Chapter 55

[T.N.: ‘Dragon’ in Japanese is ‘竜'(Ruy), which I, to distinct and to kind of put it in contrast with to the katakana-transliterated western-type dragons ‘ドラゴン’, also present in the story, call with Chinese term ‘loong/long’, which is kinda more known in the pop-culture than ‘ryu’ and shorter than ‘eastern dragon’ and ‘western dragon’. Well, concerning that, on page 11 here the MC mentions that when translated to proper kanji ‘ドラゴン。ハウリング'(‘dragon howling’) turns into ‘竜の咆哮’, which I decided to kinda adapt, cause otherwise it gets tedious and overcomplicated. And now *puts on a black suit and flashes a neuralizer* forget all this and just enjoy the chapter]

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Now then


Let’s go make some improvements to the bow


It has been some time, Mr.Earth

Queen’s close aide…

Excuse me, I’d like to have a minute of your time…


It should be fine here…

-Did something troublesome happen?

I’m sorry, the time is short, so I’ll get straight to it

We need the pikasha accompanying you back in the fairy kingdom posthaste





May I ask for a reason?


Her Majesty shall announce it soon anyway…

We are evacuating the non-fairy residents from the country


I would be grateful if you made your own conclusion based on it…


Pikasha | How about catching up with you fellow fairies?


Wouldn’t you like to make a visit home?




Something is about to happen soon…

First, I’ll go upgrade the [Dragon Bow] and raise my skills

I went to the smithy, expecting to see the oldies, but noticed some new faces


The chief is still here

Quite a greeting after showing up once in a long while


So, what have you been up to this time?


Was wandering around the Loong Kingdom till a couple of days ago

I’ve heard there were no new minerals found there | It’s not my area, but there seems to be a problem with wood supplies


Well, it is kind of tricky

The wood from the loong kingdom is a luxury material as it has a huge amount of strength and shock absorption

Someone, or some group, seems to be buying all the wood on the market | Creating a shortage, and then selling it in the street stalls for a high price

Because of that, carpentry-related bb threads are in chaos right now…

Speaking of which, the afforestation areas in the Loong kingdom | Seem to be guarded

Right…… I wonder if those who’re buying up the wood did it just for kicks…


And that doesn’t sit right with players

I suppose there was a profit in it

And the strong-arming seems to be going smoothly


Ugh… false accusations are scary


…And your furnace seems to be prepped

Ah… I have to get to work then

Yup… you do that


First I gently remove the seers along with the string from the ends of the limbs

Then I remove the 6 attached scales | I want to embed the loong scales I’ve got into it

I put 4 scales into the hearth and heat them up

And heat them up until they can be shaped by a hammer | turning each 2 scales into similar flat bars

Heat it up again, repeating it 7 times…

The scales become flat sheets

Both about 2 mm thick, 12 cm long and 5 cm wide

I was worried that they would have the damage reflection like the dragon ingredients… | Luckily, they didn’t


Next goes the hardest part – combining it with the [Dragon Bow]

For that, I’m gently heating both – the limb of the [Dragon Bow] and the plank I made and clamp them together

And then…


-The [Dragon bow] changes its color to clear blue

It grows bluer and bluer as I hammer





What is that

That’s not metal


What did you use…?

And then I build in another plank into the second limb and assemble it…

[[Dragon bow]->[Double Roar]

Attr: Atk +77

Sp.Attr.: [Loong Spirit] [Loong Army] [Loong Pulse Cannon][Maximum Recoil]]


All the Sp.Attr changed to [Loong] ones | I’m curious what those [Loong Pulse Cannon] and [Maximum Recoil] do

According to the pattern, [Dragon Howling] should’ve become [Loong Howling]

So it’s completely different

And what’s that [Maximum Recoil]

Where’d you get those materials!?


E…I can’t get any more of those myself, you know

Those materials were given to me in the Loong Kingdom, I haven’t a clue where to find more



Loong country stuff, huh…


They don’t seem to allow pure crafters in

Got it through acquaintances? You can import from the loong country?

I’ve got a bad feeling…


Listen, it’s just a thing… so won’t you sell it?

Ju…just sell it to me, please!!


Thought so…!!

That’s not fair!! I’ll do anything, so please sell it to me!!

H… hey, don’t be too pushy!!




[Item Box]



Staying here any longer spells trouble…


Excuse me, got some business elsewhere

Now, wait a moment…!!



It’s a bit abrupt, the trade among players has grown magnificently

Please, wait at least two… or even one…!!

So let me introduce the most popular item of trade


Cloaks… | A cloth-type armor akin to a mantle

They are going through a great popularity surge, and there are types from flashy ones to plain ones fit for an assassin, with a wide choice of camo patterns

Thanks to that, after putting one on, you can mix with the crowd and instantly disappear…

Next is trying out the bow | My aim is the training grounds

—Training grounds

Training? Of course, you can use arrows here

Thank you very much

I am the supervisor

I heard you talk and prepared that target


It is absurdly sturdy, so use it as you see fit

Thank you, then I’ll get to it… | I guess I’ll try pulling the string halfway first


…It makes such a sound even without arts…… | I’ve got a bad feeling…

Now… 60%



Then, 70%…





Are you all right?

Yeah, somehow

Just what kind of bow is that…!?

In all my time being the supervisor here, its the first I see those sturdy targets break

…When I released an arrow at 50% I thought the sound was just on the loud side … But 70% had this much strength and recoil!!

I didn’t expect this much output myself

And that’s how I came to understand the meaning behind [Loong Pulse Cannon] and [Maximum Recoil]…

Mr. supervisor… could I ask you for something…


It’s 5 targets this time

The building is an indestructible object, so don’t hold back | And, I’m sorry, but you shall have to pay for the damaged goods

…Now I will release at 90% | I want to know just how much power and recoil it has

I’m about to begin… please, stand back!!



{BA SH!!}




Hey, get yourself together!

Ah… Thank you very much


This bow is sure something… | It nicely destroyed all the 5 targets

Sorry, It has an unexpectedly strong kickback

F… Five…

Huh… And how much will it be…!?

The targets together with the arrows you crushed shall be about 700000 glo

Seseseseven hundred`!?


Phew… Not to say it was undeserved, still, rather harsh…

{I got to see something nice}

Thanks to the supervisor taking over the repairs and some other stuff, it was whittled down to 150000 glo……

But… to have such a power and recoil at just 90%… | Just how strong it will become with just 10 more percent…

So, at least 65% is necessary to use the [Dual Roar]

And it’s time to go already, so I’ll leave learning skills for tomorrow…

—The next day


Today I’ll stick to whip training

I’m roaming around the outskirts of Nexia, cracking my [Chain Whip] on monsters

I guess I’ll level up a bit more on these and go find stronger ones to keep the efficiency

Should I visit the forest cave I used to train in?

By the way…

Rather disastrous…


I thought of replenishing my wood reserves, but it’s just stumps all around

…and hup

With the insatiable demand for wood, overcutting and buying up all the stock | naturally, the place with easy-to-obtain quality resources would dry up

Was it you who cut all the trees around?

I… it was already barren when I came

Figures, you can’t carry such a weight, item box or not | Sorry for doubting you

It’s natural since I was here


It’s too early to log out, so I’ll head to town | And leave the forest cave for tomorrow



…Hmm, I’d like to replace my whip with a snake sword, but…

It’s up to 870000 from the initial 30000 glo

{Woah, expensive}

Not cheap enough to buy one thoughtlessly…

I’ll just go fix my [Chain Whip] before logging out…

And tomorrow I’ll go training to the good old forest cave

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