Chapter 18

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…… | Ms.Risa…
That is…

{[chapter 18]}
I am so sorry… It is my fault
No! It was my carelessness…
You are not to blame | You couldn’t have known we were in the cellar
It is a blunder
I am truly sorry
… So the banquet ends in failure
The guests have come for the special tasty treat | Without a dessert, it’s all meaningless
Keith is correct
We cannot remake the crucial component | of mille-fuille, the crust, in time…
After everything went that good
Because of me, everyone’s efforts | will go to waste
That’s right
Ms.Risa, it is because of you we could learn | and as the one in charge of this place, I thank you
Hey, guys! Quit gawking and move your hands! | The banquet is not over yet
Head chef!
What are we going to do?
Whatever we do, I’ll have to go there and explain
And then!?
Ask Ms.Risa to put in a good word for you
She is a daughter of a marquis, | It might save you from retirement
That will be pushing the responsibility to Ms.Risa | and besmirching Claude family honor
…I’ve got a debt before you for picking me up
I don’t want it to end that way
I’ve still ways to go for making you worry
Head chef
I’m sorry, I kept you here for nothing
Please, do not worry
I am too guilty of being careless
It is more frustrating to me that you could not demonstrate your skills
Risa… even if mille-feuelle is impossible | Could we substitute it with something
Substitute… but with what
We may be limited by the remaining ingredients
But it is better than sitting on our hands
I want to make something
No matter what
{My… mind completely froze}
{Unable to even think what to do next…}
{But Zeke hasn’t given up}
{And I..}
{I want to make something…!}
{Noone but me can break this stalemate}
We have a strawberry-like meichi fruit… | And some custard cream…
{Have to think}
{something up}
Strawberry and cream…
Tart… crepe…?
No… We only have time to cool it
{There should be something…!!}
Hay, it’s time to start making sherbet
Wait a moment!!
Let’s change the order and serve Hamburg steaks first!
{Originally, the plan was to serve sherbet as a palate cleanser after the fish | But now this is the only way}
Did you think of something?
Yeah, it’s the first time I’m making it in this world, but it’s a chance…
What do you mean, Ms.Risa
I’m sorry, I have no time to explain in detail
Instead of making sherbet, let’s hurry and fry the steaks
And I will do something about the dessert instead
She has a breakthrough solution…? From that!?
But you know the hotplates are limited, right?
Patties of this size | you can put 4 in a pan at once
But still…
Hamburg steaks are His Highness’s favourite dish, that you have the most experience with
Everyone here can pull it off
Leave it to us, head chef | We will do it!
All right… show me the results of your training
Hurry up and get to business!
Oh? Hamburg steaks?
Did you change the plan?
Well… Kind of…
All right, let’s bring it out
We made it~…
One last spurt to go
All that is left is desert
So, how are we going to go about it?
After talking to Zeke, I noticed | We could do with these
You want to use juice?
No, I’m not talking about the liquid
First, we pour | Sauce made from meichi and sugar here
{hee~ my hands hurt}
But weren’t the hotplates closed…
There was no time to boil it | so we had to squish them finely with forks
{While everyone was frying the stakes}
Then, we take the crushed pie crust
Break it into smaller pieces…
Please, don’t get so frustrated!
Ms.Risa has gone insane!
{what’s that about}
I… I’m completely fine
Make a layer of crust over the sauce
Cover it with custard cream
Trying to make the top flat
Then, several pieces of meichi fruit
{There is more!?}
And more custard cream over it
And top it off with sherbet we made before…
And meichi and custard parfait is complete!
Awesome…! The layers are so straight
{I want to taste it now}
{No, I rather look at it more}
Such a splendid contrast of yellow and red! I can’t believe it’s edible
Ah… It’s more of a sundae, I guess? Oh, well
We shall make decorations with Zeke
So won’t you help with filling the glasses, everyone?
Yeah, if we do it together, 40 portions is nothing
Even we can do that
I didn’t think I could participate, it’s an honor
The taste is refreshing, it will be good after a meat dish | And looks appealing too
{I was supposed to be next…!}
The guests shall also be pleased
As I thought, the missy is something
Have you calmed down?
Ye~ah… There goes my promotion to head chef
You, ingrate of a pupil
After that
The parfaits, the fruit of our combined labour, were served
Next, we are preparing tea in the banquet hall
Thank you for your work
Although not everything went to plan
It is finally over
I waited an hour to find out how it went
And so, the curtain fell on the first day of the International Royal Conference
There will be more work tomorrow!



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