Chapter 15

The raw I translate from is a full volume one, so the paging is different from the raw in the link, because of that I marked the first page of that raw for you.

Link to the raw chapter

Master, you look so pretty~
Thank you
That’s right, Basil, you are a girl too | I guess you like dresses, hm?
Should I make you some clothes?
I am fine as I am
And I am not a girl!
{Risa(Kurokawa Risa)
A former office worker who went to another world.
Manager of [Café omusubi].}
A green spirit
watching over Risa.}
Risa’s stepfather
in another world.}
Gilford’s wife.
Risa’s stepmother in another world.}
Café employee,
waiting on the customers.}
Former knight,
café employee.}
Assisting the head chef at the royal palace.}
Head chef at the royal palace.}
05 (page 1 of the raw in the link)
{[Chapter 15]}
Let me reintroduce myself. Kurokawa Risa, the manager of [Café omusubi]
From now on, I will be serving as your cooking coach
I shall be working with you until the end of the royal conference
We are happy to have you here
And I apologise for being rude, I am sorry
Oh, no… I was rude to you myself
Please, accept my apologies
I don’t recall you saying something wrong, do you?
It is true that we were stubborn in our pride
Almost losing a rare chance to study on our own accord
Mr. McKinnies…
Well, the main thing is that you’ve reconciled
Delicious food brings peace to the world, right?
Such a shameless guy… You knew her abilities all along
You wanted to bring her in from the start
Isn’t it obvious, please think
For a young girl to step in this mens’ world
How could I not
So, Ms. Risa, I want your opinion
What do you think on the supper menu you tried?
The taste is a trainwreck and nutritionally it is also no good
You should wipe the oil before serving, it’s all over the plate
Also, you use too little oil and fry for too long
It’s all half-done
But, you know, it’s meunière… [T.N.: a French dish – fried fish with butter sauce]
Shouldn’t you use butter for meunière?
Butter? What could that be?
{even that…}
Risa, it is not all, is it
What are the other items?
Pleuet soup and kel salad
something like
close to salmon}
It should be ready to cook now…
{It’s just pumpkin}
{soaked in salted water…!!}
I’ll boil it and it’s ready
{soup chef}
Head chef McKinnies | How long till supper?
It should be about 2,5 hours
We shall remake it right now
All right?
First, drain the pleue and smash it with a spatula | When it’s crushed, put it through a sieve to make the texture smooth
It might take some time
All right, get 3 more people on soup duty!
I’ll prepare the utensils
Of course
Woah, everyone began fulfilling the order in unison | Despite the sudden change in the menu everyone sprang into action immediately
So these are pros at work…
Ms. Risa, let’s go on?
Aah, right, the salad
So, leave the ingredients the same | And for dressing, we’ll make a special salad sauce
First I’ll make a sample
And the chef in charge of salads should follow my example
Finely chopped niolu, salt, pepper, and oil
like bulb onion}
Squeeze some citrus fruit juice on top | And with a whisk…
…There’s none, no whisk!!
The utensils at my cafe were made by Angelica’s store after all
I suddenly got caught up in my usual atmosphere
Nothing doing, we’ll just put it in a jar and shake it
And arrange the salad as petals with kel at its center…
Now add the dressing and it’s ready | Please, have a taste
The acidity is so refreshing and it goes well with both the kel and the vegetables!
You should try it too
Of course, leave it to us
Head chef! The preparations for the pleuet are done
Is this good? Looks smooth to me
Yep, nicely done, as expected
Now add milk and heat it up
Adding milk into a soup!?
It is called a potage
{By the way, milk
is found in tree nuts.}
{The milk is
Have a taste, please
Without lessening the thickness of the pleue, it enhances its flavour…
Who would’ve thought you could use milk like that
The last one would be meunière
I’ve been waiting~!
That personality of yours…
Sorry for the wait, Risa
Thank you! You had to go just for this
No problem
Oh, right, you disappeared somewhere, where have you been?
He went to the cafe to bring the ingredient
This is butter, indispensable for meunière
{I don’t get it though}
It’s solid!
It will melt when heated
Take a slice of fish and season with salt and pepper on both sides
Then cover it with flour
Right, the one I tasted didn’t have any…
{That aside} The problem now is frying
First, we will give this fish a nice color frying it with little oil | to seal in the aroma
Then, move to the medium heat and bake with a covered lid
When you’re about to take it off the heat add the butter
Butter is easy to burn, so be careful
And squeeze some citrus fruit juice we used in the dressing earlier on top
Garnish with greens and it’s done
Th…this is meunière…!?
{Ahaha} Delish, as expected, it’s your loss, head chef~!
Everything from cooking methods to aroma is new to me
As if it were a different dish…
…Rather, you there, stop gawking and start moving!
It’s unfair to hog everything to yourself, head chef
Start preparing the supper already!!
Leave some for us to taste too
…And like this
We were at last welcomed by these chefs
The 2nd day of the week
For almost 3 days | We spent most of our time between our cafe and the palace
Everyone is striving to learn cooking
So it became a rather busy time for me
As for Keith
Let’s get along Ms. Risa
…well, Keith is as friendly as ever
He is acting warmer to me than any other of the chefs
Keith, leave your playboying for later
Among others
I noticed slight changes in Zeke
Good morning
Hm? And where is Risa?
There is a large order for cakes, so she will be late
I’m just here to prepare the workplace
I see, sorry for distracting you from work
Ah, no… I just thought you are good with hands | I might learn from it
I don’t like to be looked at by a guy
So you quit the chivalric order to become Ms. Risa’s apprentice?
…So you looked into me?
I’ve got a number of lady friends | Among them, there are lots of cafe, or rather your, fans
So they just told me that
A knight with a promising future, why would he fall to being a cook?
Isn’t it just so? Obediently cooking food for others | And a knights pay should be hefty, so why would you leave?
I didn’t leave out of dissatisfaction | Neither because of money
Your words belittle cooks
Are you serious?
Well, there are people with weird tastes
Oh~! It’s this late already
I wonder if everyone’s doing fine?
Sorry for the delay…
…Never mi-nd!
Sorry! I just wanted to test you a little
I don’t like people who treat it as just a pastime too
Now that I see you are a serious person, I’m relieved | I’m sorry
Keith! Focus on your work or get out
Sorry, head chef, I’m on it
What was it about, Zeke?
Nothing… | Nothing important anyway
Will not lose to that guy




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