Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Old man makes a visit


Where did that old man Asao go?!


Did you hear anything?

There is a message to you two from Mr. Asao……

He said ‘please wait till I’m back from the commerce guild’



Geez, what’s he thinking

We’re against the feudal lord here

Sorry, Gold, But I’ve got something important planned after this

You too, Jilk?!

Why is everyone too relaxed



Commerce guild of Fos


Brilliant aroma

Tha taste is also nice


And where are the beans from?

I brought them from me homeland



This aroma and color… they put the highest grade ones to shame

Shall we start by negotiating tha price?

Ah’m thinking ‘bout 100 lanka above the market price – 150000


No, That would be too cheap

I’ve never seen so magnificent beans before

What do you say if we price it at 100 lanka 20000 ril

Would… that be proper?

The beans of such quality deserve no less


A’ve got somethin’ else too


This is…

Grated coffee beans?

Pour hot water on it, an’ it’s dun

How did you hide it till now?!


Let’s make a deal!


So, ya confirm tha goods and less start talkin’ business

Just a moment, please

We’ve confirmed each one to have 10000 lanka worth


Thank you for making this deal, Mr. Asao

This will be your payment

A good deal indeed

Thank ya

By tha way

There was somethin’ A wanted to hear ‘bout this town

Of course, let’s go somewhere else

Watch your step, please


What do you think about this café?

Ah dun’ mind

Still, tha coffee’s quite pricey

Cookies they serve here go well with tea

There’s really no comparison to the stuff I drank earlier…

Though the coffee here is of a decent quality


Though it’s true that the nobles get to drink the best coffee

Ah jus’ wanted to ask ‘bout the nobles

Tha feudal here…

About Ohree Ozwald?


{Please, enjoy your food}

Rightie-ho, Ozwald



It’s just a rumour I’ve heard


The thief gang caught the other day

Was transported here and then…


The lord had them all beheaded at once…

They didn’t even have time to question them…



Everyone in town knows Ozwald is involved in something shady…

Do you possibly have some information, Mr. Asao?

A’ve actually got caught in a troublesome business

A’ve caught a gang of thieves terrorizing a village

That seemed ta have been protected by tha local lord


That means, the whole gang | To cover the tracks…?



So that was the hidden motive…

But isn’t it better to report to the guards…

Nah, A’ve heard some valuable info from ya

And Ah can trust things I heard

From business partners, who do their work properly

Thank you

Here you are, old man


I had to search around for you

Whazzat, Gold?

Jilk doe’nt seem ta be with ya

It’s not as if we are joined at the hip


You’re an important witness, old man


You’re asking for trouble hanging out here



{calm calm…}

Please, have a seat

Ah, thanks…





By the way, Mr. Asao

I’ve heard that the lord’s parlor maid | Is a terribly frightening person



Yes, though it’s a rumour, but for several years…

It’s as if the feudal lord has become a different person instigated by that maid


Hay, what do you mean?

Did you tell them everything, old man?


Come down A’ll explain everythang latah

Well, there’s nah smoke without a fire

Ah wud like to see what faces

Will tha lord and tha maid make




Your excuse?



Th… this wasn’t the deal

The geezer was not alone!

So what?



Did you bring back a single gem?

Ran back empty handed…

Hya-hya-hya, nice



Shall we decapitate these guys too!?





Ehm… Excuse me

About the old man in question


Well, he can use strong support magic

If you could take the old man’s staff and restrain him…

If it were you…


I see


You want me to clean up

your mess?


The wall, again…}


Hey| Is master Ohree in?

Haven’t seen him today, he’s busy again, I guess

There is a person asking for a meeting with master Ohree

Sounds suspicious, I’ll go have a look

Knock | knock

And who would you be


You opened, at last

What is your business, elder

I jus’ came to meet the feudal lord

Won’cha tell him that tha man called Asao came for him

Master Ozwald will not meet anyone without a previous arrangement


Turn back, old man

Would’ja please at least tell’im for me?

Ahm sure that master of yers

Would want ta meet me

And how should I tell him that



Mr. butler, tell me relay that


Please, wait here for a bit




Excuse me



Please, have some tea

Fell yourself at home

Thank’ya, I’ll have some


This aroma

I’m sure it’s the one

I gave to the village head

{Thank you, Mr. Asao~}

You seem to be aware of me…



You see, master Ozwald is seaselessly

Thinking about the populace

I wonder if somethin’ bad might happen

To the village after mah buttin’ in

I hope not…

Accidents are a scary thing



What do I see here! | Aren’cha mistaken something!?



Master Ozwald, please, be careful

Aren’t you just…

A puny elderly man!


