well, it’s small as apologies go, but……


How can we eat in this situation?

The aroma is enticing

Gold, it sure looks delicious

You won’t fool me with this!


{it really is}



So, what are we going to report?

Just ya wait

We’re here

Ah won’t do any harm, so won’cha leave everythin’ ta me?




[Elven girl]

[An elven traveler, who was saved from the aggressive mob of goblins by Seitarou. Because her braid and glasses make her look young, called lassie by Seitarou. Her face is radiating being lost and sociable at the same time, contrary to the conservative elves likes to study things in the outer world, but is considering returning to her home woods, posesses ingenuity and talent.]




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