Starting Page

It is a hell of a page to start browsing my site.

The first two things you should know about me:

  • I am translating manga for myself essentially, it’s more of a hobby of mine, I’m not in this line of work;
  • I am not proficient in reading kanji at all, I’m using KanjiTomo, a great app, that combines OCR with Rikai algorithm and allows you to read most kanji “on the go”;
  • English not being my first language, there can be mistakes, cases of misspelling and awkward phrasing, so YOU can influence those parts by offering your corrections with a tool, described in the latter part of the page(sorry, but whether your correction will actually be implemented is still going to be at my discretion, I don’t want it to turn into a mess).

Also, here you can find several pieces of … useful info, like:

  • I’ve simplified the registration process to simply putting in your nick and your password, no email or any such is required;
  • You can post comments as a guest, easy as a pie(much easier, than cooking one though, more like eating one);
  • You can send me your suggestions to correct any part of the text you see, just by selecting the part it is about and pressing Ctrl+Enter, thanks to the great addon called Mistype, installed here(I even left the link to it active, it’s in the red icon at the bottom of all the posts).