Chapter 53

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Damn, I can’t see… What’s happening?



Is it over!?

Did Gorou throw a strong enough punch to satisfy the Lord of the Loongs!?




You’ve put up a good fight, not faltering to the end

And demonstrated techniques worthy of the next generation of loongs





…You did it, Gorou


Gorou, now you should become a real loong go and face the real Lord of the Loongs

After that, you shall return to earth, make your partings | And shall go and receive 50 years of training


My sight is returning…

I see, then our partnership with Gorou ends now

Please, wait | I have to heal Earth first!




Your body is undergoing a transformation from human to loong form | You cannot adjust your strength and shall just crush the potion bottle


All you can do now is become a loong and ascend to the skies

And if you are worried about Earth

His recovery is our task now





Now it is time for you to go, Gorou

Show everyone in Muttsugatake your loong shape and ascent to the skies!!








It seems your sight has recovered, Earth

Shall I apply the medicine now?


What is it?

…Who are you?

…The fragment of the Lord

…About your case, Earth

I get it, I failed, right?

If the Loong Lord wanted it, that that time…


I am sorry

You didn’t remain standing to the end, | that means we can not acknowledge you

Your self-sacrifice is precious, but those are the rules of the [Loong Ceremony]…

It’s fine, I’m all right with this outcome

I’ve reached my goal

That guy passed the trial and became the full loong | And I can challenge the [Ceremony] another time…

…we owe you an unpayable debt


Seeing Gorou that way will surely stir up the young’uns




That might have not happened had you not brought Gorou all the way here

For now, there is no one trying to challenge the [Loong Ceremony] | So, let me hear what your story

—Hum, I see now…

When I saw those 7 shooting stars, I was afraid that the Fairy kin decided to go to war again

But if they didn’t, it is all fine

But for a human to know the secret technique of the fairies | The world is sure changing


What are you going to do after this?

Well, I guess I’ll rest in Muttsugatake for a while | And when I’m rested, head to one of the human towns

I have fulfilled my promise with the long king after all… I guess the two loongs will have to settle for Gorou passing the trial

I see… Then, I should give you a reward | This one is not for the ceremony, but from me, personally



Our scale


If you build it into that bow of yours, it shall become a mighty strong unique bow made of dragon and loong materials

Also… You have got a bow you can not use

Get it out if you please


I’ve completely forgotten it was in my item box

All right, let us start…


Something like this

You should travel around, helping others to give this bow more strength | Its growth depends solely on you

[[Pit Bow]

A bow that grows by many people imbuing it with

power. Its growth is dependent on the donors’

will. Someone who is going around committing

misdeeds will face their doom from its power.

Attr: Atk +8 Sp.Attr: Penetration increase (small)]

So it was a growing weapon!!

I’m also a little interested in the final abstract of the note… | All depends on my actions


Thank you so much | So if the bow acknowledges me or not…

For the most part, it is about if you can power it up or not

We do not get why those dragons did not explain it to you

I’ll try asking the landladies from Ichi-, Nii- and Sangatake and the Double Loong pair on my way back…

I think it’s time for me to go

I see, if you are planning to challenge the trial again, come any time

Well, see you…


{WO  OP}



And there he goes…

The man called Earth…  Giving a chance to his partner at the risk of one’s life | You don’t see those things every day…

It’s a shame really

Are you dissatisfied…






How come Earth, who fought so valiantly, failed!?

Because he could not remain standing to the end

And still, you disagree?


He was in shambles, but not utterly defeated, right!!

…my fragment has taken his attack into consideration

Yes, who could have thought that he would throw away all defense for the sake of that last attack…

In that pressed down state | …I could use but little strength

But without your help, his strength would be depleted | So, he braved through that danger to keep his promise

Gorou, not now, not ever should you forget, that you became a long | not by yourself, but through help and sacrifice




But, o Lord, why did you not let me tell Earth that the difficulty level is different when you come with a long?

In my opinion, it was unnecessarily hard for him…

The [Loong Ritual] is not like a school test for loongs

If you get that much points you pass, if you get that done, you pass| We cannot apply such judgement here

Fighting with all your body and soul to demonstrate us your excellence, that is why we are extra-strict | And if they cannot uphold that standard, they cannot fulfill their duty as loongs


Those called loongs should always be prepared to sacrifice themselves to protect the country | At war killing an enemy or being killed with your people is a matter of course

You cannot protect the country if you are dead, so when Earth collapsed, he was unable to protect anything

One’s nature is tested not in tests, but on the battlefield, as a soldier

So, he did not pass by the loong standards

And had Gorou missed the opening, created by his sacrifice, he would also be disqualified

If you cannot attack when push comes to shove, you cannot protect everything

It may seem too cruel, but there are many cases in this world when this cruelty is necessary


That is… heavy

And I just made him go along with it, not understanding what it means…

Heavy it is, but it is the duty of the loongs who are to stand beside the Loong Lord

So is there anything I can do now… | I would like at least to go and apologise

Gorou, you will not be able to meet Earth from now on | You will not be able to see Earth as he will not be able to see you

If you want to return your debt, you should train hard | It was that Earth was risking his life for




I wonder if that man will come again?

I do not fathom, some return, some do not, but if he comes back, show him all the courtesy

Now, Gorou, you go back to the city and satisfy yourself with the wine of this world | Because during the next 50 years you will be training, unable to descent

And what are you going to do now? You can either wait here or leave your post

I shall wait, I want to judge that man’s trial

I see…

That is also fine


It is very regretful …I failed the [Loong Trial]-!!


I see… It’s been a long time since I saw the [Loong Ascension Ritual] …


Rest, it is not as you have put up a disgraceful fight… be more proud

Yes, I fought to the bitter end during the trial, I have no regrets!



Then it is fine…


Still, it has been about 150 years since the last ascension of a loong

Today the city shall be celebrating…

Really now… | Has that much time passed since the last ascension

Because the [Loong Ritual] is a turning point for the loong | So much time has passed

I am pretty tired today | So I will go to bed

Of course…

Yes, sleep well


—The next day

So it is a farewell?

We have somewhere we ought to return to

Thank you for everything you’ve done

No… rather we owe you an apology for making you go along with our selfishness…

Truly so, for coercion and the boot camp…

…Do you have something to ask from us?


Then, could you touch this bow for me?

The Loong Lord told me that it will be able to receive power from many people



I don’t feel it absorbing power

Let me, what if you try pouring it in like this?




Let me… I shall give it a go…


I wonder if a bow can be damaged by too much power…!?

Let us leave it at that…

Try and check the bow’s powers…


It was strengthened by a lot!!

…But, I guess, it’s too strong, I can’t use it

[[Double Pit Bow]

Unequippable due to he owner’s lack of strength.

Attr.: Atk +16

Special Attr.: [Penetration increase (small)][lightning summoning(activation probability extremely low)]

[Sandtorm summoning(activation probability extremely low)]]

I see… Then you should continue training, and we have one last request

After a short period of training, you should come and challenge the trial once more

Yes, consider this our last lesson to you

And, Earth, the ring I gave you | Use it without reserve when the time comes, you hear?

And so I saw off the two loongs





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