{You, answer something}







Accidents are a scary thing







Those fools, butting in like that


Don’t fret

Take the staff


Fire ball


Hey, the mansion


Got him!?







Mo monster

Support magic, you see…


Don’t worry, the old man is just a support magician

Take him by force


Depending on how you use it






Uh, again













{heehee… there you go}


Old man, what

{did you…}


{Uhum, everyone’s yellaw}

Jus’ paralyze





Don’t you care what happens to that village!?

No way…



Master Ohree



Woah | What are you doing


Old man, it’s bad




{Even up there}

Master Ohree, just what…

You went in thoughtlessly

I did think it through, this is tha result

You mean this?

I tied their hands, have a look


Gold, please, step aside




Quite a flashy one, huh, old man?




U… uncle!?

Your incompetence

My late brother would be sad


I’m glad we were on time, Mr. Asao

Thank’ye, Ms. Adier


Did you think I was jus’ an easy-goin’ geezer

Or somethin’?

Em… well…

{Take those too}


I won’t take care of you any longer



Hey, maid over there! You too






You alright?

{I’m fine}

She’s got hidden weapons



Move aside







Catch her, Jilk

I don’t like killing women









Who would’ve thought she’d blow herself up

So that bastard controlled the lord

Didn’t it all work out?

Still, the old man is something else

Made a barrier for everyone in a flash

{I’m alive!}

Even saved the feudal lord

{And sold me some nice beans}


So, why didn’t you tell me a thing!?

Cause you’re easy to read



No way that’s true!


Commander! We’ve finished our training

{Oh, well done}





Good morning, Mr. Gold

And Mr. Asao is?

Old man is not here

Do you know where he went?

He’s told me he went to the wood dungeon when he left00000


There are witness reports of a woman who looked like that maid from a nearby main road…

Will Mr. Asao be okay…?

Wood dungeon..



Looks like

I’m lost



Maid from the mansion

Parlor maid serving at the feudal lord Oswald’s mansion. While inciting her own master, Ozwald, has been involved in a number of shady deeds. Feared by both – the adventurers at Ozwald service, and her own master.


Hello, author here.

I would like to thank everyone for reading the 1 volume of [Jiisama ga iku]!

And to Hotaruishi-sensei, who is keeping the monthly serialization going. To NAJI Yanagida-sensei. Thank you very-very much.

I’ve got nothing but gratitude towards Sumiyoshi Ryo-san for always setting the goal.

To Hirabu-san, always helping me with toning and old-fashioned scenery. Kirikri Mai-kun. Serizawa-san. Uzaki-san. Only thanks to you I’m doing good today. Also, my parents and younger brother, who always encourage me. Frappie. Nakajima-kun. I could work hard on this serialization thanks to all my friends. Thank you!

Tateyama-san, the designer. My gratitude to everyone in the Chuo Seihan printing corp.

I’m going to draw a lot of cool Seitaro-san and cute Luche-chan in the vol. 2, look forward to it!

Thank you very much!





[Mother, Uzaki, Sumiyoshi Ryo-san,


father, Serizawa-san, Hotaruishi-san,

Younger brother, Kirikiri Mai-san,

Nakajima-kun, Hirabuki-san, NAJI Yanagida-san]



Ayano Urasuke


The original novel is crazy interesting.

I love Asao’s cooking scene!

I’d love to try those pancakes!!


I want to express my gratitude to Urasuke-san, who made this piece, which is a weird one for having an old man as a protagonist, into a manga. I’m sorry for scarce depictions of surroundings and clothing in the original work, that is my novel. I received a lot of help from Yanagida-san, the novel illustrator of the novel version and Urasuke-san working on the manga version.  I don’t want to lose to them, so… Yes, I shall concentrate and get to work.

So, the 1st volume of [Jiisama] is already being launched. Isn’t it too soon? Won’t it catch up to the original work? I am continuing my speech suppressing these worries. Not so proficient, or rather not so lucky, at his work Gold looks like a handsome pops. And the girls’ team is getting cooler, not losing to the boys’ team. The lost elf girl is like that, and very professional Adier too, but Ozwald’s maid is just the best. Just how did it happen. In the steady flow of the original she didn’t get any real limeligh, but she’s a helluva pretty girl. I feel angry at myself for not having described her. And now, that it came to this, I feel it would be good to see more of a backstory, right……right?





A little child, which Ithril is raising by himself. It seems, Luche had had some complicated circumstances before going there, so the child seems a bit shy and thoughful. Taking interest in Seitarou’s post-reincarnation journey, likes watching his actions in places he stays at, with Ithril’s help.



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