Chapter 54

Sorry, everyone, for such a delay (once again), this month was really vexing and emotionally straining for me, so I couldn’t get myself to sit down and do anything. Luckily, the comic author took a break in June, so we’re not really falling behind.

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{The latest volume, 6, will go on sale in the last decade of July! Look forward to it!!}

Thank you for your care

We shall eagerly await your next visit

The whole city is busy celebrating the birth of a new loong

He-y, Is it you, Earth?


Oh, it’s you, Zwei, long time

Long time…

Rather, haven’t I been telling you to keep in touch!?

Ehm… what can I say | Well | Sorry

I’ve heard you’ve taught [Kick] to Rona…

{Zo osh}

Thanks to that I could use several [Kicking] arts and could make a ton of progress as a martial artist

I’ve shown them to you just recently, and you remembered them already, you must’ve trained


By the way, Earth, did you try the [Loong Ceremony]?

Ah… yes

I took the trial of course, and failed | I’ve just returned to the city and thought of raising my skills…

I see, I would help if I could, but we’ve passed it already | And the BB says that there is a system that won’t let you try again after passing

So, there was such a rule

The sentiment is enough, thank you

Didn’t I recognize you as a superior? | I can’t imagine you losing

Well… You could say it was a blunder…{ahaha…}



Well, you’ve still got 2 more chances, haven’t you? | It’s you we’re talking about, so the next try will be a success

Yeah… I kinda got the gist of it | But I’ll train my skills to be on the safe side

Yup, it’s always better to be on the safe side

Right, in events like this one you lose if you rush

I wonder if these two go out…?


Still, Zwei…


By the way, tell me, Zwei, are you making a harem?


Ah-… the circumstances…


Hey, ladies!! You’re making trouble for Zwei, so move away!!

No, we will not!!

This is not a harem!!

But a nest of pure love!!

Hey!! Won’t you stop shouting like that in the middle of the street!?

Love nest, you say


No way-



If you look closely, isn’t he a guild master of a harem guild?!

Curse, Curse on you!!

I don’t want to make a harem…


Zwei… the offline meets are gonna be hell…

Don’t even mention it, even the thought……



Get pierced

Butcher, Butcher him!!

…… | Zwei, when we see each other again…


Don’t start raising death flags just yet!!


{it’s not…}

So, the other members of the ‘Blue Collar’ are also heading back to First

More or less, but we’re thinking of leaving this doofus here

Helping out others now and then is fine | But when every saved girl falls for you… how do I put it

Makes me want to yell [Are you a protagonist of some romance game!!]

She sounds deeply invested…

…but, that aside, we’ve met after a long time, I’d like to hear your story

Starting with your activities in the loong country after we separated


Oh… the [Double loong trial], huh, sounds interesting

The [Loong ritual] is also like this. I wonder if there are more hidden trials everywhere now

Seems that getting along with the residents of this world will get you to those places

Well, men are always talking about fighting

I’d rather hear about the inn with a bathhouse you’ve been staying at

Ah- so girls are interested in baths

Oh, right! I’ve got something to do in the Sangatake inn, could we make a little detour?


Excuse me-

Welcome, would you like a room?

No, I have come to return something the landlady gave me

—This seal…

I didn’t get to use it due to certain circumstances | So would you give it to the landlady for me

I see | I shall fulfill that request


I’m back

Wa… wait a minute, this is a luxurious inn, did you really stay here?

Yeah, I did stay for a while…

You know that even in Wiki there is no info on how to reserve a room here!?


[[Predator mode on]]

I would like to hear it in detail…

I think it’s okay to tell the [Blue Collar] members…

Just don’t tell anyone you’ve heard it from me, ok?


So, I enlightened everyone on something like a chain quest with inns, starting in Ichigatake

I started this quest by chance and, as a result, ended up staying at that inn

Shame we missed it…

To think there was such an event…

There has been a rumour that [The people of this world possess a will of their own] | It’s not widely believed, but this settles it

…figures, they don’t really act like simple NPCs

By the way | Why don’t I try asking the inn in Niigatake? They have a bath there too


Yes, please, I’d like to stay there!



Fuff~… So nice…

I’ve heard that the water simulation was hard to make, but the baths here are really well-done


[Mens’ bath]

My bathtub IRL is so cramped, it’s uncomfortable to get in | I’m glad I can relax in such a vast bath

I totally get the feeling…

But really, I wanna stretch my legs in my bathtub | But a new tub would cost a lot…… [T.N.: Japan… small apartments, tiny bathtubs]

The bathtub at my place is built on the floor, so you can’t change it at all… [T.N.: like a tiny pool]

……Yeah, I feel your pain…

Still, it’s a great inn through and through | I’d like to stay here from time to time…


Could you arrange it somehow?


It’s the first time I’ve seen Kazemine asking something that strongly


Sorry, but even this one-night stay was almost impossible to get

……Well, nothing doing then

But it would be hard to go back to a bathless life

I don’t know the details, but could you somehow add a bathtub to the guild area?

If it were possible, I’d make Zwei do it no matter what

Even if he were against it, we’d just pressure him into it

However, there was a rumour that the update will bring crafting rooms

But nothing about baths

Then, at this point in time, we can only ask the admins to add it

They’ve answered that it’s in progress


…this hot bath is really nice

And, since it’s VR, there’s no dizziness from a prolonged stay, so you can soak all you want

They could sell it as a separate experience altogether

Really, to heal your mind and body in a japanese-style garden and hot spring in VR-world | doesn’t sound bad at all

If there was a VR world dedicated to bath experience, I might get hung up on it!


Oh, it’s my time already, I’ll log out first


-The next day

You two have logged in already?

Ah, Earth is here, I guess it’s time wrap it up

Taking a bath at noon is not bad too | Really fulfilling

And, since it was our request, we paid for your part too | Our thanks for taking us to such a nice inn

… ah, Nora and the girls got out from the bath and sent a message | Are you ok with gathering at the entrance in 20 minutes?

Right, then it’s time to have a meal


In this inn, they serve you a meal before you leave


Oh, Earth, are you going to have lunch?



Thank you from the bottom of my heart for accommodating our unannounced visit

Oh, no, that is the least I could do to compensate for the trouble | You had to go through in Yottsugatake

Well then, have a nice meal





Here we are~


When I heard it over the chat I couldn’t believe it, but they really serve a meal

Hey… What happened to Kazemine?

Ah, the landlady got him | Afflicted with [Love at first sight] I guess


Ah, Forgot to introduce her, it’s our new member and my girlfriend, Cornpotage

Glad to meet you

Nice to meet you too

So, let’s go change and have our meal



The rice is delicious… It’s all so tasty


This spinach looking greens boiled with bonito | With a perfect accompaniment of the best soy sauce – delicious

Miso soup is also made with proper dashi

Yup, delish


After this mouthwatering lunch, I wish I could stay here time and again



Kazemine is spacing out again | That landlady he’s so fancy of… I’d like to see her too


Well, time for us to go


It was delicious~

Oh, you are perhaps going back?

Then, have a safe returning trip, everyone




It was really wonderful…

It’s vexing, but she is really beautiful… A true Japanese beauty… Kimono suits her to boot…

Yup… I’m totally swayed



I kinda not so eager to go to First now…

Rather, why are you so down, Rona?

What are you going to do after this, guys?

As for me, I don’t really want to go to the guild area now

Because there is a ton of girls with Zwei there, including Eliza and Millie…

{Stressful atmosphere…}

Yeah… should we make a [Blue Collar] sub-guild | A place where we could gather without disturbing the harem

Separating the guild zone between the harem and the main teams is an option… I guess

Hey-hey, way too heated

Earth, thank you for this time

See you!

See you around

Let’s go hunting together these days

Well, later

And so, I said my goodbyes to the guys of the [Blue Collar]





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